Hey dolls, this look is taken from the Lady Gaga - Telephone amazingly crazy video! lol Its from one of the first scenes, and later on its similar but the inner eye line is extended.
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Hope you like it!
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Subscribe my Darlings - I dare you! This is a tutorial on how to make a caution or hazard tape costume inspired by Lady Gaga's in her Telephone video prison cell scene. Can't wait to see her performance at the 2010 VMA Awards!

Subscribe my darlings - I dare you! A vampy twist to a pin up girl look - this is my second Lady Gaga Telephone tutorial, complete with Diet Coke can rollers hairdo (substituted with Pepsi). Can't wait to see her performance of Born This Way at the 2011 Grammy Awards!

With thanks to franckcool00 for the request!
Can't wait to see Gaga's winnings at the 2010 MTV EMA Awards!

enjoy ♥

btw. that's not my real hair of course ;D

Lady Gaga - Telephone (Alphabeat Remix)

HD Makeup Tutorial! A re-creation of one of Lady Gaga's Makeup looks from her music video Telephone :D
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Music: Kevin McLeod

Here's a heavy drama look for a sandwich cook - inspired by Lady Gaga's makeup as chef in the diner 'Let's make a Sandwich' scene! An irresistible Halloween costume idea - costume cooking tutorials coming soon. Can't wait to see her winning at the 2010 MTV EMA Europe Music Awards!

Всем большой привет! В этом видео я постаралась повторить образ замечательной певицы Lady Gaga в клипе "Telephone".
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