Hasselblad Lunar

Hasseblad launches Lunar: the project's timeline. Talent, patience and elegance with an artisan’s touch. Leather and wood – these carefully selected raw materials – are turned into timeless stylish details recalling the know-how of authentic artisan masters.

Hasselblad released it's first E-mount camera. It'll be compatible with Sony NEX system opening a whole new episode in a history of company known from Medium Format cameras. Hope it'll end like cooperation with Zeiss did - where both companies make profits and gain access to outstanding technologies and expertise in different areas.

Hasselblad zaprezentował swój pierwszy aparat z bagnetem E. Będzie kompatybilny z systemem Sony NEX otwierając zupełnie nowy epizod w historii firmy znanej z aparatów średniofo

A Hasselblad, fabricante sueca de câmeras e materiais fotográficos, anunciou que pretende lançar no início do próximo ano uma câmera mirrorless (sem espelho), com lente intercambiável voltada para o mercado... Leia mais...http://goo.gl/dYrtP

Official video by Hasselblad about the new Lunar. The camera is based on Sony NEX components but is handcrafted in Sweden. More info: http://www.digifotopro.nl/content/preview-hasselblad-lunar-met-sony-nex-vatting (in Dutch)

At the heart of Hasselblad's technical perfection lies Victor Hasselblad's passion and drive to produce photographic equipment pursuing the ambition to help photographers exhibit their vision of life.
His influence and success has spanned 60 years and today are embodied in each product bearing his name, ensuring that Hasselblad remains the brand loved by photographic enthusiasts at all levels and all around the world.


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http://ndevil.com - Hasselblad Lunar Camera Hands on at the Photokina 2012. Modified Sony NEX 5.