Happy Birthday Ringo


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Праздничное видео ко дню рождения Ринго!

Поздравление мистеру Ринго Старру с юбилеем от Уральского Битлз-клуба (Екатеринбург, Россия).

я так радовалась, когда увидела т_т

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I wish I could've uploaded this on his actual birthday which is July 7th, but I'm on vacation then...anyway, enjoy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Маккартни поздравляет Ринго Старра с Днём рождения!!! 7 июля 2011г.

Song used:
"It Don't Come Easy" by Ringo Starr
Single 1971, B-side - Early 1970

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Happy Birthday Ringo!!!! Thank you for all of these amazing years you've brightened up with your music and jokes!
Song: I wanna Be Your Man By: The Beatles On: With The Beatles

Paul wishes Ringo a very happy 71st birthday.


My Songo for Ringo and sorry for the accent. #PeaceAndLove

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7 июля 2013: Ринго Старр 73-й День рождения! Он такой классный человек и удивительный барабанщик!

Ringo Starr turns 71 today! He wants everyone to join him in wishing the world Peace Love. So, wherever you are or whoever you're with, just say it: "Peace Love!"

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July 7th 1940!
He is 71 today!!! Aw hes gettin old!! but still Rockin!!! ;D

Sir Paul McCartney wishing Ringo a very happy 71st birthday from our South studio!

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