In Flames - Alias

Шведский мелодик-дэт на фортепиано. - In Flames - Alias Live @ Wacken Open Air 2012 - ZDF Kultur HD

белое белье не накрашенное

...don't believe the mask...

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Новый клип Флеймсов!

Melodic Death Metal

From "A Sense Of Purpose"

Don't tell me,
Tell my ghost,
'cause I blame him
For all I don't want to know

клип мажорский, но песня серавно охуенная

Ну что сказать,неожиданная замута)))

Премия Грэм ми

Всё самое лучшее видео у меня странице!!!

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In Flames - "Alias" из альбома "A Sense of Purpose"
Давно нравятся эти шведы.

Official Video

No music, no life...
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каждый рабочий день просыпаюсь под эту песню :D Вот выпала возможность услышать живьем и "подпеть" :) за кадром бывает слвшно мой ТРЕЗВЫЙ голос))

A Sense Of Purpose 2008.

In Flames - Alias

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Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX ME
Strings: D'addario 13-62
Acoustic Guitar: Kirkland TX
Strings: D'addario 13-56
recorded with the build-in B-bend pickup
and a AKG C 414 TL II<br/><br/>

соло херовое в табах. а с шефа снять не смог ((

In Flames / Alias / Directed by Patric Ullaeus / / © Koch Records/Nuclear Blast Records

In Flames och Timo röjjer litegranna på grammis

In Flames with Timo, a cover of In flames, Alias.

Excelente video de in Flames
subtitulado al español.

Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

The serpent knows,
When the curtain falls,
With denial's blindfold,
He greets another day

Don't believe the mask
It adapts to any lie,
A perfect ten,
When reality caves in

Don't tell me,
Tell my ghost,
Cause I blame him
For all I don't want to know

I found secrets about life's undertow

Life's wrapped in a riddle,
Easier said than done,
Hate to play the victim,
Rather run and hide.

Don't believe the mask
It adapts to any lie,
The perfect ten,
When reality caves in

Don't tell me,
Tell my ghost,
Cause I blame him
For all I don't want to know

I found secrets about life's undertow
Let them take me far away

Crawl back in place,
It's easier to cope behind the curtain,
Wipe the worries away
No thought about the consequence

Don't believe the mask
It adapts to any lie,
A perfect ten,
When reality caves in

Don't tell

In Flames - Alias

I'm pretty sure that this is the video with highest quality on youtube. Enjoy!

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honestly i do it better^^

In Flames
"Alias" official video

A Sense of Purpose

This song was played 27.10.2011. in Arena Moscow.(Moscow,Russia).

In Flames - Alias acoustic version on the Wacken Open Air 2009

Stereo link:

In Flames - Alias cover made by me from the album "A Sense of Purpose"
First record the audio, then the video.

Grab the mp3 here:

Tele-Club 28.10.11

добавил ещё дорожку Алиас на фоне


What a catchy song! I loved A Sense of Purpose album, my personal favorite In Flames album to date (although the old school IF fans might disagree), and can't wait for the new album later in June this year. I was quite surprised at the lack of decent tablature for this song, considering how popular In Flames is. Because of this, I had to figure most of the song by ear, so a bit of it is probably wrong. The interlude/solo in the middle is also played on a steel string acoustic, which I dont have, so t

In Flames live at Wacken 2012 performing "Alias" from the "A Sense of Purpose" album.

Setlist @ Wacken 2012:

1. Cloud Connected
2. Trigger (Missing)
3. Where the Dead Ships Dwell
4. Only for the Weak
5. Reroute to Remain
6. Delight & Angers
7. Crawl Through Knives (Missing)
8. The Quiet Place
9. The Chosen Pessimist (Missing)
10. Fear Is the Weakness
11. Alias
12. The Mirror's Truth
13. System
14. Deliver Us
15. Take This Life
16. My Sweet Shadow (M

In Flames - Alias,Live @ Hovet 2011

видео группы

Смотрим это и другие видео в группе

01. Sounds of a Playground Fading
02. Deliver Us
03. All for Me
04. Trigger
05. Alias
06. Colony
07. Swim
08. The Hive
09. The Quiet Place
10. Where the Dead Ships Dwell
11. Fear Is the Weakness
12. Come Clarity
13. Ropes
14. Darker Times
15. Only for the Weak
16. Delight and Angers
17. Cloud Connected
18. The Mirror's Truth
19. Take This Life

In Flames Alias LIVE Montreal 22/11/16

Guitar: Music Man JP7 with Piezo Bridge
Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements 7
Camcorder: Nikon D3100
Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Guitar: Music Man JP7 with Piezo Bridge
Strings: Ernie Ball Cobalt 7-String 10-62
Tuning: A# D G C F A D
Amp: Guitar Rig 5
Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
Keys: Casio WK-3200 (+Spectrasonics Omnisphere)
Midi Interface: Roland UM-One
Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements 7
Drums: Superior Drummer: Drumkit From Hell
Camcorder: Nikon 3200 + 18-52
Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

[LIVE] Arena Moscow 27.10.2011

28.10.2011 Live @ TeleClub, Ekaterinburg, Russia

(cellphone cam quality)

Concert aux Docks de Lausanne (CH) 20/09/2011
Album: A Sense Of Purpose - 2008

видео группы

27.10.2011 Live in Moscow, Arena Moscow

Concert Report -

October 30, 2011
Kiev, Ukraine

METALTOWN 2010 Начало долгожданного выступления Огненных....

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Amazing show, hd video from the balcony at first ave Minneapolis mn January 24th 2012

На соло лажей полно))

The Last Weekend Of November
13 ноября 2015г., клуб "Барвы", г.Киев

© Alex Clash

Alias - A Sense of Purpose (2008)

Ruis Rock 2009 v Turku 4.7.2009

My Twitter:!/SandovalIvan


I'm back again, I have recorded this beautiful song from the leatest album A sense of purpose, I tried to make it as classical song, but I'm not enough good guitar player jeje.

In Flames - Alias live @ The Summit Music Hall in Denver

ALIAS Live, Kiev, Ukraine 2012

ALIAS Live, Kiev, Ukraine 2012

Great Show of The Great Band
In Flames We Trust \m/
Пацаны ваще ребята))))

Это было просто офигенно, и вы пол жизни потеряли если не были там!