LEGO: I love That Minifigure ('Mega tolle Minifiguren' in German) with an exklusive Zombie minifigure - DK Books, Review, &

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LEGO - Happy Birthday My Love - 1 minute story NS

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лего мультик на русском

Всем привет! Сегодня Маргаритка раскрывает Пакетики с сюрпризами Lego Simpsons, YooHoo, Chi-Chi Love, Safiras, Zombie Zity. Распаковка игрушек на Русском языке вместе с Margo Kids TV.

♥Пакетики с сюрпризами Lego Simpsons YooHoo Chi Chi Love Safiras Zombie Zity Распаковка игрушек

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John Moss ft. Bjorn Kaarud Jack Haiti - Hypnotic Love (Legos Original Mix)
From the Compilation "Best of Latin House"
Haiti Groove Recordings, 2010

This is Diamond blocks from LOZ brand. Gift Series Hello Kitty Lovely Girl 9102. 70pcs about $6.50. This is mini lego made from China. Good quality 9/10. Easy to assemble and dismantle. Shiny color and 10+ extra bricks. Suitable for 9+ years collections or present gift for friends.

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"We Love Lego Classic" is a special series for 50.000 subscribers. We will build an old classic beatiful sets and the choice is yours!

The Imperial Flagship has one single mast with a square-rigged mainsail and a gaff sail, and also has a single jib bent onto the forestay. It is armed with just two cannons that can be allocated to four cannon ports (two on each side). The aftcastle houses a mechanism that allows the player to op

I'm getting married this week! To the most fantastic, adorable, and nerdy girl on the planet. This is our love story in 73 seconds.

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Special thanks to Brickstuff for their miniature light kit!

The locations featured in the dating montage are listed below. I recommend all of them!

BBQ Chicken, Buena Park

Austin Creed fights among the red carpet crowd to find NXT Champion Finn Balor. Balor talks about his inclusion in WWE 2K16 as well as his LEGO fandom.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin on his starring role in WWE 2K16:

Dean Ambrose's Arnold Schwarzenegger and WWE 2K16 Experience:

Miz Talks 2K16, Issues Gamer Gauntlet Challenge:

The Bellas' Most Anticipated Elements of WWE 2K16: ht

Открываем сюрпризы в стаканчиках Лего Симпсоны, Юху, Филли, Чи чи Лав, Смурфики, Энгри Бердс lego Yoohoo Filly Chi Chi Love SMURFS Halloween 2015 Unboxing Surprise

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Love is like war Nya... Everybody gets hurt.
~Jay 2015

W miłości jak na wojnie Nya... Każdemu się czasem oberwie
~Jay 2015

by Николай Кац

Enjoy this cute clip from LEGO in honor of the Dad in your life and visit LEGOLAND California to see the LEGO Star Wars™ Miniland Death Star Model Display!

LEGO Worlds is an awesome open world crafting game and while there isn't a ton of stuff to do right now, there will hopefully be SO MUCH MORE!!
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Премьера моего клипа "love is like a lego".

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