Kiss my eyes

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В 2004-м году Жан-Клод Ван Дамм снялся в клипе на песню Bob Sinclar - Kiss My Eyes. (Bob Sinclar Feat. Camille Lefort)

Страсть разрушающая всё!!!
Ван Дам жжёт))))

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You May Kiss the Bride - In My Eyes @Dorock 13/03/2014
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Жан-Клод Ван Дамм

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• Editor: Astro
• Title: kiss my eyes
• Thumb: mine
• Coloring: -
• Song: AFI – Prelude 1221

Осторожно - СЛЭШ!
Гарри влюбляется в Северуса...


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Haha, what's happening to me? Today I've got too much inspiration. Wow... that's kinda weird.
Tommorow I'm passing my last exam. Wish me good luck.
Love you xx

P.S. keep asking me questions pls I'm preparing something interesting... kind of.

Coloring: Nuur Salvatore

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Ммм, какой поцелуй) Потрясающий монтаж!))

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Ван Дамм опять всё крушит, но так органично :-)

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Музыка: AFI – Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.
Аниме: Тёмный дворецкий

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Such a wonderful ship! Thanks to Clara, who's initiated me to the path of this new obsession XD

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игра 2002года "Глаз Дракона"

— ㅤㅤt i m e 23:60ㅤㅤ — ㅤ
Anime: Pandora Hearts / Сердца Пандоры
Песня: AFI — Kiss My Eyes

Сharacters: Leonardo Da Vinci and Lucrezia Borgia
Film: Da Vinci's Demons and The Borgias
Song: AFI – Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

Watch in HD please, it's so much better!!

Hey guys! It's been a long time since I uploaded my last video because of holidays, studies... But finally I'm back with more videos and of course I had to vid Kat again because I really miss her LL

Hope you all like this video, and I really hope you like all of the projects that I have in my mind for this September, I'm so sorry for dissapearing for such a long time, I'm really happy to be back here again with all of you!

I want to dedicate this video to some pe

video of bob sinclair-kiss my eyes starring JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME, the best action star out there.

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D.Gray-Man / Ди грей мен
♫ AFI – Kiss my eyes

[Watch in HD, the quality is so much better!]
The minute I saw Ram Leela for the first time in the movie theatre I knew I had to edit this movie when it's out in DVD quality. I always loved this song, because it's so hauntingly beautiful, which Ram Leela as a movie is, too so I thought it would be perfect for it. I really hope you guys like this because this is not my usual editing style, I attempted to do something different and I'm REALLY nervous right now. I honestly hope you guys enjoy it, and it lea


Summary: I tried to stick to the actual story as much as I could with the limited resources I had.

Rogue is lonely and longs to be able to touch people, she doesn't think she has much hope of ever being able to find love. Then she hears about the cure and is tempted to get it. Then Gambit joins the team, of course he makes a big impression. At first Rogue is unsure of him and doesn't trust him, she is even a little frightened but he (in an extremely lame dubbing moment) introduces himself to

Жан Клод Ван Дамм танцует крутое танго в клипе "Kiss my eyes"

моё первое видео

Создано Picrolla

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Finally a Nikita video. Been long since i did a video!!!

I finished this series a long time ago now and i haven't vidded a single video and finally i did. Next up is Grey's Anatomy video hopefully but I am still on season 6 but still i will work on a video xD !!!

Originals and TVD in 11

I just loved them two in the new ep. Watch in HD please.

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Автор: Saizux
Музыка: AFI – Prelude 12/21
Приятного просмотра (・ω<)☆

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The whole world waited and waited for season 6 of Game of Thrones. (Who hasn't watched, beware of SPOIlERS)
The roller is made of the entire series, hope you enjoy.

Привет! Друзья! С Возвращением Игры Престолов всех! Мы дождались продолжение!

Fandom: Game Of Thrones (season 6)
Hero: Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Melisandre, Jorah Mormont, Brienne of Tarth
Actors: Emilia Clarke, K

видео к фф
Пейринг: Клаус/Кэролайн.
- Ты забудешь меня. Забудешь свою семью, забудь меня, моя милая.
- Клаус, не делай этого. Не поступай так со мной... Пожалуйста. Ты ведь останешься один.
- Прости милая, но я должен тебя защитить... Ты забудешь все, что с тобой было. Даже кто ты. Просто имя - Керолайн - он легонько коснулся ее губ, а когда она открыла глаза, рядом никого не было.

After the season 4 summer finale i had to make a video; it was just amazing!!! but i'm still kind of unsure cause this show can make you over think about everything! anyways, wanted to make a creepish video since i'm literally counting down until Halloween comes so i can watch the Pretty Little Liar's special; those are always my favorites! hope you enjoy :D

Fandom: Pretty Little Liars
Song: AFI// prelude 12/21
Coloring; Mine
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 12


Клип по аниме Братство Чёрной Крови

RAIZIS™ Channel (AFI -- Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep)

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Scholar Who Walks At Night - kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep MV Lee Joon Gi

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tvd - damon & rose , elena & elijah , katherine & stephan , caroline & tyler
oth - jullien & brooke , quinn & katie

PLEASE WATCH IT IN 1080p *-* o/
I always loved Fred and Hermione, maybe 'cause I don't like Ron that much, so... I don't know, Fred is cool and cute and no-sense-boy while Hermione is the miss-all-know-it, I Like that contrast :D

Маленький кусочок пісеньки)

Видео принадлежит группе

This is my first manga music video ever so don't judge if it looks poorly done :_D I'm pretty happy about it myself and it took me a lot time to get this together.

I hope you enjoy~!

I don't own the music or these pictures!

I finally finished this! :') I had this video since January (or February, idk), and I thought that I would never be able to finish it, BUT I DID!
but I'm not sure if I like the coloring or not :s

Watch in HD and be happy :)

Song: pm or
Program: Sony Vegas
Coloring: mine


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Приятного просмотра :3

Ezt a videót a Namida Fansub versenyére csináltam(amit meg is nyertem :D), ismételten egy Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu nevezetű animéről. Nem a legjobb és kicsit rövid ,de azért remélem tetszik ^^

I hope you like it ^^ Please comment rate. Enjoy :D

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HD pleаse:D
Не совсем обычная пара, но что-то мне пришло в голову их свести в одном видео))

30.09.12 Арт-клуб Манхэттен. Вечер именинника "Раз в году"

давно чесались руки. И я-таки сделала нарезку под самую грустную музыку под самые грустные моменты из тех или иных аниме:
Ergo Proxy
Hellsing OVA 6
Arakawa Under the bridge
House of five leaves
Fairy Tail
Tiger & Bunny

music: AFI - Prelude 21/12

мое видео) их парочка очень понравилась)
17-я серия Эмма и Шляпник

Исполнитель: Боб Синклер
Альбом: III
Дата выпуска: 2003 г.

Мое первое и, возможно, последнее AMV

Harry + Eggsy

AFI-Kiss my eyes

Мой аск:

Fandom: true blood
Couple: Eric and Sookie
Music: AFI prelude 12/21 remix<br/><br/>

Video del dj en cuestion con la colaboracion de Vandamme.

Небольшой сериальчик Камерона как режиссера!

мда ..ну и в нешность у них хDD
первая часть(песня) - обожаю её!

Yeah so....uhm....I tried, okay?*pouts* i know this looks crappy but....oh with it XD
Anyway....i hope you liked it and I would love to see more people participating in this challenge. I am sure there are a lot of you out there that know how to edit and maybe you will win the challenge.Who knows? ^^ Good luck to anyone that will take part.

For more infos:

Поп музыка Bob Sinclar - Kiss My Eyes

Автор видео: Яна Кудрачёва
Видео было создано для группы:

song: AFI–Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep (Prelude 12/21 Remix)
colourings: StarGazerExo (+me)

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I did it just for fun. I love Chris Hemsworth)))
Music: AFI-Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep
Programme: Movie Maker 2.6

ссылка на фанфик:
fandom: Harry Potter
song: AFI - Prelude 12/21
coloring: charizzaard

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“@ninadobrev kissed my eye and she liked it. 😘👀”

Моё первое AMV по Soul Eater
Автор: id26854623 (Makenshi's sword)(Маша Гордеева)
Плиз комментируйте видео))) Будьте няшками:33333

KARATE - Dance music - Jean Cloude Van Damme

by lisalogvinova · #x-men apocalypse, #x-men

Песенка: AFI - Kiss my eyes
American Horror Story, Sherlock BBC, The World's End, БЭ. О_о