Irish Dance Jumps

схема выполнения движения

I decided to fool around with this editing thing on my computor... so this is a video i tested it out with..hope u like it!

credits to:
SophieItalia89 s
for their videos

This is a video to help improve or to help you get your double jumps.
Irish Dance How-to/ Tips from irishthedance.

Beginner Irish dance

I got bored when I was cooling down today so I decided to film myself doing some different jumps and stuff so I could see. I just think it's fun. I love doing random jumps and stuff!!! I know I have a lot to work on, but I think overall I did fairly well. Comments? Questions? Want to show me your jumps? Go for it!!! But please don't be nasty--then I have to block you and it's just a lot of work. *This music is NOT my property--the first one is Special Reels by Mike Shafer off of Mike and Merv, the second o