La Saraghina

Escena del baile de la Saraghina en la película 8 y 1/2 de Fellini, con música de Nino Rota

Отрывок из фильма Феллини "8 1/2". Танцуем румбу...

как же она глазами стреляет. ах.

from the 'Kaligola EP' [2012]

An eclectic crew for a journey in Italian folkloric traditions with the nomadic spirit of a
vagabond: a wind section that intertweaves with gypsy sounds made of darbuka and
accordion, all of it set to electronic rhythms based somewhere between folkstep and
echoes of dub.
It was 2011 when musician and radio DJ Mondo Cane, a.k.a. Mondokan, brought together an ensemble of daredevil musicians for an experiment that soon revealed itself to be a powerhouse of experimental sounds. Electronic beats fnd themselves arm-in-arm with traditional Italian melodies that themselves are fltered through the mesh of Eastern European contamination.
A return to the future going between the Balkans, Arab countries and Italian traditions.
This Pan-European bent is also found in lyrics sung in a mixture of French, English,
Spanish, German, Greek and Italian. An authentic linguistic melting-pot th

Настя Жёлтикова