Wim Wenders`s Alice, after looking through thousands of houses, finally found the house she was searching for. However, she discovered that her grandmother was not living there any longer. Alice found but she did not find; so she travelled further… The subject of journey is very close to me. Melancholic contemplation during a journey is evoked by landscapes drifting past the window, where details merge into stripes and colours. The scenery floats past in front of our eyes, changing our mood or remaining as a background for thought, leaving perhaps just an implicit impression in the memory. Our eyes glimpse a house standing lonely amongst the fields. Is it one house, or different houses in different places that appear to be so similar? Is the house the destination of our journey? The place we long to reach? The future we dream of - or the past we wish to regain? However the composition always remains the same. How then to make the right choice? Is choice important and is it necessary at all? The series remi

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