Kasabian: Black Whistler

Not from the start!:( But this song was "dedicated to beautiful girls, who gave us this doll...."(c) I was among those girls! Still can't believe it! Amazing!

Москва, Stadium Live

live at Stadium live @ Moscow 22/11/12

Little Noise Sessions 2008

It's song Empire B side Song.
I guess he played at first time in gig?
I've listened the song lots in my ipod.

Kasabian's Black Whistler, B-Side on Empire (single).
Thanks to Andrew Whitston and Tom Skipp for the inspiration and images from the Field Research; Samir Hussein for the amazing picture of Tom @ V; Getty Images for the pigeons and Ann for the picture of Tom and Sege @ Brixton.

frankfurt gibson club 06.06.2012

This version of Black Whistler was recorded live ahead of Kasabian's gig at the Henry Fonda Theatre in LA on April 17th 2012.

2012.11.22 Moscow,Stadium Live

Watch in HD, please

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Serge dedicated this song to the fans who gifted to Kasabian matryoshka dolls: "I want to dedicate this song to the beautiful girls who gave us these special russian dolls"