How To: Braided Headband

I know it's super simple, but I think it's super cute! I hope you all enjoy it!
How to Dutch Braid:
How to Pin a Bun:
If you want some other varieties of the braided headband here are two more tutorials:
Nicole Richie's Braided Updo:
10 Hairstyles in 10 minutes:
Second channel:
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This is a really simple way to make a cute flower headband . It's perfect for spring & summer .

You'll need :
-A fake flower . You can get these at a dollar store , Walmart , Michaels , etc . Basically any store that sells craft supplies .
-Either yarn or strips of fabric .
-Needle & thread . Try and get the thread to match your headband or flower .
-Scissors & you also may need wire cutters , but only if your flower has a wire stem .
-Hot glue gun & hot glue st

Click here to watch an archive of my hair tutorials:

How to do a french braid headband. Finished look at 5:53
You'll get faster with practice. :)

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A really easy hair style Which takes only few minutes To Achieve.
Thanks for wacthing!!

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“تسريحة جميلة حسب طلب المتابعين وبسيطة كل وحدة تمنشن صديقتها ❤️ شنو تبون الفيديو القادم ، how to wear braided headband in 2 ways. ❤️ by @gkhairmakeup . .…”

Thankyou already a princess for the headband tutorial...this is my effort this morning! Thanks!

French braiding a headband in the hair requires parting the hair along the front of the hairline and keeping the braid close to the scalp. Start braiding at one ear, continuing it across the head to the other ear, with instruction from the in-house braider at a Hollywood salon in this free video on hairstyles.

Expert: Zeibra Lemley
Bio: Zeibra Lemley has been braiding hair for the last 40 years, specializing in natural hair care.
Filmmaker: Abiy Engida

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En el video de hoy estaré mostrando cómo hacer una trenza holandesa con unos simples pasos.

On todays video I will be showing you how to make a beautiful Dutch headband braid with just a few simple steps.

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Learn a simple way to stylishly pull your long hair back by creating a headband braid with tips from salon expert Ben Skervin, Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Expert. Take a small section of hair on the front of the head and use it as a headband to keep your hair or bangs out of your face. Use hairspray for a perfect polished hairstyle. Featuring Emily June, Hair Expert and Beauty Blogger.

1. Part hair around top of head starting below ears.
2. French braid hair, starting in front of part; Braid from o

This picture does not do this headband justice. Talk about easy and beautiful. This headband looks so gorgeous on that people will think you are a genius. It is soooo easy to make you will smile when you realize how quickly you can make a few of them as gifts. Make them in your favorite colors, or make each strip a different color for a rainbow effect. Sure to become an easy go to project. Great for using up some scraps of yarn. Please be sure to visit my facebook page and become a fan. You can pos

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