How To: Five Strand Braid

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Five strand braid is easy to create and is a perfect hairstyle for school, college, university and even work. For this hairstyle I've used: Luxy Clip-Hair Extensions -
( Chocolate Brown #4 - 160 g set)
- Intelligent Nutrients Hair Spray
- Cortex - 4 in 1 , I used the 1 inch hair curler
- Hair elastic
- Hair brush

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Here's a photo I found of it on tumblr:

And here is a clip of the scene in which she wore her hair in a similar way:

And here are written directions on how to do a regular five stranded braid:
Divide hair into five sections.
From Right to Left name them, 1,2,3,4,5
Bring strand 1 over 2, and then under 3. Strand 1 will end up in strand 3

How-to make a 4,5,6 strand braid interwoven!

❺ Spanish Version

❻ Music
Whole While World by Mindy Gledhill

This 5 Strand Braid is one of my favorite braids. I’ve had a lot of requests for a tutorial on it - I hope this will help you learn it.

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