Jedward - Luminous

Jedward singing Luminous in the Caves of Wonders with Aladdin.Evening show,Jedward and the Magic Lamp 19/12/12

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Премьера клипа от ирландцев Jedward на песню "Luminous".

Jedward performing Luminous in the 2012 Olympia panto, Jedward and The Magic Lamp

filmed with : Nikon D3100

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Ouch! John whacks Edward in the face.1.38


John and Edward performing Luminous at the Marquee in Cork on the 30th June 2012

First night of the Young Love tour. Dark in places but I captured most of it, I think. PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THIS A SURPRISE FOR WHEN YOU GO ON THE TOUR! ***SPOILER*** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ;)
*They have each ther's jackets on in case you are wondering. :)

Jedward singing Luminous at the Rhythm Festival Dungarvan 1/7/12

21 ноября 2015
Зажжение рождественских огней, Гамильтон, Шотландия (Великобритания)

I hope you like the piano cover I did of Jedward's upcoming single Luminous :) Go buy it on iTunes!

Chords in verse: G, D, C
Chords in chorus: Em, G, D, C

Jedward singing Luminous at The Marquee in Cork 24/6/12

Jedward Singing Luminous in Castlebar on their Young Love Tour 2012

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We're always gonna be! JEPIC!
awesome dance song by @planetjedward youtube.comJEDWARDTV

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I do not own any of the music content.. except my cheering in the background :3

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

8/7/12 Minehead

John and Edward Grimes performing Luminous at a gig in Butlins, Bognor Regis. (Watch in HD)


New single 'Luminous' by Jedward, from their upcoming album Young Love, out June 22 in Ireland, June 25 in UK and rest of Europe and June 26 in the US.

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Watch in 1080p for HD quality. John and Edward performing in Leicester on their first UK tour since 2011. They were a-maz-ing. I'm SO proud. 25th September 2013.

Marina Theatre 24/09/13

Fab show. The Jeds switched on the lights

Хореограф клипа Luminous выложил танцевальные движения, чтоб показать джедхэдам, как учит своих студентов танцевать под Luminous :))

Marquee Cork 24/06/12

Jedward performing at Guilfest July 19 2014

Jeds making us all go crazy to this song

John asks who's ready to jump + go craZy. He talks about Luminous being their next single + i just recorded a few seconds of the song as i wanted 2 dance to it.

Премьера клипа от ирландцев Jedward на песню "Luminous".

uploading mainly for a couple of glances John throws at my camera...)))

JEDWARD and the magical lamp - Luminous

Jedward The Magic Lamp January 2nd 2013 (Luminous)

Jedward performing there hearts out to Luminous on Toronto's very own New Music Live

Music video by Jedward performing Luminous. (C) 2012 Planet Jedward, Under Exclusive Licence to Universal Music Ireland

John and Edward performing Luminous at Butlins Bognor - 14/7/2012

I do not own the copyright to this song.

Filmed at the Regal Theatre in Perth, Australia

(The fans' singing you can hear isn't me!)

Edward explains why they're wearing white jeans and not black. He also says he went running twice during the week (John did not) and poses his legs.John's just Excited to be doing the gig. And a very brief clip of Luminous as I had to dance and go crazy

Hope you'll like it :')
Young Love is OUT NOW!!! xxxxx

Promo video to request Luminous by Jedward (twitter: @planetjedward)
Much love from @kerrycupcake, @PiKATIEchu and @lou_jedward xoxox
This video includes fans from all over the world! We hope you like it, and play our favourite song. Thanks to EVERYONE who was a part of this video, you rock!

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Jedward performing 'Luminous' at Butlins in Bognor Regis on the 14th July, 2012.

I love this song! :)

Jedward at the cinemagic awards 2012 performing luminous.

ITV - 14th Nov.2012. Follow Jedward on JEDWARDTV You Tube and on Twitter @planetjedward NEW single LUMINOUS available to download on itunes.

Sooo cooooolaphonic yeah jepic

3rd week in a row !!! *WE DID IT* A Huge Thank You to everyone who helped us request Luminous on the Hot30 CountDown Free For All 26 October 2012.......!!!

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Jedward read out a few posters + perform Luminous.Glasgow Show 22/7/12

John explains that Luminous is their new single + that they're recording the video soon for it.Then Edward informs us of how they forgot to bring their suitcase with them + so Momma Jedward had to go shopping for runners for them.

So I got a reply so I had to do it. Well It's more like gymnastics or something WHATEVER, I did it. Yaaa And lolz at the very end: Creepy me creepin around. AND THANK YOU HENNA FOR FILMINGGG! :-)

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Haven't done one of these in a while :') Anywayy hope you like it :) And go buy Young Love okay ;)
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SINGING LIVE performance of "PARTY ROCKERS" followed by "LUMINOUS" from their new album YOUNG LOVE. Good sound pictures, close ups. 1st show, Butlins Bognor Regis 14th JULY 2012.
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Jedward and the Magic Lamp 3.1.2013

Nice Monster ( ) provided effects work for Jedward's Luminous music video, made in conjunction with MrsGrey ( ). This is a breakdown of two of the shots from the video, shots assembled in After Effects. Planet surface imagery was created in 3DSMax and then brought into After Effects as well.<br/><br/>

I hope you like this tutorial of how to play Luminous by Jedward on the piano :) I love this song!

Chords in verse: G x2, D, C
Chords in chorus: Em, G, D, C

Went to both concerts.
Sorry to swear but they were fucking OUT OF THIS WORLD.
Cannot explain how good they were, they were SO on form! I was too busy rocking out at the front row for both concerts that this was the only thing I filmed.
Done 2 one hour shows with literally NO breaks, it was really full on. Each song literally went into the other. Amazing.
Was a 'JEPIC' setlist. Songs from all 3 of their albums 'Planet Jedward' 'Victory' 'Young Love' and other covers.
I enjoyed every minute o

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John and Edward singing 'Luminous at The Three Sisters Bar #CowgateStPats event in Edinburgh

Jedward- Luminous - Marquee, June 24th 2012

Silly camera! Get out of the way!!! ;)

It was so awesome, and I LOVED them. I even got to meet them. :)

J loves J

Jedward - Luminous Official Music Video PREVIEW

Its only a wee bit but ah well :')

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Live at much music March 13th

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Jedward talk about their next single Luminous,when they're recording the video + their ideas for it.They then sing Happens In The Dark. Letterkenny 5/7/12 8.30pm show

The Smash hit of the New Album Young Love OUT June 22nd

Jedward singing Luminous at Panto
Sorry I had to finish the video earlier. Peace!
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Jedward The Magic Lamp 4/1-13

Jedward singing Luminous from their brand new album Young Love at Croke Park, Dublin. They were supporting Westlife for their last two shows there!

Out of their third album YOUNG LOVE (out June 22nd 2012)! =:)

Jedward singing Luminous at Butlins, Minehead 8/7/2012

Jedward - Luminous. front row, Childline concert, 24th November 2012

Jedward and the magic lamp footage from the evening show of the 19.12.12. Includes going into the cave, inside the cave and performances of Luminous and Could it be magic

sorry its not longer i had to stop so i could rock out ya know

John and Edward open their Olympia gig singing 'Luminous'. Afterwards Edward says he's excited to be there performing in their home town and John says he can see all the faces in the crowd, chillin, rockin out and (with a demonstration) getting their groove on. Olympia Theatre, Dublin