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“385 lb front squat for 6 singles with 60 seconds rest in between
#xwerks #purestrength #squat #fitness #crossfit
@xwerks @purestrength_co”

“~ ~ ~ 275 lb. Power Clean + Push Press x 5 Reps Took About 15 Seconds In Between Each Rep. This Is My Final Rep . #ComeBack #CrossFit #WeightLifting…”

“Gil hugging Carol at his birthday party. Ney and Davi playing in the backround. Such a beautiful friendship between all of them and their family life🙏🏽❤️…”

“in between takes of 'All Night Long' video shoot. 🚨🚔🚫 @caseymcperry @modsun at @malcolm_ethika where's MY car at!?!?”

Действительно, они нашли друг друга.

촬영 재미있었고 정말 신기한 단어들도 많이 배워게 됐어요! 에리나, 채희선, Vai -
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Caliban - This Oath:
A Day To Remember - Paranoia:
Contact me on: VK:

The gear I used:
- ESP LTD H-250
- Boss ME-70

Music is property of Caliban and it Label.

на вокале великолепная супруга Трента Резнора - Мэрикуин Маандиг

In Front Of, Behind, Between _ Prepositions Song for Kids

Video of the incident at the end of the USA U19 MNT game against Bahrain.
Встреча между сборной США U19 и командой Бахрейна U19 в рамках международного турнира COTIF Tournament завершился массовой потасовкой игроков.


Неизвестный британский руфер совершил прыжок между двумя 25-этажными зданиями (в оригинале "25-этажный небоскрёб", но звучит тупо).. Учитывая ширину парапета, это просто жутко.

Shocking footage shows angry fans lobbing chairs, debris and bottles as a restaurant appears to burn behind them.
Russian fans are said to have joined the brawling in the streets just hours before Roy Hodgson’s men kick off their Euro 2016 campaign.
One fan was even reportedly beaten to the ground by local thugs before being chucked into the harbour.
Police officers deployed tear gas in an effort to disperse the skirmishes that mirror similar scenes from last night.
The violence first broke out at around 5.

Bulgaria - A group: Marek - Lokomotiv Plovdiv 0-0

Unfortunately, We lost the sound to this video so you couldn't hear all the smack Chris was talking, He is on the road with the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters right now.

What Dunks are you looking forward to seeing this summer?

WATCH IN HD,look better!!
I´m back with a new vid:-) With a new fandom. I love Penny Dreadful. I love Victor Frankenstein. Amazing character. My fav on the show besides Ethan. Harry.... enjoy his acting a lot xD Not sure,it´s a good vid,but i kinda needed to do that. Can´t wait for Season 2!!!
Comments are welcome:-)

The game was over, Dream Team pulled off the upset over South Bay that featured the Aaron and Drew Gordon. But AG knew what everyone in the building came for! So he was telling Ballaholic to give him the rock to kill one Dunk for the fans that came. Dream Team Coach Bryan AKA BT gave him the sign the give AG the ball & he did not have the crowd leave with any bitterness at all.

Stay tuned for more videos from this game!

Indiana Pacers star Paul George didn’t show rust despite coming off a gruesome injury as he rocked the rim with spectacular dunks during his short visit in the country.

George threw down a between-the-legs dunk and a 360 windmill jam in front of his young fans in Taguig.

It’s just been less than a year since George suffered a nasty leg injury in August of 2014 during a scrimmage with Team USA. He had been expected to miss the following NBA season, but made a surprise return last April.

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INFINITE HD | ∞ Russian Speaking Inspirit ∞

Все, о чем вы пока что не знаете ! - подписывайтесь

Hi guys and welcome to episode 6 on secret warding spots (in between enemy turrets). This can help you gain that vision when fighting infront of enemy turrets or sieging. Once again, hope you learnt something and have an awesome day!
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League of Legends is a game created by Riot Games
Signup for free at:

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league of legends lol fpvod riot games dota clone defense of the ancients wa

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Сериал рассказывает о четырех друзьях из Нью-Йорка, которые живут «между» гей-миром, не проявляя себя ни поведением ни разговорами, и миром натуралов, к которому они не принадлежат

Релиз от Green Tea pic & TF-AniGroup

Перевод: KingFisheR22
Озвучивали: pandora2177, Emeri, loster01
Работа со звуком: pandora2177


Глянув это видео, вы поймёте, почему какая-то крыса смогла воспитать таких крутых ребят из Черепашек Ниндзя. Сделав их, собственно, ниндзя.

Крысы в тех местах довольно мощные, ибо мусора хватает. Так что опасаться их нужно не только людям из-за антисанитарии, но и мелким животным и птицам - крысы очень ловкие и сильные твари. На видео - живой тому пример.

Купить велосипед с фиксированной передачей вы можете у нас! От 15000 рублей, вступай

Выступление 13.02.2013 в Akuna Matata, Харьков.

"The entire idea behind the Quit Your Life Tour was to make an edit with a different filmer and editor in a different city with a different camera. This stop on tour takes place in and around my hometown in the middle of nowhere north Idaho. The biggest difference was not having one main filmer, instead entrusting my trusty vx2100 / mkii to a few blader friends. Most of the clips, however, were filmed by a girl with no experience other than my advice. Overall a successful pit stop between cities, with Se

Brandon "Snap" Peters from (Houston, TX) is only 6'0" and goes to Talladega College in Talladega, AL .. Well, He gave Fisk University a HIGHLIGHT filled show, We've been talking to Snap for months and he gave us the heads up last month he was going to do this in a game and well .. here it is... #Koche

Let's get him on Sportscenter's Top 10 plays! #TFBDunk and #SCTop10

Thank you to Talladega College for releasing the footage to the Best YouTube Dunk Channel in the world.

Boston Bruins first-round pick Jake DeBrusk scored a shootout goal on Zane McIntyre from between his own legs Friday at development camp at Ristuccia Arena.

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Сериал рассказывает о четырех друзьях из Нью-Йорка, которые живут «между» гей-миром, не проявляя себя ни поведением ни разговорами, и миром натуралов, к которому они не принадлежат


Entre ses voyages, Rodolphe Pasciuto continue de rouler sur les spots autour de chez lui.

Rentrant du Népal il y a un mois, après la catastrophe du 25 Avril 2015, et de la Roumanie où il était ses jours passés, il rentre plus déterminé que jamais !

Dans quelques semaines une nouvelle session l'attendra dans le Nord de l'Europe, mais entre les debriefings et préparations il donne de son temps pour aller filmer quelques rushs sur des spots toujours plus beau les un que les autres.

Enjoy the life, Enjoy yo

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Сериал рассказывает о четырех друзьях из Нью-Йорка, которые живут «между» гей-миром, не проявляя себя ни поведением ни разговорами, и миром натуралов, к которому они не принадлежат

Говорите нет ангелов-хранителей? Ужасная авария на на Гран-при Британии и настоящее чудо

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S: Listen to it, Tiny Rick. Listen to Elliott Smith.
R: No!
S: Feel what he's feeling!
R: Noo! God... Oh god. What is life? How can someone so talented die so young?

A video showing a fight between a group of students and an English teacher in classroom has gone viral on Chinese social media recently, shocking web users who condemned the incident.
The fight happened when the teacher was collecting test scripts from the students while one of them refused to submit his paper in Fanji High School, Mengcheng county in Anhui.
The two argued, before the teacher reached out his hand to push the student away and then grabbed his neck to force him lose hold of the papers. The

В Китае Избили Учителя ( 22 04 2016 )A fight between teacher and students in China.
Shocking Classroom Brawl between Students and Teacher in East China's Anhui
A video showing a fight between a group of students and an English teacher in classroom has gone viral on Chinese social media recently, shocking web users who condemned the incident.
The fight happened when the teacher was collecting test scripts from the students while one of them refused to submit his paper in Fanji High School, Mengcheng county

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Сериал рассказывает о четырех друзьях из Нью-Йорка, которые живут «между» гей-миром, не проявляя себя ни поведением ни разговорами, и миром натуралов, к которому они не принадлежат

Out-of-this-world rally between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal on set point in their 2016 Internazionali BNL d'Italia quarter-final! Watch live ATP streams:

Subscribe to TennisTV today to watch official ATP World Tour & WTA tennis streaming live in HD.

Watch live streaming of over 2,700 ATP & WTA tennis matches a year on PC, Mac, mobile, tablet or apps on iPad, iPhone and Android.

Седьмая песня из концерта ZetLy 'getting over 15' 19.03.16 в "Мастерской".

ВК -

Самая большая группа о волейболе! Здесь ты найдешь всё!

This guy's skills with paragliding would make your jaw drop, he swoops between two buildings in high speed which is totally awesome and breath taking.

© Все права принадлежат AFP (Agence France-Presse) / Video tournee pour l'AFPTV / copyright AFP. Автор / Auteur: Андрей Бородулин / Andrey Borodulin
Дорога из города Горловка (под контролем ДНР) до города Артёмовск (под контролем украинской армии) остаётся единственной стабильно функционирующей, по которой жители двух областей могут двигаться из зоны войны, и наоборот. Возникший запрет на автобусное сообщение, закрытие других дорог сильно перегрузили это направление. В многочасовой пробке с обеих сторон нах

Farah Abu Ros - time traveling between two homelands Director: Shadi Abu Sharar DP: Shadi Abu Sharar, Samir Askoul Producer : Farah Abu Ros Editing & Color Grading : Shadi Abu Sharar Audio Engineer : Natalia Garay Camera Assitant : Ali Color Grading On Assimilate Scratch Shoot with Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF GL Optics Lenses 11-16mm, 70-200mm

Abonnez-vous à la chaîne ici :
Une jeune femme se fait suivre par un crocodile qui représente sa timidité. Comme il lui empoisonne sa vie, elle tente par tous les moyens de s'en débarrasser.
A young woman is being followed by a crocodile who represents her shyness. As he makes her life a living helle, she tries byevery means to get rid of him.

De Alice BISSONNET, Aloyse DESOUBRIES BINET, Sandrine HAN JIN KUANG, Juliette LAURENT, Sophie MARKATATOS, étudiants de la formation Concepte

Today's episode is all about the difference between Flow and Opacity in photoshop. Both Flow and Opacity are settings used for the Brush Tool. The Brush Tool is one of the most commonly used tool in photoshop. Knowing the difference between Flow and Opacity while using the Brush Tool will make your life so much easier when editing. There are moments when using Flow is the perfect choice, and there are moments when it might not the best option. Today we will discuss both settings, as well as show you a

buy it here from may 30th:

Edit by: Thomas Jessen
Shot by: Anders Lasbo, Jeppe DC, Amdi Brøener, Jeppe Jon and Thomas Jessen
Recording engineer and editing: Mads Nørgaard Nielsen
Sound assistant: Nikolaj Nielsen
Mixing: Anders Trentemøller

The War on Drugs | An Ocean in Between the Waves vs. West Marin School 1969

Bootleg Wrestlemania Wild Brawl Between Mexican Family Goes Down In A Serious Battle Bootleg Wrestlemania Wild Brawl Between Mexican Family Goes Down In A Serious Battle Bootleg Wrestlemania Wild Brawl Between Mexican Family Goes Down In A Serious Battle Bootleg Wrestlemania Wild Brawl Between Mexican Family Goes Down In A Serious Battle Bootleg Wrestlemania Wild Brawl Between Mexican Family Goes Down In A Serious Battle

It is one of the greater fears of a goaltender and certainly made Lightning fans nervous as Ben Bishop left warm-ups early after taking a puck in the gonads.

Смотрите все лучшие моменты и нарезки NHL на нашей странице!

Heavy clashes between YPG and ISIS thugs in Kobani Kobani'de YPG ve İŞİD çeteleri arasında şiddetli çatışmalar

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you a really cool workflow for morphing between splines using Cinema 4D. This kind of spline morphing animation is awesome for using in conjunction your 2D workflow in After Effects by applying a Cel Shader material to your splines. First, I'll go over the thinking behind the method I chose and how to achieve a nice, smooth spline morph. Then, I'll show you how I build a spline that is able to be affected by effectors to morph from one spline shape to another. I'll de

Robert Baker is a Senior at The Walker School in Marietta, Georgia, He is currently committed to Harvard University .

Follow him on IG @EZRobertB

Special Thanks to Robert Plott for the submission and rights.

CROWN OF RAGE - In Between Official Video



小苹果 😄 We're yoloing in between rehearsals for @skalvidansetv2 and dancing to Little Apple. @anettesto is learning the lyrics. I metalized this on YouTube a while ago 😊

小苹果 😄 Мы дуркуем в перерывах между репетициями для Skal vi Danse на TV2,и танцуем под Little Apple. Anette Stokke учит текст. Я некоторое время назад метализовал его на Ютьюбе 😊


Батя с дочкой отправились искупнуться на пляж Папамоа (Новая Зеландия), а заодно испытать новенькую экшн-камеру.

Кто бы могу подумать, что первое же видео окажется "в точку". Пусть и случайно, но им удалось запечатлеть не самый счастливый, но однозначно самый везучий момент их жизней - буквально в метре от них проплыла акула.

Хищнику не стоило бы труда полакомиться людьми, но она дала людишкам пожить.

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Song :

Time lapse video : (credit to Terje Sorgjerd)

Software : Sony Vegas Pro 13

Coloring credits : xMysticFlame, kindon18, VeberProdz, TWINKLINGTUTORIALS, Jula Misia

First one is Chinese and the other in German.
Looks like the German bearing has much less friction than the Chinese one.
But the price of Chinese bearing is only 1/30 of the German one.

The first year that we open La Cribs bike shop was full of plaisure, experience and hard work. But when you jump with your life in a project like that,you need to never forget to touch the ground. what is bether to get a seat and top tube in between you knees. Thats why we grab the road to find an hot sun shining. During the trip, we make all the coast of florida, hit New-Orleans, hit Austin and finaly hit Cleveland. Going in a trip is an excellent way to find some people going in the same direction of you

Video "In Between" Directed by Ismael Moumin
Cinematography by Nicolas Loir
First Assistant Director: Gary Brocaud
Editor: Tianès Montasser
Produced by Frenzy Paris
Producer: Julie Mathieu
Production director: Alexis Fonvieille
Production Assistant: Héloïse Piraud
Choreographer: Julie Bour
Dancers: Fanny Sage & Julien Thibault
Stylist: Natalie Yuksel
Post production by Reepost
Video commissioner: Pierre Le Ny

Requested by (deadshipsshallneverdie) on tumblr
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Characters: Bonnie Bennett & Kol Mikaelson

I gotta admit that I'm falling for the Kennett fever, their scenes in 4x23 was unexpected and kind of made me a fan. Let's hope the writers let them share scenes on the Other Side.

Cloud Sessions #5. Mister and Mississippi met 'In Between'.

Cloud Sessions zijn unplugged live sessies van verschillende artiesten en bands. Artiesten spelen een nummer uit hun eigen oeuvre en een cover van een nummer dat hen heeft geïnspireerd. Iedere week plaatsen we een nieuwe ‘Cloud Session’. De sessies zijn in samenwerking met Jupiler opgenomen en vinden plaats in Cloud Nine op de bovenste verdieping van TivoliVredenburg:


촬영 엄청 재미있었는데요 여러분도 재미있게 봐줬으면 좋겠어요 ^^
WITH 안재억 / 에리나

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BGM//Xnoodles Be mine
Lionheart Master Jo
Loser The Drake Lee show

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ROME REPORTS,, is an independent international TV News Agency based in Rome covering the activity of the Pope, the life of the Vatican and current social, cultural and religious debates. Reporting on the Catholic Church requires proximity to the source, in-depth knowledge of

Film, Arafta kalmış iki gencin hikayesini anlatır: Zehra ve Olgun.. Her ikisi de otoban üstünde kurulu devasa bir benzin istasyonunda 24 saatlik vardiya usulü çalışmaktadır. Herşeyin gelip geçici olduğu bu yerde onlar da... sanki buradaki hayatlarının geçici olduğu, bir gün değişivereceği beklentisi içinde çalışırlar ve yaşarlar..
Zehra karakteri,köyünde ailesi ile birlikte yaşamaktadır.Çalışmadığı zamanların çoğunu bir çok akranı gibi evde televizyon karşısında geçirir. Televizyonun sunduğu pırıltılı hayat


music: o6 samos'hot pebbles . dries langeveld a nonprofit minimovie_concept

[club59304396|Eminem – Hello]
[club59304396|Лучшие Баскетбольные COUB]

Zack Snyder discusses who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman and the Comic-Con "Man of Steel" panel with Henry Cavill

Guitar cover of In Between by Beartooth. This band just something new for me and I really love it.
Please read all these text.
This song is so easy to play, a lot of time here was taken by attempt to make a decent video quality, because I'm new in video editing at all.
Now I want to make some unique video with writing my own guitar parts for a lot great songs of Amity Affiction, Bring me the horizon and etc.
Please, show me your love and support my channel with subscribe, like and share. Big thanks.

Anastasia Chernovskaya / Анастасия Черновская
International Oriental dance artist

Bellydance Intensive course in Chengdu, China,
organized by Laylee's studio

April 2016

"I will take the pieces, put them back together. Love you in the way that you needed love. Where you are, I will be."


It's been so long since I last vidded these two, unacceptable really.

It's what you've been asking me the most so here is it. Hope you all enjoy!

Song: Compass by Zella Day
Once Upon A Trash

Emma + Regina - камеры и крепления можно купить здесь - Группа в контакте - Клуб Любителей GoPro - Группа в FaceBook

BUY EPIC GEAR, TESTED BY THE BEST: GoPro, Sony, DJI, ION, Magicam, Optrix, Hitcase and more

From the wild mind of pro mountain biking's funniest dude, Tyler McCaul, comes another compilation video of Tyler and his friends having the best time possible as they travel the world riding, partying, and getting up to all sorts of mischief. Shot throughout the 2014 season, Tyler covers everything from good old backyard fun, to contest hijinks, and even a bit of rid

Check out all Armin Only episodes:

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In episode four Armin is preparing for the show in Mumbai and we meet show director Jos. He did not know much about the dance or the impact of Armin but he added some amazing show elements to the tour!

In this show you will see how theater and

Trouble with trousers. Saying hi to West Life. Everyday I'm shuffling. :)

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use"

Marina Abramovic travels through Brazil in search of the spiritual forces of nature that are embedded in the culture of native Brazilians. Through communing with locals, partaking in local traditions, and venturing out into caves and forests, she embarks on a voyage to elevate her emotions and consciousness and create a new piece of art that will lift up the people of she meets along the way.

Read more on The Creators project here:

Things got pretty heated during the 2016 Drew League Championship game.
Dramatically Increase Your Vertical Jump!
Track By Stevie Fresh

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Видео предоставлено группой "Малоизвестные фильмы ужасов" -

Джон — жестокий убийца, состоящий на службе эксцентричных господ-садистов. Но с каждым делом он всё больше ощущает себя подвешенным в воздухе — насилие, которому он посвятил всего себя, не доставляет ему удовольствия, а перспектива окончательно превратиться в собственного хозяина не вызывает у него большой радости. Однажды Джон встречает школьного друга; тот женат на женщине, в которую он был когда-то влюблен. Теперь Джону хочется простых человеческих радостей; он собирается покинуть преступный мир…

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Понравилось? Подпишись! :-) - Все классные AMV в одном месте! ^_^

After decades of conflict, look back at the events that determined the fate of a species.

Discover these truths at

X-Men: Days of Future Past, in theaters May 23, 2014

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“In Between” from Beartooth's album ‘Disgusting’
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Go to for tour dates, free downloads, and more info!

Video directed by Drew Russ

Life just sucks when all you know is the bottom
It's not your choice there's no escaping it
Get up

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In this interplanetary adventure, a space shuttle embarks on the first mission to colonize Mars, only to discover after takeoff that one of the astronauts is pregnant. Shortly after landing, she dies from complications while giving birth to the first human born on the red planet – never revealing who the father is. Thus begins the extraordinary life of Gardner Elliot – an inquisitive, highly intelligent boy who reaches the age of 16 having only met 14 people in his very unconventional upbringing.

While s
Он — услужливый, беспрекословный, точный исполнитель заказов… заказов демонического преступника. Как пружина в спусковом механизме, он будет методично сжиматься и разжиматься, вторя безжизненному ритму собственного сердца. Но вдруг налаженная машина дает сбой.
Убийца встречает давнюю любовь, которая вспыхивает для него райским цветком другого мира, без крови и криков. Впервые он становится посредником между своей жизнью и смертью. Наконец, он должен сделать мучительный выбор, чувствуя тень за своей спиной

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Erotic kiss between friends ends in the maximum arousal

Эротические поцелуй между друзьями заканчивается в максимальной возбуждения


Break between maps in the Na`Vi vs Echo FOX match
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dance - Natalia Kolesnichenko
music - Trilok Gurtu
video - Vadim Stein

Many people are sure that 'on time' and 'in time' mean the same things, but they don't! So you should be very careful or this confusion might cost you your job! Make sure to watch this class ;)
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Battle between US Marines and Japanese soldiers in Guadalcanal Island, Pacific Theatre

US Marines climb up a hill between trees and throw grenades at an enemy Japanese position. Wounded soldier lying on ground. Soldiers looking at fire on the hill. Helmet covered with camouflage netting lying on ground. US Marine operati

Femke Bosma skating and enjoying her time in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
Filmed and edited by Jolanda Felix.
Music: The architect- mass run
I do not own the music

Board: simple longboards mini platypus.


Watch British daredevil leap between 25-story skyscrapers in jaw-dropping slow-motion footage from Hong Kong
British daredevil Max Cave makes the leap between Hong Kong buildings
There is no room for mistakes or he faces a terrifying 25-story fall
Cave is a member of the U.K.-based Parkour team named Storror
They globe-trot around the world taking on dangerous challenges

This was just his warm up!
Jaw-dropping slow motion footage shows a lucky leaper jumping between two huge 25-story skyscrapers in Hong

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Маленький Роби, не выдержав жестокого отношения со стороны приемных родителей, сбегает из дома. Скитаясь по Лондону, он знакомится с Крисом - молодым и обаятельным вором и мошенником. Крис попытался использовать мальчика только как подельника в совершении краж. Но он даже не ожидал, что знакомство с беспризорником перерастет в настоящую дружбу…

In a remote corner of the world a living relic from a prehistoric age still exists. A creature that once roamed the northern plains alongside mammoths and sabertooth cats. This shortfilm is the result of my journey into his world. A world unknown to most of us. Headphones recommended! Editor: Nigel Buck ( Photography: Rolf Steinmann ( Narration: Terry Burns ( Support in the field: Matthew Polvorosa Kline (http://www.polvorosakl

A miraculous love. A dark secret. An impossible choice.

DreamWorks Pictures’ “The Light Between Oceans” is a heart-breaking drama about fate, love, moral dilemmas and the lengths to which one couple will go to see their dreams realized. Starring Academy Award® nominee Michael Fassbender, Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Rachel Weisz, Bryan Brown and Jack Thompson, the film is written for the screen and directed by Derek Cianfrance based on the acclaimed novel by M

GH Ent ▪️ Boys In Groove ▪️ B.I.G


Preview of my report: Under fire in a fire fight between Ukraine & DNR forces.

Impresionante Accidente entre Espargaro y Baz en el MotoGP 2016.