Jared Leto - You

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“Weekend success! Had so much fun with these kiddos! I TOUCHED JARED LETOS ARM!!!😍 I will never forget this this moment! Thank you @jaredleto…”

“Uh...Meet #Klaus. Are you a #ZUPAHIPSTA? If so #CallMeNow #IntoTheWildOnVyRT”

“Have you seen my new doc series? We find out the secrets to the universe and the answers to everything...maybe. :) #BeyondTheHorizon on aol.…”

“Hi Jared Leto @jaredleto it's nice to meet you too. Thank you for coming UP TO ME AND SAYING HI I WAS SO NERVOUS 💕 @glamourmag #EveryWomanCan”

Jared Leto mandando uma mensagem bem agradável para todos haters :D

VyRT 24/08/2013

Оригинальное видео: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K33i_FDoCQc
Перевод сделан группой: http://vk.com/podrazhatel_dp
п.с. там в конце случайно повторяются две фразы, сорри, не усмотрел :с

Piosenka tak mi się spodobała że po prostu musiałam:D
I hope you like it;)))
Tell me??

Shannon and Jared Leto sing Whitney Houston's hit " I will always love you"

RIP Whitney Houston ♥

кадры из фильмов . очень красиво

This is my first video who I made in Sony Vegas.
Special thanks for InesTH483. Love You Sister!<br/><br/>

I made a new video :D enjoy!
I don't own the song, the pictures and the videos used.
song: Sugababes-Too Lost In You

I wanted to make a Jared vid to that song, since I first heard it and now I finally made it

I hope you like the vid!!!

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Song: Still into you by Paramore

I own nothing, except the editing!!!

милый видео ряд)))))

Pics of movies he featured in.

Today a made another video about Jared Leto winth the song Wherever u will go by The Calling

Comment Please ^^

watch in 720p HD..sorry i know that is short..but i have not much time at moment..so i hope you like.. enjoy
you need such a Intro at the beginning .. look ;-)
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song : Adam Lambert - If I Had You (Tony Pryde Remix)

Song: More You Understand by Howie Day

the quality sucks :( HD is your friend !!!! what can i say?...only one thing..i´m in love with this collab. it´s a perfect thing...thank you so much to Emma that you made such amazing parts, i love you forever for this...

Jared Leto parts - me
James Franco parts - Emma / http://www.youtube.com/user/BillyMartinfan

amazing "Stereo Hearts" Cover - by Sara Niemietz

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that's why i love Jared Leto.

No copyright infringement intended,
I only make videos for entertaiment.
© Copyrighted to their rightful owners.

Tati♥ Ich liebe dich

Song: boyce avenue - teenage dream

Сама делала )))) <3

Ok this is a JaredLeto collab i hope u like it thanks for watching rate comment and sub !!!

Jared Leto || Need You Now

I do not own nothing but the editing!

You are sitting down? Are you really sitting down? You better stand the fuck up right now 'cause this is Thirty Seconds To Mars!

Вы что, правда сидите? Вам, бл***, лучше встать прямо сейчас, ведь это 30 Seconds To Mars!

Начала снимать видео раньше времени. Зато теперь Джаред знает, что Самарае го любит, кем бы она ни была.

I know I've already made a video for this song, but I couldn't resist to make another one,

Song: Slipknot - Snuff

I own nothing but the editing!

Los hermanos leto cantando!!!!!
califiquen y posteen


My first Jared video...:D
The best singer and actor in the Universe!xP
I hope you like it...

Music: I Like The Way You Move
By: Bodyrockers

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another simple video dedicated to Jared Leto.
Song: Chris Brown Ft. Tyga, Kevin McCall - Deuces
hope you like it :D

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
(фрагмент песни Nine Inch Nails - Closer)

с 0:41 - *_____________*

никто не знает кто поет эту песню???

Some of my favourite pics and clips of the totally gorgeous Jared leto ..
Credit to appropriate people .. Music by M83 .." Too Late " ..
Thanks for watching .. hope you enjoy it .. ;o)

Music cut from Banks - Warm Water .
I do not own any clips / pictures used .. all credit goes to correct owners . Thanks for watching :)


O perfeito Jared Leto com a perfeita música do Lifehouse =]

hey yoou (:
This video is about how much I love Jared Leto. :]
Thumbs up if you love him too! :D
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Thank you.

Watch in HD!

I made this video for fun, so I don't how it is xD

HBD Dania sorry for late upload xD
Enjoy !
Song : Timbaland - The Way I Are

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla


If you've seen my All Around Me video, then once again, you know why I put the disclaimer on this. This video is, again, for my dedication to Jared. Of course, I have other videos that I make for the fangirl in me. But in reality, I love Jared and what he does. I love him for his acting abilities, his singing credibility, and his personality.

This video is to show how Jared is with us (hence the Avril Lavigne song, "I'm With You"). Kinda like my other video, All Around Me.

Песня: Bryan Adams - You Can't Take Me

Damn I love Jared so much ♡ ♡ ♡ .. He´s just the best

I hope you like the full version of the 2nd preview!!!

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Song: Show me the way by Alexandra Stan

I own nothing, except the editing!!!

Don't own anything here
music by James Blunt - You're beautiful (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oofSnsGkopsfeature=relmfu)

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This Was made by me Because this week alot of Echelon helped me With getting Followers on Twitter And i just Made this for you all And i made it about Jared because im Still So Happy He replyed to Me 2 times on Twitter And I love him So So Much.And i you all so Much Echelon i Hope you all Like It.

Song: Perfect By Hedley

I was bored and felt like making a vid and I'm addicted to the song Lost In You by Three Days Grace so I made a video that would be perfect for the song.

Clips and pictures of the one and only, Jared F'ing Leto. Song is 'I Fink you Freeky' by Die Antwoord. I own nothing - except I put this all together. I hope you all love it! Echelon Forever ♥♥

WATCH IN HD please

the picture at 1:07 is not the best: P
I was too lazy.

song: Chester See - God Damn You're Beautiful
program: Sony vegas pro 9.0
coloring made by jennprodz

Тур в поддержу альбома "Love Lust Faith + Dreams"

------watch in HD 720p for BETTER QUALITY------

i did this for like 6 hours w/ no break. wew!!

this is the perfect song for him. :D

Suicide Squad Trailer. Jared Leto playing The Joker. HQ. SUBSCRIBE PLEASE.

Jared calls up a fan as thanks for pre-ordering Thirty Seconds To Mars' new album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS.

For more information and to pre-order LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS, visit: http://thirtysecondstomars.com or http://smarturl.it/LLFDpreorder.



This is my new Jared vid

This time with Jared´s favorite "lovesong"

I hope you like the result!!!

Song: Closer by Nine Inch Nails

I own nothing, except the editing!!!

Edited By Shoopdancer
- Made for Fun, not Profit

EDIT: Wow, didn't realise this but I uploaded this video almost a year to the day I made it. Bizzare.

This is about one of my all-time favourite actors (and MAJOR celebrity crushes) Jared Leto.

This video features Jared in Urban Legend, Panic Room, Highway, Switchback, My-So Called Life, Lonely Hearts, Lord of War, Prefontaine and Alexander as well as the music videos for "The Kill", "A Beautiful Lie" and "From Yesterday". The video al

watch in HD! dedicated to NichoFranco. I hope everything goes better soon. I'm there. hug

song: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
movie: mr.nobody

yes of course, just brotherly love ^_^
Song by Muse - "Endlessly"

minute 2:58 - I took this moment from the film
Patrice Chereau "His brother" (Son frere).

What do you do when you have two extremely good looking people in the same photo? You play a friendly game of, Who’d You Rather!

Digital painting of Jared leto' s transformation into one of the most emblematics characters...: the Joker

Found some old vids with S....the good old Windows Movie Maker times. She has made this so credits to her. Enjoy!

Jared Leto falando "foda-se" em português no show de Brasília - 21/10/14 - e logo dando um açaí para a menina kkkkkkkkk õ/

Music: The Pretty Reckless - You

Jared is just.. wonderful. I'm so thankful for every f-ing single thing he does and do for us every single day!

Love - Liebe
Lust - Lust
Faith - Glaube
Dreams - Träume

This is my new Jared vid

I hope you like it!!!

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Song: All for you by In This Moment
I own nothing, except the editing!!!

Please watch in HD** For 26/12/2014. This is my new video and a bit of fun to help celebrate Jared Leto's 43rd birthday!!! I know he wont see this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED for 26th!!!! Hope you have the amazing day that you deserve surrounded by everyone you love!!!!! :) :) xoxoxox

I want to take this opportunity to thank Jared for being the wonderful and inspirational man that he is ;) Thank you for Vyrt, thank you for your music and most of all thank you for just being YOU!! - you are truely AMAZING and