Hypergonar anamorphic sun flare test

**This is the first proper utilisation of the Hypergonar Hi Fi 2 anamorphic lens, at least on Vimeo. If you've been linked here via a seller from eBay, then know I am the guy to ask about this lens. Ideally, the seller should have some sort of mounting bracket, lens support or clamp or else you won't be able to use it like me. Send me a message and perhaps I can help you.**

A more practical use of the Hypergonar at night: http://vimeo.com/15464649


Henri Chrétien was a French astronomer who invented the anamorphic widescreen process.

The Hi Fi 2 is a 35mm anamorphic projection lens. There are also different versions.

Here is a quick first test on the Canon 7D x Lomo 75mm with one of his lenses which could be called the daddy, or even grand daddy of all anamorphic lenses...