Korn - Word Up!.


Korn - Word Up!

видеоотчет из городка, где обосновался профессор преображенский, так и не оставивший мечты сделать из собаки человека. в результате десятки неудачных экземпляров бродят по улицам, уже не пугая местных жителей человеческими лицами и пролетарскими повадками. отсюда вывод: хорошо быть кисою, хорошо собакою, где хочу пописаю, где хочу покакаю

http://vk.com/minuta_roka ◄╝ТОЛЬКО РОК !!!

Korn (иногда пишут как «KoRn » или «KoЯn », повторяя логотип группы) -- нью-метал -группа из Бейкерсфилда, штат Калифорния. Им часто приписывают создание и популяризацию жанра нью-метал. Вместе с Deftones и Limp Bizkit, их смесь хип-хопа, фанка, гранжа и метала породила волну альтернативных и нью-металических групп в конце 1990-х и начале 2000-х

Official video

|| Word Up! ||
♪ Korn
Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
©2004 ( EPIC )
Writer: Cameo
Widescreen HD/HQ Version

Ibanez Line 6 строй drop b

Когда-нибудь видели собак с людскими головами? Нет? А они есть! ;)

Ну,чем не Basement Jaxx?

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla

I used two typographies as an overlay, and I also made some of them myself. Everything else is edited and put together by me in Sony Vegas Pro 9. Sorry for any delays/lag in text and other syncing. My computer lags a lot in Vegas, so it makes me think that clips are often in time with audio when they really aren't. To tell you the truth it looked a lot better before I rendered it... OTL

Clips used:
-5 Centimeters Per Second
-Angel Beats
-Bioshock 2
-Cowboy Bebop Movie


Старая тема но всёравно радует!

KoRn - Word Up!

Korn's Word Up's Videoclip

this is a great song!!!!<br/><br/>

KoRn - Word Up! [HD 1080p]

I love this song, slightly superior to Cameo's original in my opinion =D
E string is tuned to drop d, for those who wondered =)


Guitar: Ibanez ARZ307
Effects processor: Digitech rp-7
I used guitar minus (only vox, bass and drums)

Enjoy this drum cover of Korn - Word Up!

Korn playing word up live

Music: Korn - Word up
Game - Allods online (AO)
I do not in any way own or claim to own the copyrighted music

Ну типа всё понятно ...

вы просто посмотрите как он трясет головой ... экаж его штырит ....

http://vk.com/minuta_roka ◄╝ТОЛЬКО РОК !!!

Look, i know ive been taking REALLY long pauses, but still, hold on, i swear my next one will be an epic.

EDIT(8/18/13) - Dammit guys! Why is it that THIS became one of my most viewed videos? I didn't put NEARLY as much effort into it as any of my other AMVs.

Thanks anyways i guess.

List of anime used(i made the list really early in the morning, so im missing a LOT of info.):
Niwa Nagahide (Oda Nobuna No Yabou)
HOTD (ova)
Rebuild Of Evangelion
yuru yuri
Saint Seiya Omega

All rights on the original song are reserved by Korn / Cameo.

Recorded using:
* Ibanez K7 APEX2
* AKG WMS40 Pro Mini
* Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem (vol 35%, bass 80%, mid 10%, treb 80%, gain 65%. midrange switch has been toggled for the second pass)
* Boss NS-2
* VOX NT50H Amp Head (bright channel, gain 50%, treb 75%, mid 40%, bass 65%, tone cut 60%, volume 20%)
* Boss CE-5
* Boss DD-5
* Marshall MHZ112A Cabinet
* Shure SM57 (slightly right of the speaker cone)
* AKG Perception 120 (on the right speake

guitarrista de KREEP - korn-greatest hits - vol.1 korn - Word Up! (cover guitar munky)

Дмитрич Чирков Владислав Васьков 4y4elo 4y4elo Евгений Бякин Константин Лавров Иван Панфилов Любовь Бондаренко

Zidann doing his cover of Korn - Word up
He learned by listening the track over and over.Took Three weeks.

Hope you guys enjoy!!!!!

Jonathan Davis Birthday Party 2012 - Russia - Saint-Petersburg - MOD - 21.01.2012

Korn – Word Up!

Студенческая весна ВГУ ФМО 2014 Воронеж


Word Up cover

Guitar - 7-sting Telecaster-style made in early 80 by Albert Pokatov
Bass - Musima Action Bass (Germany, 1986)
Amp - Yerasov Gavrosh 8 Tube Combo (Russia, 2012)
Mic - Shure SM57 (Mexico, 2011)

Copyright (C) Cameo

Lyapichev Ilya - Word Up! (Korn cover)

Guitars :
- Godin Detour with EMG active pickups (b-tuning)
- Ibanez S420
- Orville by Gibsom SG
Pedal - Dunlop CryBaby Q35
Bass - Schecter Diamond C-5 Custom
Amp - Kustom HV30
Mic - Shure SM57

Чувак шпарит

День города, фестиваль "Наш город", Минск, 8 сентября 2012.

A song by Korn, called Word Up

Really great song, love many songs by Korn!

My daughter Sara plays drums.
Dad is proud.

Happy late Birthday Carla, it's been a while since I have actually spoken to you or a majority of the studio so I wanted to do something nice and also to usher in the new Year or 2014. I hope you and everyone have a wonderful New years

Видео группы http://vkontakte.ru/club11568342

I own no rights for this song
It's the property of its respective owners

Just me beating up a song and recording the first try.
All rights belong to the original artist(s).


Requested by Sharkwrestler99, just 1 try for us guys.

- Bear

Guitar - http://www.youtube.com/GSLeonidas

Bass - http://www.youtube.com/sandstormsux

Vocals - Kim

Pro Drums - http://www.youtube.com/LookitsBear

о да, мы эту песню ждали:зз

Peace!!! )))

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Barclaycard Arena Birmingham 15.12.16

Сосновский Округ 2014 (26.07.14)

CrazZzy Edition.
23 мая: Cover Party "Поколение Mtv"
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