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Juliet Simms Interview at the day 1 2015 Vans Warped Tour webcast held June 18, 2015 in Pomona, California. Catch more this summer on Warped. Tickets, dates, complete lineup and more can be found on vanswarpedtour.com

Our AXS TV red carpet hosts CM Punk and Juliet Simms talk to APMAs Guitar Legend award recipient Slash

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Vinnie Langdon talks with Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter at the Vans Warped Tour 2011

Burning Stars interviews Juliet Simms at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA on April 7, 2015 at the Warped Tour Press Conference.

Be sure to check out Juliet Simms at www.julietsimms.com. The song is "End Of The World".

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Vinnie Langdon interviews Juliet Simms backstage at Vans Warped Tour to talk NBC's The Voice, relationship happiness, her new music video and more! Subscribe to The Vinnie Langdon Show YouTube Channel to see more interviews, live performance and other fun clips!

Juliet Simms from the Vans Warped Tour!

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Sleeping With Sirens talk to Blackstar backstage artist lounge host Juliet Simms following their performance at the APMAs with Machine Gun Kelly. Find out the meaning behind nicknames Uncle Shot and Horsey Boy.

Interview with Juliet Simms, from the second season of "The Voice" during her acoustic tour with Second Serenade.
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Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria and Jonathan Davis of Korn chat with our Blackstar Artist Lounge host Juliet Simms after their performance together, which you can watch here:


Hayley Williams of Paramore and Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory chat with AXS TV APMAs red carpet hosts CM Punk and Juliet Simms before the show!

Sorry about the beginning and crappy quality! We had to use an iPhone for this one.
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[For more visit: http://cleverock.com] The gorgeous Juliet Simms of emo outfit Automatic Loveletter takes some time out to chat with CleveRock.com about how she "brings the fire," her group's new album, 'Truth or dare,' the band's ongoing contest for fans to pick truth or dares to say/do, what she would do if she had seven days left to live, working with producer Josh Abraham, why Cleveland has been her favorite Warped Tour stop so far, the importance of social media networking, and more! JULIET SIMMS IS N


At Digital Fire Starter we hold ourselves in a high regard. Unfortunately sometimes bad interviews happen. We can't control it.

Juliet Nicole Simms is a singer/songwriter. She is the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for the band Automatic Loveletter. She was the runner up on the second season of the American reality talent show, The Voice.

Automatic Loveletter was formed with Juliet Simms on guitar and lead vocals, Daniel Currier on drums and brother

Devin and Andy Oliver from I See Stars chat with Blackstar Lounge host Juliet Simms following their presenting the award for Best Bassist to Jaime Preciado of Pierce The Veil.

Live from AP periscope with BVB towards the end c:

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'This Endless Summer'
The Warped Tour Short Film

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Interview with Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter at Warped Tour 2011 for Inthekeyofchange.com (formerly Thecuttingedgeculture.com)
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Interview going into Live Performances Week 2

Tyler Carter of Issues chats with Juliet Simms backstage at the APMAs Blackstar Artist lounge following his APMAs performance with Falling In Reverse and Coolio.

Juliet Simms interview with Keltie Colleen.

Jonathan sat down with Juliet Simms for an interview and some magic before her debut on NBC's The Voice. The two discuss Juliet's fascination with ...

Jackie Hollywood and Martina Butler interview Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter at Mountain View, CA Warped Tour 2010<br/><br/>

Our AXS TV red carpet hosts CM Punk and Juliet Simms interview Ice-T and Body Count at the APMAs. See who Ice-T wanted to see at the APMAs, and LOOK AT THOSE PUPPY DOGS!

Bhakti Omwoods interviews Juliet Simms of Automatic Loveletter on Warped Tour in St. Louis, August 2011. We talk about songwriting, style, feathers, mutants and spirituality :) Yay, HER NEW CD GIVEAWAY: http://omwoods.blogspot.com/2011/08/interview-with-juliet-simms-of.html

Her music: http://www.automaticloveletter.com
My blog: http://www.omwoods.blogspot.com

Billy Corgan (our Vanguard Award recipient) and Jeff Schroeder of the Smashing Pumpkins interviewed at the APMAs on the AXS TV red carpet pre-show by CM Punk and Juliet Simms.

Our AXS TV red carpet hosts CM Punk and Juliet Simms talk with our Icon Award recipient Joan Jett before the APMAs. See who she thinks should win the award next year.

We caught up with rocker Juliet Simms of 'The Voice' at the Tower 5 interactive stage at Universal Citywalk in Hollywood. The final four contestants on Season 2 of 'The Voice' performed a special show for their fans, days before the finale.

Juliet chatted with us about Justin Bieber performing at the finale, what she will sing on the finale show, and on CeeLo as a coach.

Hosted by: Misty Kingma<br/><br/>

APTV interview with Juliet Simms at the APMAs rehearsal date.

Tune in to AXS TV or head to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at North Coast Harbor in Cleveland at 8pm ET/5pm PT on July 21 to catch it live!

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interview with juliet simms at the st petersburg florida warped tour 2015

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The Enoch Magazine crew headed to Warped Tour 2011 to cover it in Pomona and Ventura, California. While there we had the chance to catch up Juliet Simms (guitarist and singer of Automatic Loveletter). Juliet gave us the scoop on recording her latest record "The kids will take on their Monsters" ( Paper + Plastick Records) and lays out her views on faith.

We had the chance to chat with Juliet Simms at Vans Warped Tour in Uniondale, NY! She told us about her relationship the Warped Tour family and Kevin Lyman, The Voice, her latest single Wild Child, Never Take it Off, What's next for her this year and so much more!
Be sure to get out and see her on the tour and pick up her single "Wild Child" now!

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Piper interviewed Juliet Simms on the Alternative Press Music Awards red carpet in Columbus, Ohio on July 18, 2016

Interview with Juliet Simms red carpet co-host for the AP Music Awards for www.allaccess.com and www.inthekeyofchange.com
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Burning Stars interviews Juliet Simms at the Ventura stop of the Van's Warped Tour at Seaside Park in Ventura, CA. June 21, 2015.

Be sure to check out Juliet Simms at www.facebook.com/JulietSimms. The song is "End Of The World" from her EP All Or Nothing.

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Rock Forever Magazine exclusive backstage interview with Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides. We talked to them about their experience on The Voice, collaborations, Juliet's new music video for "Wild Child", Closets For Causes, upcoming plans, and much more.

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Check out my Interview with Juliet Simms at Warped Tour 2015 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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You can find her latest EP "All or Nothing" on iTunes below: http://bit.ly/1HgQl05

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Warped Tour's hottest couple Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides and Juliet Simms gave us an exclusive interview to talk about how the tour has been going for them, how they relate as musicians and a couple, the latest with Jinxx, the upcoming tour with Bullet For My Valentine, Juliet's career trajectory, the impact of The Voice, Automatic Loveletter, how they view Wretched and Divine, and more, here!

Juliet Simms tells you her top 5 favorite albums.

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APTV Correspondent Caity Babcock sat down to chat with Juliet Simms in the Gibson Backstage Lounge about hosting the 2014 APMAs red carpet.

"I was kind of out of my element last year being a host," says Simms. "I'm usually onstage singing or touring or recording, so it was definitely a little awkward and weird for me to be on the other side, asking other artists the questions. It's nice to be here, being on Warped Tour, having just put out my own solo EP and being at the APMAs—it's great."

She continues t


Vans Warped Tour 2015: Interview with Juliet Simms, front woman for Automatic Loveletter & runner-up of "The Voice," season 2.

Rhelin Taylor had the opportunity to talk with Juliet at the Vans Warped Tour when it stopped at the Fairplex Pomona.

Host: Rhelin Taylor
Footage captured by : Michael Sandoval
Edited by: Rocio Maciel

We got to talk with Juliet Simms at the 2015 Vans Warped Tour in San Antonio, Texas. We talk about how she got into songwriting, her music influences, being on The Voice and much more!

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Machine Gun Kelly chats with our AXS TV red carpet hosts CM Punk and Juliet Simms in his hometown Cleveland before the APMAs