Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis in Moscow скандал с журналистом

Корреспондент: Дарья Глазунова,
видео-оператор : Дмитрий Конин
Мини - скандал Милы Кунис с журналистом( 27.07.11 Пресс-конференция )
Отель Ritz-Carlton Москва

Reporter: "I have two questions - about the movie and the sex--"
Mila: "What?" (in a "didn't hear you clearly" way)
Reporter: "About the movie and the sex."
Mila: "Oh, I thought I misheard you about the sex."
Justin: "I don't like this! =)"
Reporter: "What brought you into movies? WHY ARE YOU IN MOVIES?"
Mila: "What?!"
Reporter: "Why movies?"
Mila: "Why movies?"
Reporter: "Well, many showbiz persons move to movies, and sometimes it's for the better, but why is Justin in movies?"
Mila: "Wait, you're asking why he wants to be in movies?"
Reporter: "Yes."
Mila: "What would you rather have him do?"
CROWD: LOL, applause
Reporter: indiscer