It All Started With Your Smile - an Original MLP Song by MandoPony


Pinkie needed a love song. She's so sweet--all she wants is to give a smile and get a smile. That would warm anyone's heart, right? This song was composed by me today because ... well ... I was trying to not do anything. SO I took a nap and got this idea. I composed it and recorded it this evening. Hope you like it :)

love you all,


You ask me time and time again
How did this start, how did it all begin
And I will tell you one more time

It was your smile
From across a crowded room
That first drew me to you
It was that heartwarming smile

And it was your laugh
In the darkest of times
That made me fully realize
That I had fallen for you

It wasn't your hair
That bounces in the breeze
Or even your eyes
As blue as the seas
Although, yes it's true,
I'm q