How To Prepare Absinthe

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There's a right way and a wrong way to prepare absinthe. Absinthe is never supposed to be served as a shot. It should always be diluted with water and sweetened with sugar. Also, contrary to popular belief, fire should play no part in the absinthe preparation process. Absinthe purist would never use fire because it serves no purpose other than to create a spectacle.

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it seem strange but really works , you got cold but not icy water to melt the sugar than 2 step of refrigeration you got ice cold water dripping in the absinthe

Even before absinthe was banned in Europe and the United States, the herbal liqueur had a long history with artists and writers. During the century-long absinthe-ban, the drink reached near-mythical proportions. Much of the buzz was due to its outlaw status but some of the drink's allure must be credited to the ritual surrounding its preparation. Now, once again legal in the U.S., absinthe is drawing curious crowds. Lance Winters, Distiller at Alameda, California-based St. George Spirits, spoke with Outside

The SuicideGirls show us the proper technique to enjoying absinthe ;)

Absinthe Preparation: A short film on how to prepare the world's most notorious drink, absinthe.

Абсе́нт — крепкий алкогольный напиток, содержащий обычно около 70% алкоголя. Важнейший компонент абсента — экстракт горькой полыни, в эфирных маслах которой содержится большое количество туйона.