Joy Division - Atmosphere

Walk - in silence
don`t walk away - in silence
see the danger - always danger
endless talking - life rebuilding
don`t walk away

walk - in silence
don`t turn away - in silence
your confusion - my illusion
worn like a mask of self hate
confronts and then dies
don`t walk away

people like you - find it easy
aching to see - walking on air
hunting by the rivers, through the streets
every corner abhandoned too soon
set down with due care
don`t walk away - in silence
don`t walk away

Bit dodgy ,, this Galaxy tab doesnt pick up drums very well too , all backing done on Korg m1 and recorded to Roland VS880 , lead played on Arp Omni 2

Клип нидерландского фотографа и режиссёра Антона Кобрайна. Дивно красивый видеоролик под завораживающий голос Яна Кертиса.

Эпохальный клип.

Walk in silence,
Don't walk away, in silence.
See the danger,
Always danger,
Endless talking,
Life rebuilding,
Don't walk away.

Walk in silence,
Don't turn away, in silence.
Your confusion,
My illusion,
Worn like a mask of self-hate,
Confronts and then dies.
Don't walk away.

People like you find it easy,
Naked to see,
Walking on air.
Hunting by the rivers,
Through the streets,
Every corner abandoned too soon,
Set down with due care.
Don't walk away in silence,
Don't walk away.

Joy Division - Atmosphere

Необычный клип и волшебная песня

Walk in silence
Don't walk away, in silence
See the danger
Always danger
Endless talking
Life rebuilding
Don't walk away

Walk in silence
Don't turn away, in silence
Your confusion
My illusion
Worn like a mask of self hate
Confronts and then dies
Don't walk away

Aching to see
Walking on air
Hunting by the rivers, through the streets, every corner
abandoned too soon
Set down with due care
Don't walk away in silence
Don't walk away.

This is a beautiful cover of Atmosphere by Adrian Borland from his performance at Kulturzentrium Osterholz on 17.08.1994

I can't think of a person more fitting to cover a Joy Division song than Adrian Borland. This is an absolutely beautiful cover, and the sound quality is fantastic too.

If you haven't listened to much by Adrian Borland, I highly recommend checking out his band The Sound and his solo career.

R.I.P. Adrian Borland
6th December 1957 - 26th April 1999

Anton Corbijn 1988
Video for "Atmosphere" by Joy Division / Ian Curtis

Brilliant live recording of Atmosphere, from the album "Les Bains Douche". I take no credit for any of the content used in this video.

Клип Антона Корбайна.


Коллектив прекратил свое существование в 1980 году со смертью вокалиста Иена Кертиса.
На момент смерти Иену было 23 года.

Promo Video (super 8mm)
Location: Spain
Filmer: Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn (c) 1988

Joy Division - Atmosphere

Клипы для

Stranger Things OST. "Atmosphere" is a song by English post-punk band Joy Division. Originally released in March 1980 by record label Sordide Sentimental as "Licht und Blindheit", the single was re-released in 1988 to coincide with the release of the compilation album Substance, and a music video was produced for the song.
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Atmosphere (Video)

Идешь в молчании,
Не уходи в молчании.
Видишь, опасность,
Всегда опасность,
Бесконечные разговоры,
Перестройка жизни,
Не уходи.
Идешь в молчании,
Не отворачивайся в молчании.
Твоё смятение,
Моя иллюзия,
Надетая, как маска ненависти к себе,
Противостоит, а затем погибает.
Не уходи.
Люди, как ты, считают, что это легко,
Очевидно для взгляда,
Витает в воздухе...
Охотясь вдоль рек
И улиц,
Каждый угол слишком быстро покидается,
Хоть и обустроенный с должным вниманием.
Не уходи в молчании.
Не уходи.

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A student exercise. Editing: Ana Lagator

A group of children performs a cover of Atmosphere by Joy Division on last day of school.

10-ый класс поёт песню Joy Division на Последнем звонке

Взято из трек-блога об отечественной музыке Motherland (

NIN and Peter Murphy, the lead singer from Bauhaus, performs one of the best covers of Joy Division ever made...

This version can be found in the cd-bootleg released in 2006 called "Where Darkness Doubles, Where Light Pours In"

If you really liked, try to support the artist!

Atmosphere by Joy Division on piano.

Joy Division Unofficial Release - from the Piccadilly Radio session 4th June 1979 -

'Chance': Joy Division's early version of the classic track 'Atmosphere', 1979

Acoustic cover of Joy Division's song, Atmosphere, recorded by Márcio Cirne.

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Prima traccia del concerto tenuto all'Alpheus il 10_05_2011

Joy Division - Atmosphere

These are two fragments from Misfits tv series (s01e02) where Simon Bellamy (performed by Iwan Rheon) is dancing in a very Ian Curtis way, and the other one is a scene where is played the song Atmosphere by Joy Division.
They're not created by me at all.
All credits go to Channel 4 and all the crew from Misfits.

главный вопрос философов ...

Une reprise d'un morceau de Joy Division, afin d'une première utilisation de la voix Prima de Vocaloid. Le chant présente quelques défauts légers. A part une petite fantaisie, le texte est quasiment le même que l'original.
A resumption of a piece of Joy Division, in order to the first use of voice Prima of Vocaloid. Singing introduces some light defects. Apart from a small fancy, the text is practically the same that the original.

Film School Assigment!!!!! Dont take it so serious!! I´M NOT IAN CURTIS AND I DO NOT PRETEND TO BE!!! SO WATCH THE VIDEO WITH OPEN MIND. IT´S JUST MY PERSONAL TRIBUTE TO JOY DIVISION. Trabajo de clase (PAVI - Vancouver) y mi personal homenaje a uno de mis grupos favoritos. No intento hacer de Ian CurtiS.(Ruben Losada)

32 years with(out) Ian Curtis

My Acoustic Cover of Atmosphere by Joy Division

Copyright 1980 Factory Records

LP "Substance 1977/1980"
Faixa: Atmosphere
lançada originalmente em vinil de 7 polegadas
Artista: Joy Division

Time-stretched version of the Joy Division song 'Atmosphere'.
'Atmosphere' is a song by the British band Joy Division. It was originally released on 18 March 1980 as a France-only single under the title 'Licht und Blindheit' ('Light and Blindness'). Following the death of lead singer, Ian Curtis, in May 1980, 'Atmosphere' was released as a double A-sided single with 'She's Lost Control'.

Atmosphere - Joy Division (cover) by Bernard W. Fausen

Voices by BWF
Music by Calvin Young

Os Mutantes Floydianos

A cover of Joy Division's 'Atmosphere' recorded under a railway bridge round the corner from where I live.

Performed by Caoilfhionn Rose
Recorded by Rich Williams

excerpt from some unofficial compilation caled Heart & Soul

turntable Pro-Ject Debut Esprit

Christine Plays Viola - Atmosphere(Cover Joy Division)

Концерт к 3-летию "Хора одиноких сердец сержанта Пеппера" в лофте "Новое место", Харьков.
9 февраля 2014

To begin their second encore, Nine Inch Nails ( NIN ) performed an amazing cover of Joy Division 's Atmosphere at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles on September 8 2009 as part of their Wave Goodbye Tour. Recorded in 720p High Definition from the front of the Henry Fonda Pit.

Joy Division - Atmosphere cover by Unsuspected @Cambayá Club Antequera, Málaga (31-Octubre-2014)
Walk in silence,
Don't walk away, in sil...

Recorded on June 1979 at Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham, during a session for Piccadilly Radio.

Joy Division - Atmosphere

In Trent's words: "Upon reflection, the NIN/JA tour felt like we had to rush through sets due to a limited allotted set length and many shows were in daylight it just didn't feel right to end NIN that way."

This was the first of the two Chicago shows, taking place at the Aragon Ballroom. Little known to us, Trent had been ill for a while previous to this show and had stated something about almost canceling the second Chicago show because he felt so bad (which he actually had to do with two of the final

Спасибо Наталье Востоковой за видео

perhaps this was an audition tape sent to Joy Division when Ian died.

Я срослась с джой дивижн. Они стали моим домом. Моей атмосферой, я люблю люблю люблю джой дивижн больше всех. Люблю Кертиса. Don't walk away in silence...

These are two fragments from Misfits tv series (s01e02) where Simon Bellamy (performed by Iwan Rheon) is dancing in a very Ian Curtis way, and the other one is a scene where is played the song Atmosphere by Joy Division.
They're not created by me at all.
All credits go to Channel 4 and all the crew from Misfits.

Peter Hook live at the Club Soda at Montreal september 25, 2011.

My favourite Joy Division song. Play in HD.
Download available

Want to master the fretboard and music theory? Read these books:

Chord Chart For Capo 4th Fret =

This is a really powerful and emotional song. Much different than most Joy Division songs.

In this lesson, I show 3 ways to play it
1. Using no capo, just bar chords -- this is how I've always done it ; I show how to add fill riffs, which is more intermediate guitar stuff

2. Put

ахаахахаха Рафик

the video is the original made by Anton Corbijn but the music is Corpus delicti

New Order - Atmosphere (Joy Division cover) @ St Petersburg, 2013 06 30
+ немного Transmission

Watch the official music video for Joy Division - Atmosphere

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