Kyuss - Hurricane

From the 2xLP edition of "For Death, Glory And The End Of The World"
2011 Pelagic Records
Issued under license from Listenable Records

Vid courtesy of Bobfather smackeer, thanks!

KYUSS - Bielefeld (Germany), Hechelei, 22 Aug 95

1) Intro / 100 degrees
2) One Inch Man
3) Tangy Zizzle
4) Supa Scoopa And Mighty Scoop
5) Hurricane
6) Whitewater
7) Fatso Forgotso Phase II
8) Asteroid
9) Catamaran
10) Spaceship Landing
11) Gardenia
12) Allen's Wrench
13) Freedom Run
14) Green Maschine
15) Thee Ol Boozeroony
16) Fatso Forgotso
17) Odyssey

The bass is a peavey cirrus us (full barto electronics), the amp is an eden cxc300, and the overdrive is a mazzette lowerdrive. It was reccorded with a zoom H2.

Kyuss-Hurricane Enjoy :)

Something done in School.
Music: Kyuss - Hurricane
Video: Cannonball run