Jumping cat - slow motion

Прыгающий котэ - Jumping cat - slow motion

Замедленные прыжки кота — казалось бы, ничего особенного, но смотреть можно бесконечно — кошачья пластика, показанная в большом замедлении, завораживает, а GIF-анимации, сделанные из ролика, уже больше недели гуляют по развлекательным сайтам и социальным сетям во всем мире

особенно в конце круто)

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С новой прошивкой камера моего телефона научилась несильному slow motion

In this video our 2 year old cat whiskey jumps to shut off the light switch. As much as I would like to pretend that I was able to teach our cat to turn off the lights, this is something he started doing on his own. It started as him just jumping at the wall and pushing off resembling cat parkour, but then once he found the light switch he started targeting that instead.

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Взлеты и падения кота - Ups and downs of the cat, Cat ready for army :D

Another one where he makes it up on to the counter. This time at 600 frames per second. This is a stray that followed me into my store a few months back and never left. He will chew on your eyes if you dont watch him.

Filmed using the Casio EX-F1 at 600 frames per second H.264. One of the greatest cameras I have ever used. Great stills and even better 1920x1080i full HD at 60 frames per second.<br/><br/>

Just recording myself diving in slow motion. Re watched the video to find my cats reaction.

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Шикарный кот демонстрирует свои спортивные навыки =^__^=

Awesome cat showing his sport skills =^__^=

jump cat in slow motion (original) 2013

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Один японец заметил, что его котик Nya-Suke (да-да, Ня-Суке!) очень-очень и, ещё раз, очень высоко прыгает. Он решил измерить высоту, на которую способен взлететь его котейка. Для этого он закрепил к потолку игрушку, чтобы привлечь домашнего хищника и установил несколько высококачественных камер...

Рекорд - 2,01 метра!!!


To Gav and Dan's dismay, viewer feedback indicates that Lloyd the cat is in fact the most popular member of the Slow Mo Guys team. So here is a sho...

Chotkey ;3 Chelmakin

Awesome Cat Jump Slow Motion ! - Кот Прыгает 2 Метра ! - Супер !

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Waffles the Terrible fails a lot in daily life and that is why we love him.
This kitten decides to jump from roof of van to roof of garage.
First attempt he saves himself, second he leaps very hard, but doesn't move an inch, as he nosedives passed his destination. He is named Waffles the Terrible because he just is. He is about 7 months old and very fluffy (not fat).

Shot with Samsung Galaxy Note 3