Jared Leto | Sexy And I Know It.

Еще одна веселая подборка!

Don't copy, be original Enjoy!
Yes, hes's very SEXY!♥
I love his face, his smile, his songs...Uf!♥

очередная фиерия I'm Sexy And I Know It :)
мне было скучно вот и сделала наспех) В дальнейшем думаю видео будет получше и в плане качества и оформления в общем)

Just for fun. ahha

Enjoy. :)

Diritti audio UMG

This is one of my first videos. It's not very long I know, i'm sorry.

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watch in HD... it´s a christmas wish from usbabe and KimMenzer. ;-)
i wish you a merry x-mas .
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song: Lmfao - Sexy And I Know It

I made this video with de music SEXY AND I KNOW IT from LMFAO!
I Hope you like!

Jared Leto ♥
Song: Sexy and I know it - LMFAO