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“Новый муз. проект с @d_grundy.
#music #rock #indie #homework #space #aliens #rocknroll #galaxyfarfaraway #song #lowfi #sing #team #band #spb #sw #спб”

“Что-то необычное для нас


“Новый EP Клайм! Презентация tonight в 19:30 мск #клайм #ekb #indie #music #ep #studio #rock #запись #recording #екатеринбург #урал”

Episode two explores a time when the independent labels transformed from cottage industries into real businesses that could compete with the majors. It examines the evolution of 'indie' - a guitar-based genre of music with its own sound, fashion and culture. Independent record labels provided a platform for some of Britain's most groundbreaking artists at this time, including the Jesus and Mary Chain and the Smiths, who would burst onto the scene in 1983 staging a mainstream intervention and starting a smal

The story of British indie over three musically diverse episodes. Much more than a genre of music, it is a spirit, an attitude and an ethos. It's 1989 and a new grassroots music craze is sweeping across Britain. Despite the authorities railing against 'the zombification of a nation', acid house and its bed partner ecstasy are influencing a wave of indie bands. On the eve of a new decade while original independent labels struggle in the wake of acid, young indie labels Heavenly and Creation are thriving, si

First shown: 2 Oct 2015 The story of British indie over three musically diverse episodes. Much more than a genre of music, it is a spirit, an attitude and an ethos. In the 1970s, the music industry was controlled by the major record labels, and the notion of releasing a record independently seemed like an impossible dream. At a time when even the Sex Pistols were on a major label, the true act of rebellion was would be to do it yourself. It took an independent release from Buzzcocks in 1976 with the Spir

“Скоро будет новое видео для ютуба)

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Music video for Goodshirt's single "Sophie" - released in 2001

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Linden wrote a famous ZZ Top song:
Another sexy music video (nudity) at:
Another hot music video (nudity) at:
See Linden's Tutorials At:
Linden Hudson lives in Houston, Texas (USA).
This video is: "Mechanic Annie". Instruments and vocals performed by Linden Hudson (song recorded on a laptop pc in year 2000). Video by Linden Hudson (shot in 2008 on still camera). A sexy Texas model is the su

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Фестиваль независимой, электронной музыки был создан с целью развития немассовых направлений электронной музыки.
Дать возможность проявить себя многим диджеям, музыкантам, лайв проектам, с уникальным музыкальным вкусом.


Genesis P-Orridge reveals how he received a troubling call from Joy Division's singer Ian Curtis just before he died.

One of the best anime series, and I really like it) - video for all my music - follow me - add me as a friend - add me as a friend - my music - mp3 for my music

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BBC. Music for Misfits: The Story of Indie (P1, The DIY Movement) (2015) (eng)

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more music indie-rock genre|| еще музыка инди-рок жанра:

genre - indie-rock || жанр - инди-рок;
author - State Shirt || автор - State Shirt;
song - State Shirt - Computer || песня - State Shirt - Computer;

Free Creative Common

(Official Music Video) (HD 720)
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Beyond Reach- Pistol Shrimp

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more music indie-rock genre|| еще музыка инди-рок жанра:

genre - indie-rock || жанр - инди-рок;
author - Pictures of the Floating World || автор - BPictures of the Floating World;
song - Pictures of the Floating World - A Thousand Stars || песня - Pictures

Снялось почему-то так, но ведь есть же кнопочка повернуть? Нет, ее нет.

Directed by INDIE-YA
Filmed by Eugene Kredenzer


Mon amour, tu me trompes
Tous les jours
La nouvelle note
C'est bien pour la
Autant que d'la peine
O, ce n'etait pas prevu
Et ensuite mon
Coeur bat plus vite
Tout les belles chantent tes refrains
Ma vie, une ile d'ennuie
Et tes roses ne valent pas grand chose
Mon amour, tes
Nouvelles villles et paysages
Nougat et vanille
Amandes et
Vont chasser tout ces pencees
Et ensuite mon Coeur bat plus
Tout les belles chantent tes refrains
Ma vie, une ile d'ennuie
Et tes
roses ne valent pas grand chose
Je fuis, la reine des nuits
A change
Tu l'entends pousser les
Cris, meiileure melodie
Est celle de nos
Qui vont revenir un jour

Шикарный мод, добавляющий группу бардов, поющих в Пьяном Охотнике (Drunken Huntsman) в Вайтране. Ссылка на мод чуть ниже.

Skyrim Indie Music Scene - Lokir's Ashes Mod

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for "Judment Day" from Sarah June's album "In Black Robes" (Silber Records 2010)

**words and music © 2010/2011 Sarah June**

cinematography and post production by Bosco X
set design and costumes by Kirstin Bianchi

Sarah June is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter from Detroit.

you can also find me on iTunes and most other major music sources, or even an music store near you, or online:

Indiada Magneto

WATCH the music video for the new single "Stray Shadows"
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"Friendly Games Of Deceit" is the 5th single from Blanket Barricade's "Parade Bells".
Want more epic indie pop / indie rock music and 2013 pl


Production by JD Beatz and Scott Fodale.
Mixed and Mastered by DJ Direckt

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Song: Wild Life by Martin Hall

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Это видео с первого события, EIMF, фестиваля независимой, электронной музыки.

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Song: Just A Spark by Sebastian Forslund

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Official Visual for I$O INDIES track entitled "Gifted x Lifted.

Produced by Supremacy Beats

dir. by aiP & Chimp filmworks

Just downloaded and start to play at the "Duck Tales Remastered" on Steam. It was impossible not to play this music)) Oldschool)) - video for all my music - follow me - add me as a friend - add me as a friend - my music - mp3 for my music

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My review of this game goes up TOMORROW. I just had to share this beautiful moment with you guys. This amazing game is available on Steam for LESS THAN 99 CENTS. I've clocked in 6hrs into it and still haven't finished it! Go buy it immediately. The game is as hilarious as this video suggests and I want all of you to experience it's awesomeness first-hand. GO. GO NOW.

free indie rock music for youtube videos

In which Holly tries to vlog. I get so many comments asking for more I thought I'd put this up to see if any of you were interested! The Indie Go Go starts now and ends April 10, 2015. I would love to give you all a music video and a new EP complete with really cool new songs that I'm way too excited about. I've been planning this whole project for a while and I'm thrilled to finally be telling you about it. Th

9 декабря в Blonde Club (ул. В. Луговая, 10А) в рамках проекта Rock-среда сорвали аплодисменты на вечеринке INDYpendent Party (indie music).Небольшой видеоотчёт.

Final ranking: 3rd place (category: Heelwork to music)

The FCI dog dance world championships 2016 took place in Moscow, Russia from 23 – 26 june 2016. The participants competed in two categories: freestyle and heelwork to music. This routine above was shown in the heelwork to music final, where only the ten best participants were competing.

A freestyle routine displays the dog and the handler in a creative, innovative and original way, using music and intricate movements to showcase teamwork,

2nd Channel:

Extreme Music:

Title: Worlds Apart
Artist: Extreme Music
Composer: Raphael Lake & Thomas Collins
Album: Post Rock 3
Genre: Epic Modern Cinematic Uplifting Indie Rock Trailer Score

Programme page: Spoof music documentary with Simon Day & Christopher Eccleston.

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"Upbeat and Inspiring Indie Pop Rock" is available for licensing starting at $19.

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Music Keywords:
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Epic powerful inspirational energetic indie trailer score by Deep East Music!'Like' their official page on facebook here:

Title: Traverse The Earth
Artist: Deep East Music
Composer: Toby Bricheno (PRS)
Album: Epic Indie Super Magical

Umlala's video for their second single - "My Pdf Files"

Lyrics : Josef Laimon Aaron Tobiass
Music : Umlala Zohara Niddam
Musical Production : Umlala
Mix : Ran Shem Tov
Label : Jonathan Lipitz

The Video is by Soul Royale (
Additional Animation by Eran Hilleli
Styling : Gustavo Matias Franco
Guest Star : Bachi the cat

For more music visit us:
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Київ 25.10.15 , арт - паб План Б

увы, это не опенинг кавайного аниме, а просто любительская анимация. Обзавидуешься таким 'любителям'. D:
координаты автора: пиксив, персональный сайт, никовидео. Музычка принадлежит дуэту にせぱん (nisepan).

10 мая 2013 года в Нижнем Новгороде снова пройдет фестиваль электронной музыки Winston Freedom Music, объединяющий выступления артистов мирового уровня, актуальный видео-арт и новейшие цифровые технологии. В этом году Winston Freedom Music приобретает поистине грандиозный масштаб. Стартовав в Казани, продолжившись в Ростове-на-Дону и Томске, в Воронеже и Самаре, в Новосибирске и Омске, фестиваль отметится яркой вечеринкой в Нижнем Новгороде и переместится Санкт-Петербург, Краснодар и Уфу -- настоящая свобод

Бирдимэн на фестивали инди музыки рассказывает как он эту музыку ненавидит )

Ещё видео и аудио в группе {-{-{=BeardyMan=-}-}-}

Indie Music. Misty Art is in the recording studio. Drums!
Please enjoy my goofy song about the 3rd Game Music Bundle! For as little as a dollar, you can get 5 wonderful game soundtracks: Terraria, Plants vs. Zombies, Dustforce, Ilomilo, and Frozen Synapse (a game that is not about ice). For $10, you can get over 10 additional albums (full of great game soundtracks and chiptunes).

My original music channel:



Снимал в Испании, в местечке Коста-Брава (час езды до Барселоны)
Смотреть на видео, это одно, совсем другое, стоять рядом и слушать это, до мурашек пробирает. Никогда не слышал это в живую (только при просмотре вестернов). Парень оказался очень приветливым и позволил снимать его за 40 евро центов.

WATCH the theatrical alternative rock video for our new song "Friendly Games Of Deceit"
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"Just Because" is the 7th progressive rock single from Canadian band Blanket Barricade's "Parad

Look back on UK indie music scene 1990. Selected by Music Box.
The Times , Happy Mandays , Stone Roses , New F.A.D. , Northside , Paris Angels , Inspiral Carpets , The Carlatans , Pixies , Birdland , Ride , The Soup Dragons , My Bloody Valentine , Ocean Colour Scene , My Jealous God, Moonflowers , Primal Scream , The Farm , Flowered Up , Swervedriver , Teenage Fanclub , Chapterhouse , Galaxie 500 , Lush , Cranes , Beef , The Family Cat , Carter USM

Indie Game Music HD: Potential for Anything
Composer: Magnus Pålsson

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The story of British indie over three musically diverse episodes. Much more than a genre of music, it is a spirit, an attitude and an ethos.

It's ...

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Blanket Barricade performs their indie rock song "A Velvet Affair". Sounds like: Arcade Fire and Billy Corgan's long lost musical son with an adde

Продолжение/ Part 2 -

Linden Hudson once wrote a famous ZZ Top song, info at: Other L. Hudson music videos at: and Singing, guitars, musical instruments, songwriting, sound, video, animation by Linden. Nude model: Liz Ashley. Liz has modeled for Penthouse and Playboy. Ocean video in the intro shot by Linden in Lousiana USA (near New Orleans). Song recorded 2012 in Linden's house with a laptop pc & Sony Acid Pro software Linden lives: Houston Texas USA ( United Stat

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Title: Visions
Artist: Postion Music
Composer: Thomas Doeve
Album: Visions
Genre: Epic Dramatic Emotional Indie Rock Trailer Score

Best Dubstep, Chill-Trap & Indie Pop Songs Of 2015 Mixed by Keep It Underground. Enjoy the best music. Subscribe!
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00:00 Roox - Branded feat. Lydia Grace ( Dubstep 2015 )
04:41 Paradise feat. Grace - Together ( Loskop Remix )
09:00 Violet Days - Screaming Colors ( Indie Pop )
12:52 Pristine Stringz - Trap in Dm
15:57 Lyonn - Iceberg
19:58 EXGF - We Are The Hearts
24:10 Them&US Sleep Talks ( LED Streets Remix )
29:36 NICKV. - Sunday St

Best 1 Hour Chill Music Mix 2016 | Chill Playlist | GAMING MUSIC | EDM, Electronic, Trap, Indie
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Hi all. This is our third official mix and by far our new favourite. This time we have focused on a 1 hour chill playlist. I have selected my favourite chill songs to bring you the best chill music mix in 2016. The beauty of this mix is that it's suitable for gaming, working, chilling out, or going out with friends. It's always suitab

Алекс Дентон

Look back on UK indie music scene 1980-1989. Selected by Music Box.
The Buzzcoks , The Fall , Echo And The Bunnymen , New Order , Nick Cave , Edwyn Collins , The Smiths , The Jesus And Mary Chain , Sonic Youth , Big Black , The Misson , Sister Of Mercy , The Wedding Present , The House Of Love , Spacemen 3 , The Sugarcubes , Pixies , Happy Mondays , The Stone Roses , Inspiral Carpets

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Indi Loveless,
"Near" music video,
Director: Sami Mäkelä.

This video is already at YouTube on my other accaunt, i forgot my password.. =P
Thanks for watching!

WATCH the music video for the new single "Sticks & Stones"
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"Hyyyype Machine" is the 2nd upbeat single from Blanket Barricade's "Parade Bells".
Animation by Paige Quinton (http://paigequinton.blogspot

rock 2016, indie rock 2016, rock music 2016, alternative rock 2016, musica rock 2016, rock songs 2016, indie pop 2016, rock song 2016, musique rock...

The Original Soundtrack (OST) of the video game Volume.
Volume is an indie video game in the genre stealth.

Volume in Steam Store -
An Official Volume's website -
Buy Volume's songs in Steam -

Music composed and compiled by David Housden.

01 D.Housden - Notes From The Past [00:00]
02 D.Housden - Welcome To The Volume [01:45]
03 D.Housden - Infiltration [04:26]
04 D.Housden - Cultural Critique [06:41]
05 D.Housden - An Understanding

Directed By Ninian Doff
Produced by Pulse Films

New Album 'iii' out now

New single 'Genghis Khan' is available now:
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Limited edition iii Picture Disc available here:

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演唱 林昶佐 溫嵐
曲 / Chthonic 閃靈
詞 / 林昶佐
吉他演奏 / 小傑 雲平

妳送乎我的批信 我全無拍開
斷袂離的感情 妖魔化意志

毋敢看窗外 纏綿的雲彩
用盡所有勇氣 拊掉未來
殘忍人間兵器 血路殺開


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Playlist Tracklisting: (Coming soon. Sorry, I am currently cycling across Canada -- -- and have limited Internet access)

We Fit Together -- Blanket Barricade [Indie Rock 2014 / New Indie Music 2014 / indie pop 2014 / Surf Rock]

Song / Music Credits:

Written by Wesley Krauss
Produced by Jordy Birch
Lead Surf Vocals: Wesley Krauss and Mary-Lee Neron
Drums: Steve M.
Guitar: Wesley Krauss
Bass: Samuel Li

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More music Indie Electronic genre:

genre - Indie Electronic
author - Tours
song - Tours - you're different around me

Free Creative Commons music(music for youtube) || Бесплатная музыка без авторских прав (музыка для ютуба);
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Track "Our Place"
performed by Arrow & Olive
Author's jamendo webpage
Author's website

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

You are free to:

Share — copy an

Паблик новостей о мире ИНДИ-ИГР:

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This Music Video For "You Play Indie Music" Was Shot By Mark Cantwell In Dublin In The Summer Of 2009.This Song Is From The Pale Album "Proper Order" Which Was Released By 1969 Records.The Video Features Matthew Devereux,Shane Wearen,Darren Flynn,Andy O'Brien And Aidan O'Grady And An Unknown Security Dog.

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Indie Rock Instrumental - Upbeat Instrumental Music - Backing Track:
Song: "Hollow Eyes" by Blanket Barricade

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Indie Game Music HD: Hot Damned (Chapter 4 Light)
Game: Super Meat Boy
Composer: Danny Baranowsky

Very cool album from Brand X Music :D

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Music by Brand X Music
Tracks list:
00:00 Circle The Sun
02:45 First Love
05:03 Heart Like A Drum

1. "Vigo Thieves - Steal Your Heart" 0:00
2. "I Used To Be A Sparrow - On - Off" 0:57
3. "Teen Daze - Water" 1:50
4. "Talisco - Your Wish" 2:30
5. "Churchill - Change" 3:34
6. "Crystal Fighters - Wave" 4:40
7. "Emperors - Be Ready When I Say Go" 5:32
8. "The Rocketboys - These Are Hard Times" 6:18

Indie Music Phoenix is TV show that showcases the the hottest local and national acts and subculture in AZ bringing the party to you every Thursday night @ 12 midnight on AZTV7/Cable13 - for more info visit

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►About this track: It is soft indie rock composition with trendy guitar sound. Ideal for any media projects (advertising, web videos and other) Fresh track with disco rhytm Instruments: electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano.

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An relaxing but intensive deep house track with a touch of electric guitar and melodic elements.
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Soundcloud: Adbeatschannel

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The official music video for the song "Charity Lane" from Azmyl Yunor's "Tenets EP". Azmyl Yunor is a singer-songwriter from Malaysia. One of the hardest-gigging independent musicians in the country, Azmyl has dabbled in, amongst others, folk rock, punk, free-form instrumentals and experimental noise rock. His new album, "Wilayah", with his tour band, 'The Sigarettes', is out now.

For more great music, be sure to check out: | Azmyl Yunor
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Indie Rock Instrumental - Upbeat Music Instrumental - Alternative Rock Backing Track in the key of D Majo

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"What Matters" by Music Artist Nine Million And Nine

New 2012 Song - Electro Rock Music Video - synthpop, synthrock, alternative rock, electropop, bands that sound like mgmt, new naked and famous, indie bands new song
Best Electronic Rock Bands
Indietronica also called Indie electronic

Indie Game Music HD: Carmeaty Burana (Chapter 6 Boss)
Game: Super Meat Boy
Composer: Danny Baranowsky
Available at:

Indie Game Music HD: Main Theme
Game: Super Meat Boy
Composer: Danny Baranowsky
Available at:

NP was formed in Moscow, 1985, critical acclaim as an Industrial, electronic oriented underground collective whose music ranged from new wave electro-pop to obscured experimental synthesizer soundscapes.
Notchnoi Prospekt "Voice" (Ночной Проспект "Голос") 1987-2010. More information:
Music - Notchnoi Prospekt, lyrics - Alexei Borisov
LP/CD "Asbastos" (1989/2007, SNC/Geometry)
Photo video - Oleg

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Song: Better Days 2 by Anders Schill Paulsen

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James Marsters playing Don't worry son.

★ Deep House / Nu Disco / Indie Dance 2016 Best Remixes Of Popular Songs Music By Nada

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▶ Genres : Deep House / Chill Out / House Music

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1 october 2016. London. O2 forum

The Indigy - TWMTM (album 2012)
ZQ #308

Отличный кавер на песню "Just Tonight" группы "The Pretty Reckless" от молодых украинских талантов "ACROSS THE ROAD".

Our Josephine Tse was at SiriusXM Indies - 15th Annual Independent Music Awards, as a part of Canadian Music Week. Here's a montage of two of the event's performers: JUNO Award winning Billy Talent and Alvvays.


Concerts and Collaborations of Indie artists took place across Varanasi from 21st to 29th Jan 2016.
Nukkad concerts were held at Mir Ghat, Pandey H...

Chill Out Music Mix ❄ Best Chill Trap, RnB, Indie ♫

Друзья! Сегодня 2 ноября, и мы готовы объявить результаты розыгрыша SH'U x Indie music "Парка за репост".
Поздравляем @id42868089 (Александру Невскую), которая стала обладательницей новой парки от SH'U!

Что касается остальных: ребята, не расстраивайтесь! Следите за обновлениями в группе @club37615682 (SH'U CLOTHES) и в нашем аккаунте в Instagram ( Впереди вас ожидают еще много интересных конкурсов ;)

Спасибо каждому за участие!

Теплой вам зимы,
@club37615682 (Команда SH'U)

#shuclothes #IndieSHU

На одной из локаций клипа на песню 2 worlds . Остров находится на одной широте с пустыней сахара, а приятную погоду на нём поддерживает только холодное канарское течение. Так вот, без ветра и далеко от океана я ощутил себя в пустыне. Очень удачная локация с ветряками, но очень уж жаркая )

While on tour, Zella Day takes Claudia Sulewski backstage with her to discuss writing her album, ‘Kicker,’ and life as a female musician on the rise.

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Tour Diary 2012: Heavy drinking, shaky cameras and a Rathbone assault.


26.09.2012 гогольфест


Extremely rare music video for Emery's "It Always Depends" from The Columbus EEP Thee EP (2002).
Back in the day when the band was independent and Devin Shelton played drums.

I do NOT own rights of this video.
All the rights belong to Emery and Sacklunch production.<br/><br/>

צולם בכנסיית אוגוסטה ויקטוריה ירושלים.

.Filmed at the Augusta Victoria church, Jerusalem
Music is ruling my world", by Kutiman Orchestra, is a music video made for the Indie-City project"

הפרוייקט נעשה בתמיכת עיריית ירושלים - אגף תרבות ואומנויות ורשות הצעירים.

Indie Music Party
Club Microbe

Mix Sound Indie Music (April) Parte 1

Sound Indie Music © 2012
More info :!/Sound.Indie.Music

Track List :
Celebrine // Selfdestructiveboy
Athletes // Time
Brandy Kill // Lonely At Night Looking For Bears
Ben Hogun // In The City
Neonlichter Imausverkauf // Vorsicht Die Deutschen Kommen
Cosmic Hula Radiators // Herzmaschine
Cygnets // Victoria's Song
Stagnant Pools // Consistency
Surji // Holiday In The Woods
Boywithoutmemory // Color Of Your
Die Selektion // Triumph
Thumbsucker // Wild Brain (Be Forest Cover)
Dario Rossi // Tension
Sleep Party People // Things Will Disappear Like Tears In the Rain
Tanlines // Brothers

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Song: Indie Electro 3 by Cospe Cospe

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Подписывайтесь на мой канал, буду добр.)))

In-Game Music Video "Illuminate Me" Debuts Shedding Light on the Dark Past of Hardboiled Chicken.

Set in Albatropolis, a land full of birds taken over by a totalitarian penguin regime, Hardboiled Chicken, the original Coq of War, must assassinate the evil penguin leader Putzki. His mission will unlock the secrets to his mysterious, hard boiled past and uncover the real enemies of Albatropolis through a variety of artistic cut scenes and perfectly orchestrated music videos. In single-player mode, take

A Scene In Between: Tripping Through the Fashions of UK Indie Music 1980-1988

Dokument Press publishes and distributes books all over the world focusing on subculture and street expressions in art, photo, music, fashion and film.

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Written and Performed by Richie Fadich To all my pals in and of the Goose Hollow... Track:

One of most well known anime series of all time)) - video for all my music - follow me - add me as a friend - add me as a friend - my music - mp3 for my music

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Love Stories | Fatalgroove Under tears in thoughts to a beautiful and unique with a particular person whose love I've lost mixed. I say thank you for the beautiful moments with you, I will never forget what we had. The mix recounts the ups and downs of shared time and he is to you!
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Mixcloud and Playlist

1) Kite Lines - Sven Karlsson
2) Dancing On The Tables - Elias Naslin
3) When All Is Over - Sebastian Forslund
4) Wait For The Night - Sven Karlsson
5) Last Minute - Sebastian Forslund
6) Heartbeats - David Bjoerk
7) Mine - Sebastian Forslund
8) Why Do You Still Hurt - Martin Hall
9) Someday Soon - Sebastian Forslund
10) Stay A Little Longer - Martin Hall
11) The Appraise - Sven Karlsson
12) Whisper - Sebastian Forslund
13) All Too Soon - Martin Hall
14) Ancient Storms - Martin Hall

We want to try h

Друзья, наконец-то мы добрались до Санкт Петербурга! Будем рады вас всех видеть!

FLOYD white pub / Indie Music Festival (Kiev, UA). ФИНАЛ.