In Flames - Ordinary Story

альбом Colony (1999)

Here is one of In Flames' older and in my opinion much better songs than the ones they make today...

In Flames - Ordinary Story Official Video (HQ)

бывает и такое )

Простой и малобюджетный клипец из репертуара ВИА In Flames. И песенка про то, что все, как всегда...Обычная история...

видео группы

моя самая любимая песня самой любимой группы!!!

Из альбома Colony 1999

egoism dictates human relation
a world where fashion outshines morality
Here success is written in blood-red colours
designed by the thirst for power

gather the faithful and propose a toast
to the epoch of indifferance

an all to ordinary story
with aftertaste so bitter
forced to be someone I don"t want to be
I"m losing myself, sinking deeper down
I"m caught in the world wound web

a time represented by the void
an excuse without content
stuck in the abyss of existance
with a content void o

Egoism dictates human relations
A world where fashion outshines morality
Here success is written in blood-red colours
Designed by the thirst for power

Gather the faithful and propose a toast
To the epoch of indifference

An all to ordinary story
With aftertaste so bitter
Forced to be someone I don't want to be
I'm losing myself. sinking deeper down
I'm caught in the world wound web

The music video for the In Flames song "Ordinary Story"
This song appears on the "Colony" album released in 1999. It is the second track on the album.
Please note that i own no rights to the song or content in this video. The copyright belongs to In Flames and their record label at the time, Nuclear Blast.

Band: In Flames
Album: Colony
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: May 31st, 1999

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In Flames cover party / live @ R-club 04.06.2006

From the album ''Colony''. Enjoy!


1. Intro - Star Wars Theme
2. Embody The Invisible
3. Jotun
4. Gyroscope
5. Stand Ablaze
6. Clad In Shadows
7. Insipid 2000
8. Moonshield
9. Zombie Inc.
10. Scorn
11. Behind Space
12. Colony
13. Ordinary Story
14. Episode 666
15. Artifacts Of The Black Rain

Live at Samfunnet, Trondheim, Norway, 5th of November 2015

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High Quality and Stereo Sound Vimeo Link:

Morning people,

This time I didn't programm the drumtrack.
I used a Guitar Pro File from the Net.
I was too lazy for it.
Mainly for the piano.
Sorry for the Solo.
It was too fast for me.
I recorded it 4 times and cut the
best peaces of each together.

A practice lesson for DADGAD Tuning I recorded.

I first record the audio of the song,
then film me playing both guitars and edit them together.

Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Special
Strings: Ernie Ball 12-56
Tuning: Dropped A#
Bass: Keiper 5 string
Amp: Line6 Toneport UX2 with PowerPack AddOn.
Recording device: same as above
Recording Software: Emagic Logic.
Drums: Toontrack EZDrummer with DFH AddOn
Camcorder: Panasonic NV-GS 11
Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

by Leos Hellscream

Cover made by me of this awesome band.
Played by ear like other my covers.

I played on Standard A# (half step down)

All credits goes to In Flames


Link to the tab (with 4-string bass)

самые лучшие видио у меня на странице)

Gather the faithful and propose a toast
To the epoch of indifference

Covering a few tracks from my favorite bands/artists. Show some brutal love and feel free to comment/like :)

**Copyright Statement** This video is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment; no profit is gained from this. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s)

Играет какой-то пацан молодой.

Enjoy! With Full Force Festival XV - 05. July '08

Live 16.10.2015 @ Seinäjoki, Finland

it's always great to see in flames playing older songs :)