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Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

Обновил по качеству видео и добавил полную версию текста.

Dance nothing left for me to do but dance,
Off these bad times I'm going through just dance,
Hey got canned heat in my heals tonight baby
You know know know I'm gonna dance
Off all the nasty things that people say.

Music video by Jamiroquai performing Canned Heat. (C) 1999 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (UK) Limited

Music video by Jamiroquai performing Canned Heat. (C) 1999 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (UK) Limited

Music video by Jamiroquai performing Canned Heat. (C) 1999 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (UK) Limited

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Видеоклип Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

блин, песня моего детства....

Джей в отрыве...

Dancin' up a storm. )))

You know this boogie is for real.
Canned heat in my heals tonight.

Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

неиссякаемый позитивчик. парень фрик и песенки у него задорные

кто Талант - тот сам знает!

Опять хочу шапку-дикобраз)))

JayKay, maker of this music, comes forth and plays it for us all! He's a hearty guy for this! Have fun watching!

"Cause I'mma boogie, I feel so held in!" - When you feel HELD IN, just DANCE YOUR CLOTHES OFF!

Jamiroquai "Canned Heat". This is album "Synkronized" (1999)

Jamiroquai performing Canned Heat at 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo

Jamiroquai performing Canned Heat at 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo

Seconda parte del live di Jamiroquai in Verona dell'11 Novembre 2002.
La canzone è :" Canned Heat ", dell'album " Synkronized " ( 1999 )
Spero vi piaccia x)

Second part of Jamiroquai's " Live In Verona " of 11 November, year 2002. The song is:" Canned Heat " from the album " Synkronized " ( 2001 ). Enjoy this. x)

Очень позитивный концерт!!!Отличный образ jey keya!!!Обожаю басовую партию в этом трэке))Басовый оргазм =))

Music Videoclip
Artist: Jamiroquai
Title: Canned Heat

Первый клип с "Синкронайзда"

Jamiroquai Sally sing Canned Heat on the X Factor Australia Grand Final

I found this video lost in youtube that it was uploaded two years ago and it only had 300 views! a really shame,so for all Jamiroquai listeners who didnt knew of its existence I decided to reupload this pearl.

Концерт Jamiroquai в ДС, Киев, 14.06.2011

Концерт Jamiroquai в ДС, Киев, 14.06.2011

[FullHD] Jamiroquai - Little L + Canned Heat @ Live In Moscow. Crocus Expo, Crocus City Hall 12.06.2011

Jamiroquai performing Canned Heat in 2011

Kinect Star Wars - Jamiroquai Canned Heat/"Kashyyyk in my Heels": Kinect Star Wars has aimed the Funk-o-Blaster at Xbox 360. Here's a Wookietastic version of Jamiroquai's Canned Heat, cunningly called "Kashyyyk".

Tokyo Dome 1999 was a great success for Jamiroquai. This massive concert belong to the Synkronized Era, the 4th album. Here, a particular version of Canned Heat. Enjoy!

jamiroquai en unos de sus mejores shows en francia 1999

CHILE 2013.

Jamiroquai " Canned Heat " Live in Mountreux 2003

Canned Heat Hootenanny!! on Jools Holland!!!

GROOVE UP band Live @ Club Route 66
Canned Heat - Jamiroquai cover
Novi Sad, Serbia 21.5.2011.
By http://www.komandantadam.com

Contact: grooveup.bend@gmail.com

Sanja Naumov - vocals
Dejan Ognjanovac - guitar
David Klemm - keyboard
Igor Konecky - bass guitar
Vlastimir Stojilkovic - drums

Jamiroquai performing Canned Heat at Montreux Jazz Festival in 2003

Jamiroquai - Canned Heat [Official Video]


Jamiroquai. Canned Heat. Rock Dust Light Star Tour @ Moscow, Crocus City Hall - 12.06.2011

Jamiroquai plays a live version of Canned Heat. This is, in my opinion, one of their best live versions of this song. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Basel, Switzerland (22 Oct 2010)

Jamiroquai performing "Canned Heat" live in Montreux in 2003. 1080p HD. Enjoy!

From the UK 12" (MVP mixes) white label release

Discogs link: http://www.discogs.com/Jamiroquai-Canned-Heat/release/1591346

Пикник Афиши 2014 Jamiroquai "Canned Heat"


Jamiroquai. Live. Canned heat. Moscow 2014.

Выступление на вручении Нобелевских премий,2010 г.

Live in Verona is Jamiroquai's first ever full length DVD video release. Filmed on 08 June 2002 at the Arena Di Verona in Italy

A music video of the Xbox game, Jet Set Radio Future, with the song 'Canned Heat' by Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai Live MTV Festival (2011)
Cosmic Girl - Canned Heat

MP3: http://coreyheuvel.bandcamp.com/track/canned-heat-dance
FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/coreyheuvel
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://coreyheuvel.com

Most of you probably know this song from the movie "Napoleon Dynamite". I've always loved this song and the band Jamiroquai for as long as I can remember. They were one of the coolest bands to come out the early '90's acid jazz scene in the U.K., check them out if you get a chance. I hope you like my version of this song, it isn't an easy one to sing a

Little L / Canned Heat
Jamiroquai live in Hallenstadion Zuerich / Zürich March 18 2011
Opening Night of 2011 Tour

Jamiroquai performing "Canned Heat" live in Verona in 2002. High Quality.

Such an awesome bass line! I mainly do octaves.. give it that funky dance feel ^_^
I didn't stick to the exact bass line on the recording :)

Bucket List #117: Complete 100 days of dance

Technically it was around 120 something days but 100 days sounds better. I had a GoPro camera set up on my cabinet and i just recorded myself doing the same dance routine every day. I wanted to do something along the lines of take a picture of myself everyday for a year but different. I eventually came up with the idea of 100 days of dance, I really didnt want to do this for a year so i thought 100 days seemed pretty good. The reason this was on the bucke

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Jamiroquai Live at Picnic Afisha 2014 in Moscow.
Fantastic outro in Canned Heat.