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It's not my cup of tea

Мне это не интересно

Tanja: "what if we go to the opera today?"
Ben: "no, it's not my cup of tea"
Tanja: "of course it's not, here is your cup of tea"
Ben: 😕⁉️…”

Bad hair day

День наперекосяк

To get a fright


It's raining cats and dogs

Льет, как из ведра

Like father like son.

Каков отец, таков и сын.

-bite your tongue

-прикуси язык

Когда кто-то решил взболтнуть лишнего, просто скажите: "bite your tongue!"

In this video we will talk about some Christmas idioms and phrases which are quite popular in English! Some of them include Christmas vocabulary bu...

Business English Idioms and Phrases.

Whether we like it or not, the English speaking workplace is overflowing with idioms and phrases, you often get confused when you colleagues speak with those tricky idioms and everything seems bouncing off your head, isn't it ?

In this lesson Ceema brings out some of the common work place idioms and phrases those you would probably use while speaking to your office mates.


Hello guys.. i am back with one another latest English speaking video... Today we make learn Common English Expressions and learn Idioms and Phrases To Easily Speak English Fluently.. Watch these video and improve your English Speaking skills...

This idiom means to announce something that changes a situation drastically and unexpectedly

Learn a new word, idiom or phrases with daily video vocabulary, speak fluent English, free esl lesson

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Today's new word is ; Cost the earth , It basically means, Something that really expensive or costly

Learn a new word, idiom or phrases with daily video vocabulary, speak fluent English, free esl lesson

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Todays new idiom is : Chew the fat | Chew the rag
Meaning: to have a long and friendly chat with some one about something

Learn a new word, idiom or phrases with daily video vocabulary speak fluent English free esl lesson

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Todays new idiom is : A Gut Feeling

To have a gut feeling, If you have a gut feeling, you sense something about a person or a situation, without knowing why, but you're sure what you sense or feel is certainly true.
You always get a gut feeling when you are you are certain or right about something or someone, although you don't have any good reason to explain why you feel so.

In other words. A gut feeling is a sense of certainty which comes unknowingly from within you, which makes you fe

Todays new idiom is : A fool's Paradise

Meaning :

A fool's paradise, If you say that someone is living in a fool's paradise, you are actually criticizing them, because, they are not aware that their present happiness is likely to change. It basically means to be happy on a false hope or you can say a state of happiness for foolish or unfounded reason.

Someone who lives in a fool's Paradise is just living on false expectations, they are happy on the basis of an unrealistic hope which wil

Spooky Halloween Idioms and Phrases - English Vocabulary Lesson

Unless you’ve been living in a separate galaxy in the last few
weeks, you will have noticed that many people, including English
Language Trainers, have been preparing for Halloween. So not wanting to feel left out I thought I would join the crowd and make my own contribution towards this pagan feast. What better way than to share with you 10 idioms and phrases with a Halloween theme! Halloween is associated with scary and spooky
images like

English lesson : Shopping and Buying | Idioms, Phrases and Slangs

In this lesson Ceema brings out common idioms and slangs related to shopping and buying. You can use these words when you want to talk about shopping. There are a lot of examples to make you understand the correct usage of these words.

Happy Shopping!

Idioms and Phrases Related to Health - Free English lessons

In this video lesson Ceema takes you through idioms and phrases in relation with health, she demonstrates the meaning of each idiom and phrase helping you use them in your everyday conversation.

Enjoy the lesson!!!

English idioms and phrases using the word 'milk'. Learn English on YouTube with Misterduncan. 10 years on YouTube and still teaching English to the...


To break the Ice - English Idioms and Phrases.

In this English lesson you will learn some idioms and phrases with the verb SET

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