Hennessey Ford GT

1000 HP
2.8 sec 0-60
245 MPH Top Speed

The top speed reached during this run was 221.1 MPH.

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Ford may bring a Ford GT successor to Detroit, Cadillac’s redesigned CTS-V is also on its way to Detroit, and Hennessey doesn’t wait for Ford to build the newest F150 Raptor. Also, Mazda has a few vehicle debuts for Geneva, and we have YOUR FLD Question of the Day! That and more all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

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Testing the Twin turbo / supercharged Hennessey Ford GT 1000 on the dyno. 857 rwhp on 93 octane pump gas. 972 rwhp on C16 race fuel.

John Hennessey delivers Ken Enders' Ford GT which has been upgraded with the Hennessey GT1000 Twin Turbo / Supercharged system. Special thanks to Ken Enders and Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land. http://www.mbsugarland.com

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Quick walk around of a twin turbo/supercharged monster. 1000 HP, 2.8 sec 0-60, 245 MPH Top Speed.

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