Holy Fuck - Red Lights

если котики

Клип очень крутой))))
Да и группа очень достаточно оригинальная и самобытная.

Кот в роли Стива МакКуина

Котики для пацанов!!!

The cats ruled today!

котэ решает

новые песни+ свежие клипы= monday_playlist

Снимали клип тоже коты...



Во всех ролях коты. На инструментах коты. Снимали наверное тоже коты

На этом фестивале, в 2009 году, я играл с Оркестром Интуитивной Музыки :)

Holy Fuck – Red Lights (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix)

From the album "Latin" - http://bit.ly/ceJfCr

Buy "Red Lights" from i-Tunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/red-lights/id382820202

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Buy "Latin" from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Latin-Holy-Fuck/dp/B003E1QCGI/ref=ntt_mus_ep_dpi_1

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Ребят,почему когда я не снимаю видео у меня ФПС 100-200, а когда я снимаю ФПС опускается до 10-40. Почему? Из за неимоверных лагов я не могу играть!!! Пока я не налажу бандикам видео не будет!!! Ответьте пожалуйста в комментарии

holy fuck "red lights"

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With high praise from peers, big name endorsements and ascension on festival bills, Holy Fuck have the divine right to be profane. With elder music luminaries Thom Yorke and Lou Reed passing on kind words about studio recordings and live performances, its no wonder Holy Fuck have become sought after. The last couple years have seen them on the road with acts like M.I.A., Wolf Parade, Clinic, !!!, Mouse on Mars, Cornelius, and Super Furry Animals. Holy Fuck have been invited to play some of the best festival

Toronto's adventurous electro-rock outfit Holy Fuck has a few things going against them - an often-censored name and the fact they play instrumental music. But it's a testament to their experimental sound, their energetic live shows and their willingness to tour wherever whenever, that they've become one of the most acclaimed acts on the Canadian music scene. The Polaris-shortlisted band was recently nominated for their 2nd Juno - for Electronic Album of the Year for 2010's "Latin".

Holy Fuck - Red Lights Metallica Version

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This is my interpretation of Red Lights by Holy Fuck.

Please let me know what you think.