Join The Herd [Rock Vocals] (Cover by Forest Rain)

Join The Herd [Rock Vocals] (Cover by Forest Rain) played on Audiosurf

Sorry for uploading absolutely nothing for quite some time. I just got a new computer and wasn't inspired to do anything with my old one.

Played on:
- Ninja Mono
- Iron mode: ON
Bonuses got:
- Clean Finish
- Ninja Stealth
- Match 7
Final score: 44736

I'm taking song requests/suggestions for the next ones!
Original song:

In doing this version, I've realized my voice's texture will always be bubbly pink pop, and I won't ever have that broken, half-screamey intense rock star voice...

... And I'm completely cool with that. ;p I've posted this version for those who like it better. ^.^

Again, lyrics are by Decibel and Forest Rain. (But mostly Decibel, cuz he's awesome.)<br/><br/>

Пародия на "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" (The Offspring)