JULIAN SMITH - I'm Reading a Book

В слове стряпня мягкий знак не нужен!!!1

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"Don’t you ever interrupt me while I’m reading a book."


адово прекрасно!
читайте книшки!


-здравствуйте, меня зовут маша и я читаю уже 20 лет.
- здравствуй, маша, мы здесь все такие.


JULIAN SMITH - I'm Reading a Book JULIAN SMITH - I'm Reading a Book JULIAN SMITH - I'm Reading a Book JULIAN SMITH - I'm Reading a Book JULIAN SMITH - I'm Reading a Book JULIAN SMITH - I'm Reading a Book JULIAN SMITH - I'm Reading a Book

(C) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMtFfuYAmVw

Не отвлекайте меня, если я за книгой сижу.

поднимает настроение опасный библиофил:))))

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Directed & DPd by: Julian Smith

Camera Operators: Julian Smith & Justin Johns ( http://justinjohns.com )

Music Composed & Produced by: Julian Smith

Cop: Mike Galardo
Julian Smith: Himself
"Muh Girl": Sarah Smith
Little Boy: Isaac Blanks (

Не мешайте мне, когда я читаю книгу

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I remixed Julian Smith's song I'm Reading A Book.
Go buy the original http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-reading-a-book-single/id415551128
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I'm readin book man I'm readin a book.
Remixing a special song called I'm Readin' A Book
Sci fi on the regular thasts what I do.
Katniss Everdeen make ur mind up boo.
Twilight No bump that take a hike.
OMG Luke got banished Na that's not right.
I love them books so much I wrk at the library.
Julian I had that book 1st itz about to get hairy
Naw I'll share man move on to hairy
Put that back though itz to big and itz kinda scarry.
Pick the Bible Up Uh oh Philistines getting but kicked.
Maximum ride fly g no stick shift.
So point is I'm readin a book man I'm readin a book.
Ight ,isten to Julian naw he gonna make u jook

So my son, Julian Smith, makes a video called, "I'm Reading a Book," and our family got inspired to do a parody. Turned into a 4-day shoot and an investment in a lot of stupid food. I wrote, directed and edited, and brother Jude shot it. Also starring Chris, Jhason, Jeorgi and Jenesis. Have fun and leave us comments and share it on Facebook!

Again taken at Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida.

Also uploaded-
Live Version of "Red Eye Flashes Twice" by Jeffery

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Video taken by Donovan Kane.