Ice Cube - Check Yo Self

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Ice Cube - Check Yo Self. 1989s. (с субтитрами rus)


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Продолжение клипа It Was A Good Day, в конце хорошего дня Кьюба ловят копы)

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Ice Cube ft das efx (not shown in video) Check Yo Self Priority (P) 2006 Priority Records, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Capitol Catalog,

Music video by Ice Cube performing Check Yo Self (Remix).

Ice Cube feat.Das EFX - Check Yo Self (Dirty) (The Message Remix) (Download Zippyshare) (Download Zippyshare)

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Хип-хоп. Это одно из молодежных течений, которое возникло в бедных районах Нью-Йорка и в наше время распространено на весь мир. У хип-хопа нет цвета кожи, нет расы, - в этом вопросе он бесцветен. В настоящем хип-хопе нет понтов, есть только инструментал, лист бумаги и свои чувства, которые ты пытаешься донести другим. Хип-хоп - это не столько культура, сколько сама жизнь. ни какого SWAGA только настоящий OLD SCHOOL.

Ice Cube - Check Yo self

Ice Cube performs "Check Yo' Self" live at the second weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA, on April 23, 2016.

Ice Cube performs "Check Yo Self" live on day 2 of Rock The Bells 2012 at the NOS Center in San Bernardino, CA on Sunday August, 19 2012.

original version of Check Yo Self it's not the remix of The Message

**The lyrics are from GOOGLE**

Ice Cube - Check Yo Self
Recorded Live: 7/24/1999 - Woodstock 99 West Stage - Rome, NY
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Yeah! Word is bond!
Das EFX in this yaknowhatI'msayin
Straight from the sewer, word is bond!
Yeah! Yah! Ah-yeah! We doin this with my nigga
Where my nigga? Ice Cube in the motherfucker
Word is bond! (Yeah!)

[Verse One: Ice Cube]

You better check yo self before you wreck yo self
Cos I'm bad for your health, I come real stealth
Droppin bombs on ya moms, fuck car alarms
Doin foul crime, I'm that nigga wit'cha Alpine
Sold it for a six-o, always let tricks know
And friends know, we got the indo
No I'm not a su

Ice Cube Check Yo Self off the Due Date Soundtrack

Heres The Song If Yall Want It

Самый длинный клип!

Clean Version Of Check Yo Self ("The Message" Remix) By Ice Cube And Das-EFX - Official G-Rap
HD 480

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"Check Yo Self" is the second hit single from Ice Cube's third solo album Predator. It was released in July 1993 and features New York rappers Das EFX. It topped both the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop and Rap charts while also reaching number 20 on the Hot 100 chart.[1] The song retains two main versions, the original and a remix which utilizes the same beat as Grandmaste

This is the Soundtrack of Due Date. I also put it on

Enjoy! Hope you like it!

Ice Cube - Check Yo Self / Gangsta Nation / Why We Thugs (Live 2006)

Ice Cube - Live (Check Yo Self)

Ice Cube feat.Xzibit, WC Lil Jon - Check Yo Self / It Was A Good Day / Why We Thugs / Go To Church (Live)

Пока полным ходом шла подготовка к следующему выпуску, создатели канала и их друзья решили немного позволить себе отдохнуть и сделать РЭП КЛИП. / In between Main Videos, while on a day off, we decided to film another music vid just for fun. So here you go, brothers. Brace yourselves.

(SUBSCRIBE) This is Ice Cube Music Videos "Today was a Good Day" "Check Yo Self" Combined and UNCENSORED.

Real Hip Hop!!!

Ice Cube - Jack N The Box, Check Yo Self, Straight Outta Compton Live at M.I.R. Festival in Moscow