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Jerry Reed - Amos Moses

I found this on YouTube, very cool video, but the audio quality wasn't that great so I remixed it with the studio recording and some of the original audio.

So good we make babies cry!

Toledo, 1983 г.
Я тоже хочу прям в зал на Фрилайнере приехать!!

Jerry Reed Live in 1982

Guitar: Jerry Reed
Guitar: Kerry Marx
Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin: David Blackmon
Keyboards: Robert (Bob) Patin
Banjo, Guitar: James Blackmon
Bass: David Rorick
Drums: Eric (Rick) McClure
Background Vocals: Lisa Silver, Diane Tidwell, Sheri Huffman, Greg Gordon<br/><br/>

Ed Corbin appear's in Jerry Reed's 1970 hit Amos Moses video for the 1970 crossover hit "Amos Moses", a hybrid of rock, country, funk, and Cajun styles, which reached No. 8 on the U.S. pop charts,