Hypergonar anamorphic lens

Cinema Lens Hypergonar HIFI2 / GH + Helios 44-4 f11
Location the roof of Lyon old town in France.
Shooting test Fabien Didelot
Color grading blue

Testing the H.Chretien Hypergonar anamorphic lens.


The Hypergonar Hi-Fi-2, is THE ORIGINAL cinemascope lens. Invented by the astronomer Henri Chrétien in 1926, this system was first used for the Film "The Robe".
The special characteristic anamorphic look (outstanding lens flares, oval bokeh, cinematic texture) which specially this Hypergonar lens provides, makes it the perfect choice as an anamorphic companion for the modern DSLR. The aim of later lens producers was to eliminate some of these characteristics, e.g. by multicoating the lenses to reduce lens flare. This lens creates a much better look than any other anamorphic lens around, including the highly praised Iscorama...
Forget about using the 16mm Anamorphic lenses, which cause vignetting on DSLRs (and specially full frame DSLRs).
Hypergonar Hi-Fi-2 is a real 35mm Lens, with which you can catch MUCH more light. Besides, the anamorphic lens flares that this 35mm lens creates are much more present and lively than a tiny 16mm anamorphic!!