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Iamamiwhoami – выносящий мозг IDM-проект. У них нет ни сайта ни гастролей! У них есть только канал на YouTube. Их клипы поразительно красивы и ужасно противны одновременно! Видео от iamamiwhoami появились в интернете ещё в декабре и сразу попали в центр внимания блоггеров и электронных журналов.
Автор этих роликов не известен до сих пор. Среди кандидатов:Goldfrapp, The Knife, The Golden Filter, Aphex Twin, Lykke Li, Bjork.

вот так надо по лесу гулять


Channel (YouTube): http://www.youtube.com/user/iamamiwhoami

HQ (YouTube): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW89Pv8QrX4

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iamamiwhoami

В этом есть что-то..


качество 720

Artist: iamamiwhoami | http://youtube.com/iamamiwhoami |
Song: t | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW89Pv8QrX4 |
Mixer: Hypermonky | http://soundcloud.com/hypermonky |

- Re encoded 0429 -

This maybe at first sight weird looking and sounding slo'mo-KIN-mini-mega-mix consists of snippets, cuts and fragments of songs of the original KIN-clips ONLY. ;) With our deepest LOVE!

HD-Video from the live Performance on the Linné stage.
Way Out West Festival; 12.08.2011

It was awesome.

© InfestedJM ;)

Iamamiwhoami performing "t" & "u-2" live at Electric Brixton, London on May 30th, 2013. See below for time points:

0:00 - t
4:35 - u-2

All rights reserved to the artist. No copyright infringement intended.

This video is a simple collection of songs as performed by iamamiwhoami "in concert", and broadcast over the Internet on November 16, 2010. They are mere moments from an unique event that should be appreciated in its entirety.

That said, the way they were put together (t+o+y) is very much intentional and bears great personal significance. It's meant to explore key points in the relationship between the enigmatic persona of Jonna Lee and german youtuber ShootUpTheStation - from his journey to Sweden

chapter 6 of the audiovisual album "bounty" by iamamiwhoami


music and performance by iamamiwhoami
directed by Robin Kempe-Bergman
produced by To whom it may concern.

Park Live Festival

't' performed in concert by iamamiwhoami.

SHE SINGS T with such intensity! You can really hear it in her voice how intense she pronounces some of the words ESP the part "She fights her battles for no one" ABSOLUTLY an amazing performance andthe best night of my life!

She is her own worst enemy, she fights her battles for no one.