Kate Havnevik - New day

Directed by : Adam Wheeler DOP : John Honore
Producer: Alex Spector
The girl: Laura Denton
Adam Wheeler is now part of SOFILMS crew.

An unofficial video for "New Day" by Kate Havnevik. Shot on Red, 8mm, Canon Rebel for sequences of still images, some 5D, and with the "through the viewfinder" method using a Kodak Duaflex. Happy to answer any questions. Director: Adam Wheeler Cinematography: John Honore Producer: Alex Spector Cast: Laura Denton www.theworkofadam.com www.johnhonore.net www.katehavnevik.com

Kate Havnevik is a Norwegian singer and songwriter from Oslo. Her debut album, the electronica-infused "Melankton," was released in March 2006 on iTunes and April 2006 (on physical CD) in Norway, before being licensed internationally later in the year.

"Melankton takes your breath away..."-- THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Lush and intoxicating... great album" -- THE SUNDAY TIMES

"a glowing, mostly electronic set...moving swiftly from gorgeous strings that wail like sirens to Havnevik's breathy, m

I don't own the song!

Kate Havnevik - New day

Beautiful day
Watching you as you awake
Morning stars in your eyes
Your hand in mine

The sky is lit up
Day will be richer than night
So dont think of yesterday
Its here and now

Its a, its a, its a...new day
Its a, its a, its a...new day

The beauty of you
Gives me my fortitude
Stronger than any dark cloud
Screaming out loud, hey, hey

The sky is lit up

Contemporary workshops in Dance Centre Myway Kiev.
Choreography by Tony Kiba (Антон Киба).
Music: Kate Havnevik - New Day.

Song by kate havnevik - new day song for Meredith and derek

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla https://vk.com/picrolla

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla https://vk.com/picrolla

❤ Gosh, can't believe I've got two million views! It's a bit scary, but... Yay~!XD Seriously tho, thank you all for your kindness and support! It's such a great feeling knowing that there are people somewhere in the world out there keep coming back to listen to me.^^ It's truly been an amazing journey! To celebrate this meaningful moment, I decided to play something different than my "usual" picks for you this time. Hope you like it.^^ Oh, last but not least, a very special thank to a very special friend, w

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