In Flames - Man Made God

To make this video ,I used: Gibson Les Paul Custom, Ibanez EDR, Guitar Rig 4 (with presets: God's Love, Big Monster (DavidMeShow's preset) a custom clean to make acoustic guitar like sound mix with some space delays, and a custom drive for the Ibanez. All guitar part are made by me. I used a backing track. That's all ... I hope you enjoy this video. Keep rocking and thank you for your support

In Flames "Man Made God"
Нужен басииист!!!

FoFiX 1.121

playing down 2 full steps on strings 9 is awfully

Ошибки присутствуют,но всем похуй

IN FLAMES - Man Made God (cover)

Music: Man Made God (In Flames Cover)
Video: Готика 2009

vid that i made
Man Made God by In Flames
this is an instrumental song from the Colony album *[it's a bonus track from the Japanese Edition]
really cool song!


Кузя лобает!!!!!! ааааа!!!!!!!!!!! супер!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Played in Standard C Tuning

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Man Made God (In Flames, acoustic cover)

Видео предоставила группа "Клипы по Наруто"
Автор: LukeGAMV

Hope you enjoy !
(in spite of some little errors^^)
Sry for the bad cam... forgot my good one at parents house ....... Had to use the one of my netbook

For recording I used:
- Ibanez Acoustic Guitar (made in China)
- Audio-Technica AT404 Condenser Microphone
- Presonus BlueTube DP V2
- Presonus AudioBox 22VSL

Download link (mp3 320 kb/s):

Alove Records

Тысяча чертей... звук шкалит... жесть. Да пофиг, все равно прикольно)))
Николай Лисняк
Маслов Иван

Небольшой дуэль, я проиграл чучуть по точности :с
Сергей Гребенюк VS Антоха Сёма

Группа исполнителей : In Flames
Песня : Man Made God
Скорость грифа : 1.5
Уровень сложности : Expert

Песню играл мой друг Артем !!!