I Don't Do Boys

ууууееееес))))реклама пива отличная!))

Music video for the girl band Elektra

Client: Hands up music

Produced by: Illusion

Director: Valgeir Magnússon

Hair: Hárgreiðslustofan Sprey

Make up: Katla Einarsdóttir

--- Видео группы Glee Slash Group
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ссылка: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85Td97-aXoA
автор: MayaClavel
музыка: Elektra - I Don't Do Boys

This is one of the more fun & popular singles from, Elektra the pop rock band from Iceland (formed in 2009).
Enjoy ;-)

Song : I Don't Do Boys - Elektra


When I watch you walk.
and I watch you move.
I want some more.

Thoughts go up the skirt.
It starts me up.
When your legs walk through that door.

I don't do boys,
I just do girls.
I just do girls with style and class.
Don't do boys,
just do girls.
Just do girls with kissable ass.
I will not do boys.
Oh oh.

Girl, its not your day.
But I know tonight wi

A multifandom video about lesbian characters from movies or series.
such as
Grey Matters
The L Word
I Can't Think Straight
Imagine Me & You
Pretty Little Liars
Lost and Delirious
A Perfect Ending
Orange is the New Black
Song: Elektra - I don't do boys

The L Word
Shane and all her girls

Song, I don't do boys, Elektra. Just a bunch of photos I had around, to a fitting song :P



I apologize, I had to do it. D:
*shoots self in the face*

[I heard the song on a mashup video of you can guess what from a suggestion by youtube, and had to make a lyric video for it.]

I do NOT lay claim to any of these pictures, that were used in this video. Nor do I claim the music used in it, either. I own NOTHING. I only made the video.

WARNING: This video contains Yuri, which means (girl x girl) Don't like it, don't watch it. Rules are simple

Well 10 hours of work, 43 layers. and just alot of work, i had to do another part, i dont know if i will keep this style up but it all depends hope you like it.
All Masks are done by me.

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