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Удалиться после прослушивания.

This was Homebase XXL!

The official aftermovie of Homebase XXL
Friday the 14th of December 2012 at Noxx Antwerp.

2 areas, 1 extreme event!
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Made by Androcam Productions

American Nightmare aka Give Up The Ghost from Boston, Mass, perform July 18th, 2001 at Homebase in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Also on the show was Kill Your Idols. Shot on Vhs to Dvd transfer.

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from Wikipedia:

Give Up the Ghost was formed when Tim Cossar and Wesley Eisold (who was then a roadie for Ten Yard Fight) met up with Azy Relph and Jesse Van Diest in 1998. They recorded a demo tape in 1999, followed by their debut release, a self-titled 7", on Bridge 9 Records under their original name Amer

Lazareva Alexandra
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HOMEBASE NYC - объединение прогрессивных музыкантов Нью-Йорка.
В свою очередь The Clubhouse это текущий проект созданный двумя продюссерами.

Это видео из группы "Хип-хоп как школа искусств"

As requested....
American Nightmare aka Give Up The Ghost from Boston, Mass, perform July 18th, 2001 at Homebase in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Also on the show was Kill Your Idols. Shot on Vhs to Dvd transfer.

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from Wikipedia:

Give Up the Ghost was formed when Tim Cossar and Wesley Eisold (who was then a roadie for Ten Yard Fight) met up with Azy Relph and Jesse Van Diest in 1998. They recorded a demo tape in 1999, followed by their debut release, a self-titled 7", on Bridge 9 Records under their o

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Homebase's 4th shop video made by the homies for the homies. Filmed Edited by Andrew Po and Nik Stain

Homebase Skateshop's 3rd video by the homies, for the homies. Filmed Edited by Andrew Po

Homebase Skateshop's 5th video by the homies for the homies. Filmed Edited by Nik Stain.


QuickandSmart - Live Set @ Homebase

My mates from Omegatypez performing at Homebase XXL Club NOXX, Antwerp (BE) 15.03.13

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The latest TV advert from Homebase - makeover of Carlisle station

Live from theClubhouse Vol. 1 - featuring Coco O. from Quadron. "Sleep". theClubhouse Musicians: Drums- Cooper Heffley Sax- Sylvester Onyejiaka Trumpet- Jay Jennings Guitar- Andrew Thomas Music and Video production by Andrew Thomas & Pace Rivers for theClubhouse theClubhouse: www.theclubcasa.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/clubhousebeats for updates and info Homebase: www.homebasenyc.net

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Tokyo, Japan
Zepp Tokyo
14th May 2001
US-to-Europe Tour

TV tracklist:
01. Interview #1 - 00:05
02. With You - 01:55
03. Interview #2 - 05:19
04. Runaway - 08:43
05. Interview #3 - 11:54
06. Papercut - 15:50
07. Interview #4 - 19:04

Complete setlist:
01. With You
02. Runaway
03. Papercut
04. By Myself
05. Points Of Authority
06. High Voltage
07. Crawling
08. Pushing Me Away
09. And One
10. In The End
11. A Place For My Head
12. Jane Says (Jane's Addicti

www.vk.com/peace_zdes - Маяк в Мире Музыки

UK Man Angered After Police Accuse Him Of Giving Drugs To A Child But Found Nothing On Him!


GET IN THE VAN!!!! Jimmy Larsen scoops you up and deposits you squarely in the passenger seat of the Primetime for an experience you can't find anywhere else!
In this Episode...In all of my travels there has been one place that always brings me back...HOMEBASE SKATESHOP in Bethlehem, Pa. the owner, Andy Po has been an huge inspiration to my life...showing, by example...fairness...genuineness...commitment & hardwork to the local community. its people like this who inspire myself and others to live and sk

On Friday the 15th of November, we celebrated our 4th anniversary at the exclusive club Noxx in Antwerp. Together with our fans and an absolutely amazing line-up we partied until the early morning hours!

We would like to thank you for joining us for this very special occasion as well as the artists who helped make this night a success!

Dr Rude - Bleep Bleep MF
Coone & Substance One - Drowning
Phuture Noize & Josh & Wesz - Liberal

Video by Kontrol

Music: dZihan & Kamien
Album: Freaks & Icons

Linkin Park
MTV Homebase Interview 2001<br/><br/>

Zegota, from Greensboro, NC perform live at W-B fest 2000, July 15th, 2000- A 4 day DIY hardcore punk festival. Transfer from second generation VHS tape.

From Wiki:

Zegota formed in Greensboro around brothers Jon and Will Ridenour, respectively the group's guitarist and drummer, bassist Brian (later replaced by Jackie Lee) and singer Eric Moe. Their name comes from Żegota, the codename for Polish Council to Aid the Jews, which saved the lives of many Europeans during the Holocaust.


29 апреля австрийский дуэт Vlado Dzihan и Mario Kamien выпустили свой третий студийный альбом на лэйбле Couch Records.В записи альбома участвовали исландский певец и тромбонист Helgi Jonsson и австрийский вокалист Edgar Tones.
dZihan & Kamien-Music Matters (2009) / alternative, pop, rock
dZihan & Kamien-Music Matters (2009) / alternative, pop, rock

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What Happens Next perform in July 2001 at Homebase in the Murray Complex in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The group was touring with Life's Halt at the time. Shot on a Vhs camcorder to dvd transfer.

What Happens Next? is a thrashcore and crossover thrash band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for their DIY ethic, anticonsumerism, and worldwide unity; as well as energetic performances.


*Homebase (US Soundsystems) was a venue/warehou

Before the brand, DGK was a movement felt by everyone native to Love Park. Many people look to those years as The Golden Era; a true representation of skateboarding by skateboarders. Love park meant so much too so many, DGK x Homebase felt we should pay homage to one of the most notable icons in the culture at that time, the DC Kalis. Shoes have taken many different forms since 2000, but it’s timeless feel and unique silhouette make this shoe as classic as the era it was born in.

Some of these pictures were taken on a drive from Santa Monica to Malibu - California.
Couple of the last ones are from Waikiki Beach.
Great music from dZihan and Kamien

Homebase - Mind Trip ( SWM005)

So What Music

Vinyl: 18.06.2012
Digital: July 2012