J2 panel- Nashcon 2012

At the beginning a fan says "congrats on the Baby" Jensen laughs and says "See I told you it happened when you were out of town." Jared says something next but I can't make it out. Fan asks about Cas being brought back and if the boys will ever have someone they can trust since Bobby died. Jared says he remembers now what made him cry and it was the Bobby dying episode (Death's Door). Then he gets up and starts pawing at Jensen and says "It's okay to cry and still be a man!" etc. etc.

Fan asks about Jensen singing and directing Jason's video and also if he would consider singing with Steve on Stageit. Jensen says he's not a musician he's an actor and that's where his love is so he would not be doing a Stageit. Jensen thanks fans for coming, that they love what they do and the show and the family of the show. What an awesome panel it was!!!

Q: Do the Js think Cas was treated fairly and should Sam/Dean forgive him? Q: Does their natural humor come through on screen. I had to cut this off because the Creation lady came over but she went to the lady a few seats down from me I guess about videoing. oh well!

Opening to J2 panel. The Js are saying Hi to Baby (someone brought a restored 67 Impala and it was on display in the con panel room.) The girl says how gorgeous they both are, then she says something about Jared has a nice butt and Jensen too, Jared agrees with her! She asked what is the strangest fan encounter they've had; Fan question will Sam ever get to dress in a period costume. Jared says "I didn't know you were on your period during that episode" then Jensen says "you should know we're on the same cycle" LOL! Then the "straight character on the show" comments and OMG Jensen just ran with it, so cute.