Imperial March (of the Floppies)

Разве это не прелесть? Автор тут -

школоте не понять )))

Chong McBong's Floppy Orchestra plays:
The Imperial March (of the Floppies)

This recording is made using 14 floppy drives (3.5 inch), connected in pairs to 1 "Arduino Uno" board, running a program called "Moppy", which allows it to play midi files.
(not all tracks use all the channels, so there are often a few idle drives)

John Williams - Original music composer.
Chong McBong - midi edits, and many hours of wiring and setup.
Sammy1am - Creator of "Moppy" the software that makes this possible.

Imperial March (of the Floppies)

Uh oh, I'm afraid my floppy drives might be turning to the dark side of the force...

The software this creation is based off of is open source and available here:

Tutorial video here: