Joe Zawinul

Joe Zawinul,Trilok Gurtu Orient Express Live Frankfurt

Ses débuts [modifier] De par son lieu de naissance, Josef Zawinul (surnommé plus tard "Joe") a commencé la musique par la musique tzigane et par la musique traditionnelle autrichienne. Élevé par son grand père, il prend pour instrument de prédilection le piano, mais pratique également de la trompette basse. Il commence à jouer dans différents groupes locaux, dans les années 50, comme en 1952 avec le joueur de saxo-ténor Hans Koller, puis plus tard partout en Europe avec des musiciens tels que le clarinetti

Joe Zawinul, Linley Marthe, Sabine Kobongo, Amit Chatterjee, Manolo Badrena,

Track list:
1. Souza II
2. Maboua
3. All About Simon
4. Borges Buenos Aires
5. Sisiya
6. Rooftops of Vienna

Joe Zawinul - keyboards
Etienne Mbappe - bass
Paco Sery - drums
Amit Chaterjee - guitar & vocals
Manolo Badrena - percussion

Joe Zawinul Syndicate - 70th Birthday Tour (2002)

Часть выступления Себастьяна на фестивале "Северные звездочки" 04.12.2016 ДШИ №17

Jazz - "Mercy Mercy Mercy" by Joe Zawinul in 1966

An instrumental arrangement based on a recorded midi sequence by George Tassara. Mod. Alisdair MacRae Birch

Notes: "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" is a song written by Joe Zawinul in 1966 for Julian "Cannonball" Adderley and his album Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at 'The Club'. The song is the title track of the album and became a surprise hit, reaching #11 on the Billboard charts in Feb. 1967. The song has been re-record

Jazz Workshop Chodzież 2009 (cho-jazz)
Warsztaty Jazzowe Chodzież 2009
alto sax - Bogdan Shumeiko
tenor sax - Inez Klaus
drums - Dominik Zalewski

1992 live in Austria, Donaufestival Niederösterreich

1992 live in Austria at the Donaufestival "Wellenlängen" in Niederösterreich.

live at the Donaufestival, Austria, Niederösterreich, "Wellenlängen" with Joe Zawinul and friends 1992,,
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● Tracklist
- Trilok’s Solo Konokol
- Improvisation
- Macedonian Folksong
- Improvisation
- Mi Gente
- Ballad for 2 Musicians
● Personnel:
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● Tracklist
- Trilok’s Solo Konokol
- Improvisation
- Macedonian Folksong
- Improvisation
- Mi Gente
- Ballad for 2 Musicians
● Personnel:
Joe Zawinul - keyboards
Trilok Gurtu - percussion
● Joe Zawinul & Trilok Gurtu - Live at Umbria Jazz 1994
▶ Joe Zawinul - Full Length Concerts - http://bi

Joe Zawinul & Trilok Gurtu at Umbria Jazz, 1994

Joe Zawinul-keyboards
Trilok Gurtu-percussion

A Tribute to Joe Zawinul by the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Vince Mendoza,
with Peter Erskine-drums, Alex Acuńa-percussion, Victor Bailey-bass, Jim Beard-keybords
and Amit Chatterjee-guitar vocals. Recorded at theConcertgebouw in Amsterdam
on January 26th 2008 (broadcast date 31/03/2008).

Joe Zawinul - keyboards;
Trilok Gurtu - percussion.

1. Trilok’s Solo Konokol
2. Improvisation
3. Macedonian Folksong
4. Improvisation
5. Mi Gente
6. Ballad for 2 Musicians

Joe Zawinul - Birdland. Подробнее читайте здесь:
Дирижер Сергей СВИРИДОВ.

"His Last Journey" performed by Joe Zawinul released on "Zawinul" (Atlantic Records, 1971).

Joe Zawinul - Keyboards, Electric Piano
Johnny Owens - Trumpet
Woody Shaw - Trumpet
Wayne Shorter - Soprano Saxophone
Earl Turbinton - Soprano Saxophone
George Davis - Flute
Hubert Laws - Flute
Herbie Hancock - Keyboards, Electric Piano
Walter Booker - Bass
Miroslav Vitous - Bass
Jack DeJohnette - Melodica
Joe Chambers - Percussion
Billy Hart - Percussion
David Cory Lee

Joe Zawinul plays the Brazilian composer Villa Lobos, interpreted by the Portuguese jazz singer Maria João, who is here singing in a Brazilian Portuguese accent.

Scott Kinsey Keyboards, Scott Henderson Guitar, Matt Garrison Bass, Gary Novak Drums

joe zawinul + wdr big band - north sea jazz 16-7-2006

Dina Lam Special Project, Summer 2000 tour.

Joe Zawinul promoting his solo album 'My People' at the Hamburg Jazz Festival, 1996. Richard Bona (bass), Amit Chatterjee (guitar), Mokhtar Samba (drums) and Abdou Mboup (percussion).

Paco Sery-drums & duimharp

Bob Baldwin at the Iridium, N.Y. 2011 Part 1 Video p
"Joe Zawinul"...produced by Larry Blumenstein Video Productions. Contact:, 917-817-2112. (Copyright 2011) (c)
Hey, Larry...I'm talking to Ron about another date...stay tuned. These look great...a year already!! Bob Baldwin

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Gulda and Zawinul play Zawinul's composition at Wiener Konzerthaus, 1986

From the album DIALECTS (1986 - CBS_Columbia)
Music for Solo Synthesizers and Voices.
Joe Zawinul - Synthesizers, Keyboards and Voice; Bobby Mcferrin - Improvisation Voice;
Alfie Silas, Carl Anderson, Dee Dee Bellson - Ensemble Voice
No copyright infringement intended, we are just fans.

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Nat Adderley on ' Dial M for Music ' 1968 with Joe Zawinul Victor Gaskin Ron Mc Curdy

#JoeZawinul #InASilentWay #video #АфишаFM #AfishaFM
#Балтика #Спб

Produzione RTSI - Video e Backstage

1. The Harvest
2. Dr. Honoris Causa
3. Update
4. Consequently
5. Face The Fire
6. This Is This
7. Badia / Boogie Woogie Waltz

Joe Zawinul - synthesizers & vocoder
Steve Khan - guitar
Victor Bailey - bass
Robert Thomas Jr. - percussion
Peter Erskine - drums

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Joe Zawinul The Syndicate performing "East 12th Street Band".

This is a mini-edit of a Dutch program called: NPS Matinee. This program was broadcasted on national television after Zawinul's death in 2007.

Full version:

From the album "Zawinul" (Atlantic / 1971)

Conceptually, sonically, this is really the first Weather Report album in all but name, confirming that Joe Zawinul was the primary creative engine behind the group from the beginning. It is also the link between WR and Miles Davis' keyboard-laden experiments on In a Silent Way; indeed, the tune "In a Silent Way" is redone in the more complex form in which Zawinul envisioned it, and Miles even contributes a brief, generous tribute to Zawinul on the liner.

Joe Zawinul - In an Island Way

Joe Zawinul. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (cover)
Исп. Алексей Крепс (СОКИ, 3 курс)
Запись 28.06.2014

I found this video on Drummerworld, and it has to be shown to everybody who likes Joe's music.

Line-up :

Zawinul : Key, Vocoder
Richard Bona : Bass
Gary Poulson : Guitar
Paco Sery : Drums
Manolo Badrena : Perc

Live In Lugano, 1998

Produced and shoot by: Per Otto Borgen - Copenhagen JazzHouse 2005

In Memory:

Legendary musician Joe Zawinul passed away on September 11, 2007. He was 75 years old. He was an absolutely unique figure in the jazz world who led an incredible life. Though he left us in body, he remains with us in spirit. He touched the lives of countless individuals around the world, and his recording legacy of music will enrich us forever.
On the day of Joe's death, fans began posting personal tributes on thi

Composer Alex Rostotsky performs his tribute to Joe Zawinul with a tribute band featuring Linley Marthe (bass) and Paco Sery (drums) - both ex-Zawinul Syndicate. Timur Nekrasov (tenor sax), Lev Slepner (e-marimba), Vartan Babayan (percussion), Alex Rostotsky (keyboards, recitation). Usadba.Jazz festival at the Archangelskoe mansion near Moscow, Russia, June 5, 2011
Published with artist's permission
Композитор Алекс Ростоцкий исполняет своё посвящение Джо Завинулу при участии Линли Марта (бас) и Пако Сери (ударные) - бывших участников Zawinul Syndicate. Тимур Некрасов - тенор-саксофон, Лев Слепнер (электронная маримба). Фестиваль "Усадьба.Джаз", усадьба Архангельское под Москвой, 05.06.2011
Публикуется с разрешения артистов

At home, improvising with Synthesizers and a drum machine. In the style of the late great Joe Z, one of my all time favs. Nothing special here, just a little jam in memory... it does appear to get out of sync. Not sure what can be done about that. For more great tunes & info, go to

Neil Alexander & NAIL:

Paco SERY batterie / Alegre CORREA guitare, voix / Emile PARISIEN saxophones / Jorge BEZERRA percussions / Aziz SAHMAOUI percussions, voix / Alioune WADE basse / Thierry ELIEZ claviers

A fine swinging typical big band number with a powerful rhythmical and melodic percussion and also the electrical bass guitar. A piece that will turn you on and give you a mind to start dancing. The saxophone and the trumpet do some nice solo work. Peter Feigel, conductor of the Berlin Police Band made this fine orchestration.

For more information:

Joe Zawinul and Weather Update

Peter Erskine, Drums
Victor Bailey, Bass
Steve Kahn, Guitar
Bobby Thomas Jr, Hand Drums
Joe Zawinul, Keyboards

music written by Joe Zawinul - improvisation guitar & piano Yamaha CLP 270


Hier meine Version von Joe Zawinuls Hit Mercy Mercy Mercy

Завинул получил классическое музыкальное образование в Венской консерватории и начал професcиональную карьеру музыканта ещё в Австрии. Иммигрировал в 1959 году в США, где играл с Maynard Ferguson и Dinah Washington, затем присоединился к квинтету Cannonball Adderley в 1961. С Adderley он написал хит «Mercy, Mercy, Mercy», возглавивший поп-чарт журнала «Billboard» в 1967 году. В конце 1960-х Завинул записывался со студийной группой Майлза Дэвиса, и тем самым оказался причастен к созданию стиля джаз-фьюжн. Ср

Painting with sound and music, so creative and original he was. With Richard Bona on Bass. Video quality based on the old standards for YT

Glückwunsch zum 75. Geburtstag von Joe Zawinul am 07.07.2007

Джо Завинул, в жилах которого текла смешанная чешско-венгерско-цыганская кровь, родился в Вене 7 июля 1932 года, однако большую часть жизни провел в США. В детстве Завинул играл на аккордеоне и скрипке, а в 12 лет начал заниматься на фортепиано. В годы учебы в Венской консерватории он

2. Juni 2012 - Joe Zawinul Day:
*The SYNDICATE* zum 80. Geburtstag von Joe Zawinul im Gasometer, Vienna

Joe Zawinul Trilok Gurtu at Umbria Jazz, 1994

Joe Zawinul-keyboards
Trilok Gurtu-percussion

A wonderful live ! ! ! Un concert comme j'en ai rarement vu, Avec mister Linley Marthe mon bassiste préféré, Sabina Kabongo l'étonnante ex-zap mama. Et les autres ne sont pas mal non plus. Je n'aurai pas eu la chance de voir jouer Zawinul en chair et en os mais au moins j'ai ce live.

A rehearsal with master joe in vienna..
i was learning the song :orient express by master joe groove man!!the great musicians...jorge bezerra on percussion from rio...alegre marhe bass

Night Passage
Joe Zawinul WDR Big Band suonano la musica dei Weather Report
"Night Passage" è il titolo del progetto musicale che Joe Zawinul presenterà in prima italiana al Ravenna Festival accompagnato dalla WDR di Colonia, una delle migliori big band del panorama musicale internazionale composta da oltre 30 straordinari musicisti.

Joe Zawinul Syndicate live in Berlin 1995/1998

joe zawinul - my people live in jazz festiwal hamburg 1996

Joe Zawinul Trio - Broken Colour
Released 2015-01-30 on dinner for two

1. 00:00:00 Joe Zawinul Trio Squeeze Me
2. 00:02:49 Joe Zawinul Trio Sweet And Lovely
3. 00:07:07 Joe Zawinul Trio I Should Care
4. 00:10:21 Joe Zawinul Trio My One And Only Love
5. 00:13:54 Joe Zawinul Trio Please Send Me Someone To Love
6. 00:18:07 Joe Zawinul Trio Love For Sale
7. 00:22:31 Joe Zawinul Trio Masquerade Is Over
8. 00:25:26 Joe Zawinul Trio Greensleeves
9. 00:27:08 Joe Zawinul Trio Easy Living
10. 00:30:32 Joe Zawinul Tr

Joe Zawinul - synthesiser
Carl Anderson - vocal
Gerald Veasley - bass
Scott Henderson - guitar
Cornell Rochester - drums
Leata Galloway - vocal
Bill Sommers - percussion

0:04 March Of The Lost Children
10:00 Madison Man
26:27 Black Water
31:50 Solitude (Duke Ellington)
36:17 Shadow And Light
42:49 Improvisation
47:00 Little Rootie Tootie (Thelonius Monk)
56:36 Carnavalito

Joe Zawinul (July 7, 1932 – September 11, 2007) was an Austrian jazz keyboardist and composer. First coming to prominence with saxophon

Live At North Sea Jazz Festival, feat. Richard Bona & Manolo Badrena

Joe Zawinul Trilok Gurtu at Umbria Jazz, 1994

Joe Zawinul-keyboards
Trilok Gurtu-percussion

Joe Zawinul - Many Churches

PARTE 3 - Medicine Man (Seconda Parte)

PARTE 2 - Medicine Man (Prima Parte)

Sabine Kabongo (vocals), Nathaniel Townsley III (drums), Amit Chatterjee (guitar), Linley Marthe (bass), Manolo Badrena (percussion)
Director: Mark Kidel

2006 Jazz, Fusion 00:55:45

Special guests:
Paul Shigihara - guitar
Linley Marthe - bass
Nataniel Townsley - drums
Alex Acuña - percussion
Paco Sery - percussion

1. March of the lost children
2. Remark you made
3. In a silent way
4. Brown street
5. Carnavalito

Profile of the late Joe Zawinul, one of the jazz world's most exciting and creative keyboard players and composers. He was a major influence on Miles Davis, for whom he wrote In a Silent Way, and co-founded the internationally feted fusion band Weather Report with Wayne Shorter. This portrait features live music from the Joe Zawinul Syndicate and conversations filmed at his home in Malibu and in Vienna where he was born.


Festival de Jazz de San Sebastián'01

Me playing Birdland

A tribute to the late Joe Zawinul, shot at the Jazz School, Berkeley, CA. With
Narada Michael Walden, Frank Martin, Jose Neto, Marc Russo, Troy Lampkins, Marquinos Brazil. Video by Gordyo.

Friedrich Gulda and Joe Zawinul. Album: Music for two pianos Composition: Friedrich Gulda. Part 1

JOE ZAWINUL & The Zawinul Syndicate – Live at Festival Jazz Lugano (July, 2007, Switzerland)
JOE ZAWINUL – keyboards, vocoder
SABINE KABONGO – vocals, percussion
ALEGRE CORREA – guitar, vocals, berimbau
PACO CERY – drums, kalimba, vocals
JORGE BEZERRA – pecussion, vocals
AZIZ SAHMAOUI – percussion, vocals

JOE ZAWINUL SINDYCATE live in Paris. On stage: SABINE KABONGO, Manolo Badrena, Amit Chatterjee, Linley Marthe, Nathaniel Townsley, Joe Zawinul.

Conducted by Adam Lepka. Live in Filharmonia Wrocławska - January 10th, 2012.
Emile Parisien - sax
Paco Sery - drums
Sabine Kabongo -voc.
Alune Wade - bass
Thierry Eliez - keys
Jorge Bezerra - perc
Aziz Sahmaoui - per
Munir Hossn - git

From the album Faces and Places

Salzburger Festspiele, 1989.

PARTE 8 - Monk's Mood, Little Rootie Tootie - Cornell Rochester Drums Solo

Many Churches appears on the album My People.
Josef Erich Zawinul
Born July 7, 1932 in Vienna, Austria
Died September 11, 2007 in Vienna

Friedrich Gulda, Joe Zawinul: piano Album: Music for two pianos (1989)

Joe Zawinul Syndicate
Joe Zawinul (claviers,voix)
Linley Marthe (basse)
Manolo Badrena (percussions, voix)
Nathaniel Townsley (batterie)
Sabine Kabongo (voix)
Alex Rostotsky New CD+DVD - "I REMEMBER JOE ZAWINUL" - soon at webstore
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Joe Zawinul,Trilok Gurtu Orient Express
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● Tracklist:
01. Introduction to a Mighty Theme
02. Waraya
03. Bimoya
04. You Want Some Tea, Grandpa?
05. Slivovitz Trail
06. Ochy-Bala/Pazyryk
07. Orient Express
08. Erdäpfee Blues (Potato Blues)

Joe Zawinul Syndacate Live at Umbria Jazz 1992.
Joe Zawinul - keyboards and synthesizers, melodica, vocals
Randy Bernsen - guitar
Gerald Veasley - bass guitar, vocals
Rodney Holmes - drums
Bobby Thomas jr - percussion

secondo blues tratto da un concerto del 1986 di due grandi musicisti viennesi:il sommo pianista classico Friedrich Gulda di cui non tutti conoscono le divagazioni nel jazz e nella free music ed il jazzista Joseph Zawinul.Il concerto inizia - come d'abitudine nei concerti di Gulda - con brani della tradizione classica viennese(Schubert - Beethoven);seguono composizioni jazz di Gulda e poi entra in scena Zawinul che suona solo e in duo: i due maestri improvvisando regalano musica non convenzionale e di indub

Joe Zawinul - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 8/16/1997 - Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI)

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0:00:00 - Patriots
0:11:21 - Want Some Tea, Grandpa?
0:25:02 - Drums & Percussion Jam/Bimoya
0:33:47 - Zansa II/Carnavalito

Joe Zawinul -- keyboards, vocals
Victor Bailey - bass
Gary Poulson - guitar
Manolo Badrena - percussion, vocals
Paco Sery - drums

Katuner band - On the road with Joe ."Open Music Fest" in open air hall of cinema "Moscow" Yerevan 30.08.2009,,
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● Tracklist:
- Joe Zawinul Quintett
1. Dina Lam
2. Mi Gente
- Tania Maria Quartet
1. O Bom é
2. Yes Is The Way To Go
● Personnel:
- Joe Zawinul Qu

- Blue sound / note 3
- Fast city
- Three postcards
- Come sunday
- Roof tops of Vienna

- Joe Zawinul - keyboards, vocals
- Manolo Badrena - percussions, vocals
- Amit Chatterjee - guitar
- Linley Marthe - bass
- Nathaniel Townsley - drums
- Sabine Kabongo - vocals

Joe Zawinul Syndicate - Live at The New Morning (Live in Paris)
Enregistre le 28 avril 2004

Jah Bar, Chengdu, China. Jam Session.

Joe Zawinul - Tower of Silence - live. Joe Zawinul - keyboards, composer; Amit Chatterjee - guitar, guitar synth (saaz sound)
), voice; Manolo Badrena - percussion; Linley Marthe - bass; Nathaniel Townsley - drums Copyright Josef Zawinul and Mulatto Music - all rights reserve

Joe Zawinul - Tower of Silence

Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter performed for the last time together, and played In A Silent Way on the August 2nd, 2007, at Veszprem Festival, Hungary.

Wayne Shorter appears courtesy Verve Records.

Copyright : BirdJam
BHM Production, ZYX Music.
Producer : Tony Zawinul (for BirdJam Productions)
Coproducer : Joachim Becker (For BirdJam Productions)
Executive producers : The Zawinul Estate, Joachim Becker.

Vasilev Brothers (Санкт-Петербург/Москва)
"Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" (Joe Zawinul)
Иван Васильев - труба
Руслан Васильев - альт-саксофон
Андрей Зимовец - фортепиано
Сергей Васильев(Москва) - контрабас
Гарий Багдасарьян - барабаны

VIVLabz production

Very special tribute to Joe Zawinul by one of the greatest finger-pickers: Franco Morone live in Italy at Macchia Blues, Molise International Blues Festival - Macchia d'Isernia (IS), September 2011
Available CD: Miles of Blues
Available Book: Fingerstyle Jazz
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На барабанах мой любимый,космический Paco Sery!!!

From the Munich Piano Summer in 1985
Joe Zawinul - Solo Keyboard and Synthesizer Performance

0:12 Improvisation I
14:55 Improvisation II
29:18 Improvisation III
43:00 Improvisation IV

Zawinul's live set-up in this concert:
- on his right from the top: Oberheim Xpander, Rhodes Chroma Expander, analog ARP sequencer
- in the centre from the top: Chroma Polaris, Prophet T-8, on the left two small Korg rhythm machines (DDM 110, 220)
- on his left from the top: Korg DW 6000, Prophet 5, Oberheim DMX drum machine

Мой любимый барабанщик Paco Sery!

Joe Zawinul - композиция, клавиши
Maria Joao - вокал, импровизация

Leitung: Martin Haslinger, Vokals: Peter Sax
Viola Falb, Julia Schreitl, Matthias Fritz, Peter Schwingenschlögl, Martina Scherer: Reeds;
Andreas Grünauer, Gernot Fritz, Ludwig Kopf, Jürgen Sklenar: Trombones;
Daniel Ott, Christoph Nadler, Patrick Rapp, Manfred Lassel: Trumpets;
Markus Mayerhofer, guit; Christian Grobauer, drums; Toni Holzreiter, perc; Harald Hauser, bass, Wolfgang Förster, keys.
Live am 25. November 2012 im Stadtsaal Hollabrunn

Потрясающее исполнение джазового стандарта Birdland (Josef Zawinul, Weather Report)

austrian jazz legend's potatoe blues

The Syndicate live @ Bratislava Jazz Days 2009, Oct. 25

Leverkuserne JazzTage 2002.

Joe Zawinul The WDR Big Band performing: "Db Waltz".

Featuring: Alex Acuna - percussion, Victor Bailey - bass and Peter Erskine - drums.

New live DVD of the drummer Mokhtar Samba .
LIVE DVD Available at:
" EN "

21 JazzFestival Hamburg
Joe Zawinul, Keyboards, Gesang
Amit Chatterjee, Guitarre, Gesang
Richard Bona, Bab, Gesang
Mokhtar Samba, Schlagzeug
Abdou Mboup, Perkussion

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● Tracklist:
- Blue sound / note 3
- Fast city
- Three postcards
- Come sunday
- Roof tops of Vienna
● Personnel:
- Joe Zawinul - keyboards, vocals
- Manolo Badrena - percussions, vocals
- Ami

Joe Zawinul-recorded summer 1985; raw tape-no edits. In the summer of 1985, I was working at a television network as a photographer/editor. For one segment of a multi-part series on jazz music, I was fortunate to spend a day with Joe Zawinul, shooting his rehearsal and interviewing him about his long career. I saved some of the tape and decided to post it for his fan's enjoyment. Unfortunately, the tape of his main interview is lost. But what remains is interesting. Joe Zawinul was and remains a maste

Joe Zawinul Trilok Gurtu at Umbria Jazz, 1994

Joe Zawinul-keyboards
Trilok Gurtu-percussion

first Ukrainian harmonica festival
Oleg Lavrik - guitar
Me - harmonica

Пако Сэри и Линли Март учавствуют в программе, созданной Алексом Ростоцким в память о Завинуле. «...Он стал моим героем. Я слушаю, я вслушиваюсь и не могу насладиться его музыкой и его идеями. Он оставил огромное музыкальное наследие, в котором мне предстоит еще разобраться. Джо был неутомимым исследователем в применении самых последних разработок электроники», - говорит Алекс Ростоцкий о Джо Завинуле.

Алекс Ростоцкий- синтезаторы, вокодер, компьютер
Тимур Некрасов- саксофоны
Лев Слепнер- маримба, перкуссия
Linley Marthe- бас
Paco Sery- барабаны
Вартан Бабаян- перкуссия

Kedy Jazz, Febr.2006, Ruslan Nikolaev-saxophones, Anton Savin-guitar, Vitaliy Rukavishnikov-bass,Valery Fonarev-drums, Sergey Fedonin-percussion, DJ Sonic,
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● Joe Zawinul Syndicate feat. John McLaughlin - JM jam
Live at Umbria Jazz Festival 1995
▶ Joe Zawinul - Full Length Concerts -
▶ John McLaughli

Joe Zawinul und Lalo Nika live beim Leverkusener Jazzfestival 2001

Joe Zawinul, here playing with Cannonball Adderley, is mostly remembered by songs like Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and Walk Tall. Or by his work with Weather Report. I love that, but Joe Zawinul was also really, really great on grand piano.

For example I uploaded this great song from Cannonball Adderley Live, with an amazing solo by Zawinul in it. But he also played fantastic on albums like Adderley with Nancy Wilson, and Trav'lin Light with Ben Webster.

Joe Zawinul promoting his solo album 'My People' at the Hamburg Jazz Festival, 1996. Richard Bona (bass), Amit Chatterjee (guitar), Mokhtar Samba (drums) and Abdou Mboup (percussion).

Koncert v obecnim dome, skladbu Birdland od skladatele Joa Zawinula aranzoval Lalo Schifrin.

После распада Weather Report в 1985 году, Завинул начал гастролировать в одиночестве,
выступая в окружении синтезаторов и ритм-машин. Годом позже Weather Report реинкарнировался в Weather Update,
не оставивший никаких записей и постепенно трансформировавшийся в Zawinul Syndicate.
Это пожалуй единственная запись Weather Update.

Joe Zawinul plays the Brazilian composer Villa Lobos, interpreted by the Portuguese jazz singer Maria João, who is here singing in a Brazilian Portuguese accent. Lyrics by Teca Calazans (brazilian composer and singer).


Ó, mana, deixa eu ir (oh sis, let me go)
Ó, mana, eu vou só (oh sis, I'm going alone)
Ó, mana, deixa eu ir (oh sis, let me go)
Para o sertão do Caicó (to the sertão* of Caicó)

запись с концерта 15.12.07

Редкая запись ныне, так как она была очень быстро удалена с youtube после публикации. Мне чудом удалось её во время скачать. Запись сделана LiveMusic.Pro

В составе участников проекта гости, музыканты игравшие у Джо- это Linley Marth-bass guitar, Paco Seri-drums.

Джо Завинул (Joe Zawinul, полное имя: Josef Erich Zawinul, 7 июля 1932 года в Вене, Австрия — 11 сентября 2007 г., там же) — известный джазовый клавишник и композитор. Один из основоположников стиля джаз-фьюжн, основатель групп «Weather Report» и «The Zawinul Syndicate». Был участником группы Майлза Дэвиса. Одним из первых клавишников использовал синтезаторы.

Joe Zawinul 1932-2007. A tribute to Joe Zawinul. Dirigent van het Metropole Orkest: Vince Mendoza. Peter Erskine-drums, Victor Bailey-bass, Jim Beard-keys, Alex Acuna-percussion, Amit Chatterjee-guitar,vocals.

Joe Zawinul - композиция, клавиши
Maria Joao - вокал
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Kristian Terzic - Piano & Keyboards
Marko Matosevic - Drums
Luka Veselinovic - Bass
Branko Sterpin - Trumpet
Alen Spada - Guitar
Boris Popov - Percussions

Recorded live at RMF-Rovinj Music Festival 2010. in Antonio Gandusio Teather
The song is "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" by Joe Zawinul in a "Syndicated" version!

KRISTIAN TERZIC - Keyboardist / Pianist / Arranger / Producer /

Kristian Terzic discovered jazz mus