Hello, I Like You

This film was made for the 2011 F5 festival based on a one word brief: Happy. It was a whirlwind production, spending every morning composing, each day shooting and editing. And it made me happy. OFFICIAL SELECTION: OTTAWA 2011 INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTION: ANIMATION BLOCK PARTY 2011 SUMMERFEST OFFICIAL SELECTION: CREST HARDWARE ARTSHOW 2011 OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2012 NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL

When F5 commissioned us to do a short film conveying happiness, we thought what better way to express our happiness than to distill the essence of our craft, to serve up a creamy shot of artistic espresso? So with this film, we’ve gone back to the basics, the simplest of inanimate objects, and transformed them into a tapestry of playful, choreographed dance for your enjoyment.

“hello🌚😊 I just noticed I have 27.2k😱 I had 24k like 4 days ago😱 thank you all so much☺️💖”


April 15-16, 2011

by Mixtape Club.
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I do not own the video and music.
3D Animation from www.coastline-animation.com/
纳米核心, Nanocore, 海岸线动画工作室, Costline Animation

GOT7 1st Mini Album - Got It?
Release Date : 2014.01.20
Genre: Dance Pop
Company | Publisher : JYP Entertainment | KT Media
Track List:
01. 여보세요 Hello
02. Girls Girls Girls
03. 난 니가 좋아 I Like You
04. 따라와 Follow Me
05. Like Oh
06. Playground

bueno un corto de beast donde yoseob canta like you the best

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