Keaton Henson - Small Hands

Режиссёр: Joseph Mann
Кукловод Jonny Sabbagh со своими друзьями потрудился над этими марионетками и добился невероятного!!!

Всегда хочется, чтоб история заканчивалась положительно. Но в этот раз этого не произойдёт. Наступает одиночество и печаль, но такова жизнь и ни чего с этим поделать нельзя...

Echoing the deeply personal sentiment of the track, “Small Hands” is a tale set in a beautifully handcrafted forest inhabited by wild animals. Working with Blinkink puppet supremos Jonny & Will, Joseph brings these creatures to life and tells their heartbreaking story of love and loss, filling the simple world with emotional and powerfully charming storytelling. Named Best Music Video at Rushes Soho Shorts Directed by Joseph Mann

Director: Joseph Mann
Written by: Joseph Mann
Director of Photography: Matthew Day
Puppets by: Jonny Sabbagh
Character Design: Jonny Sabbagh & Keaton Henson
Puppeteers: Jonny Sabbagh & Will Harper

Keaton Henson - Small Hands

Keaton Henson Takes To The Seas for a Originals Session.
Small Hands live on the Lightship95 in London.

Keaton Henson Small Hands Last fm Originals Session Takes To The Seas Live Lightship95 Boat London The Author HQ High Quality HD High Definition 1080p

Full Session:

Full Session:

I freakin love this song the music video makes me cry

Keaton Henson performing 'Small Hands' live at Madame Jojo's, London - 9th April 2012.


I love playing this song
I hope you guys like it :3

I don't own this song

Sorry it's a bit bleh, Keaton Henson's just incredible.

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We traveled to Amsterdam to meet up with Keaton again.
He performed two songs for us on a houseboat near the Westerkerk.
This is "Small Hands" from the album Dear (2010).

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2. Keaton Henson - 10am Gare du Nord (recorded in November 2013)

Keaton Henson’s debut album ‘Dear...’ out now:

Music video by Keaton Henson performing Small Hands. (C) 2012 Keaton Henson

The Official Video for "Small Hands" by Keaton Henson. From The album "Dear..."

Keaton Henson Small Hands New Official Music Video Dear HQ High Quality HD Definition 1080p The Author

From his 10 track album 'Dear...' Keaton Henson is more well known for his illustration work, although he can also write some painfully relatable music which even rivals his art in my opinion. But anyway, enjoy this amazing music and check out his website, be sure to support him.