Gravity Stool

In dialogue with a natural phenomenon,
by Jólan van der Wiel

The Gravity Stool thanks its unique shape to the cooperation between magnetic fields and the power of gravity.

Departing from the idea that everything is influenced by gravitation, a force that has a strongly shaping effect, Jólan intended to manipulate this natural phenomenon by exploiting its own power: magnetism. The positioning of the magnetic fields in the machine, opposing each other, has largely determined the final shape o

Salone Milan 2012: Jolan van der Wiel demonstrates "Gravity Stools"

While the original "Gravity Stool" dates back to 2011, he's refined the process a bit and branched out into other semi-crystalline objects such as a candle holder and a basin for the Salone.

Of course, the highlight was the series of daily demonstrations of his unconventional fabrication process. Where RISD's Taylor Mc