Confide playing I Never Saw This Coming live in 2007

Jeffrey Hellberg (guitar), Aaron Van Zuthpen (guitar), Billy Pruden (bass), Arin Ilejay (drums), Ross Kenyon (vocals)



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United States

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“I never see psychics cause I don't wanna give away my power but It's been a strange time in my life so I saw one yesterday. One of the things she told me…”

“THE KILLERS. I saw THE KILLERS last night. Never thought this day would come... but alas, Cristina's hopes and dreams came true last night and she can…”

Title: I Never Saw it Coming
Artist: Confide
Track: I Never Saw it Coming
Label: Tragic Hero Records
Director/Editor: Luke Rocheleau
D.P.: Keith Pikus

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Melanie Wurzer, soprano
Timur Sijaric, alto saxophone

00:00 - The Butterfly (Pavel Friedman)
05:33 - Yes, That's The Way Things Are („Koleba" - Kosek, Löwy, Bachner)
07:30 - Birdsong (Anonymus)
11:00 - The Garden (Franta Bass)
13:13 - Man Proposes, God Disposes („Koleba" - Kosek, Löwy, Bachner)
14:00 - The Old House (Franta Bass)

I Never Saw Another Butterfly is a song cycle based on the homonymous collection of poetry of Jewish children who lived in the Theresienstadt ghetto (present-day Terezin, Czech

An incredible song cycle based on poetry by WWII child prisoners

I. The Butterfly
II. Yes, That’s the Way Things Are
III. Birdsong
IV. The Garden
V. Man Proposes, God Disposes
VI. The Old House

Alexandra Whitfield, soprano
Bill Kirkley, clarinet

ending scene G.I. Jane ...

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

David Herbert Lawrence

Thai producer Varun made his breakthrough last year when his debut track received comprehensive worldwide support. He returns to action, looking to repeat that success with the mighty impressive I Never Saw Her Again!

A beautiful piano melody provides the backbone for this stunning original, bolstered by a powerful low-end and a series of catchy hooks!

Mobil rises to the occasion, taking every opportunity to demonstrate his attention to detail whilst showcasing his dazzling melodic sound!


Ted Barnes at.....
Recorded November 1998. Accompanied by the very talented Ted Barnes.
This song from Beth`s 1996 debut album 'Trailer Park'. Buy it. It`s great!


I don't usually like making videos to Taylor Swift songs but this song is literally perfect for these two!

I'm loving this series and this couple and the mid-season finale was awesome! :)

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so, after darren talked about blam as the "dark horse" in an interview a while back, mentioning that "you never saw it coming," my mind INSTANTLY went to state of grace, and after a little bit too much procrastination (aka my middle name and main game) and a burst of inspiration, I FINALLY FINISHED IT! so, i hope you like!

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Song: Run Devil Run

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