History of Nintendo

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You either Nintendo or you Nintendon't.

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Nintendo's Super Mario has tons of power-ups to choose from so we're looking at every Mario power-ups ever created! Join Jason as he takes us through the history and legacy of Mario's power-ups starting from the very first mushroom in Super Mario Bros. all the way to the cat suit from Mario 3D World!

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Art Credit: Randy Hudson

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How did the company behind Super Mario Bros and the Game Boy get started? This is the History of Nintendo!

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Just a tribute to this great company and all the hours of fun and entertainment. PS: I forgot the 2DS. Nothing personal! All the sounds and names used are owned and (c) by Nintendo.

The history of Nintendo, from "Color TV Game" in 1977 to the Wii U in 2012. Can you name all of them? Music: Kidstreet - Song Inspired heavily by the Camera Collection by Antonio Vicentini (https://vimeo.com/41336551). Thought it would be fun to make a Nintendo version! P.S. There were actually five different "Color TV Game" consoles and a huge number of Game & Watch handhelds with slightly different hardware variations, but I decided to axe the repeats to prevent this animation from dragging in th

Hi, this week we have some special guests with us on the show, Tim Turi from Capcom and Frank Cifaldi from Digital Eclipse. With Mega Man Legacy Collection out now, we thought it would be fun to talk to these guys about the history of Mega Man and of course play through some of our favorite Mega Man games. This game is really cool because it’s not just a collection of games. It has a museum showing years of artwork from the Mega Man series, a soundtrack player and some really cool fan challenges that can be

Reverse Enginears is a digital creative agency that specializes in A/V re-sequencing. AKA "remixes." Their remixes have been featured in advertising campaigns for Disney, Marvel and GM, and have been watched millions of times on YouTube and elsewhere.

"A Brief History of Video Games" is part of a series of remixes of video game sounds produced by Reverse Enginears exclusively for Polygon.

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This is Brawl in the Family's 400th comic, The History of Nintendo! Drawn, sung, and written by Matthew Taranto. Video edited by Sarah Williams (the soon-to-be Mrs. Taranto!)

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Dates used are generally referring to the US releases, although I did cheat a bit with Pokemon not being a Game Boy Color game...but hey, that's really what was carrying the handhelds at the time!

Some requested the fi

Inside the year the Nintendo DS changes handheld gaming, World of Warcraft changed PC gaming, and Halo 2 & Half-Life 2 blew us all away.

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The History Of Nintendo.
All rights to Nintendo, and G4 for providing the video.

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