Lake Powell

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Emerson, Lake and Powell - Touch and Go

Забавный факт . Когда группа создавалась , планировалось участие гитариста . И это должен был быть Джимми Хендрикс ! Тогда и объясняется аббревиатура ELP , полное название подразумевало букву Хендрикса - HELP ... К сожалению , Джимми не дожил до этого . Да и , честно говоря , трудно представить такой несовместимый по характерам симбиоз .

Can't get much more EPIC than the Centurion Ri 237 on Lake Powell, with a House Boat, Blob, Hot Girls, Cliff Jumping, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing and Frankie Panno killing it on a kneeboard!

Boat: 2016 Centurion Ri237 -

Ashley Kidd, Caro Villenueve, Melissa Marquardt, Sean Cummings, Frankie Panno, Anna Romanova, Katja Kuznetsova, Nicole Hudson, Austin Keen

Video with Pictures from Covers and the Band
Emerson , Lake Powell / Palmer .
Touch and go 1985


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Lake Powel is the collaboration between two German Dj's Powel (Berlin) & Lake People (Leipzig) , if you are a follower of the channel you will notice that there is another track of Powel ( Don't Waste My Tears On You )
If we refer to the recent years, this track is typically German, with a very posed and balanced style,melodies from all sides, the effects stick very well the atmosphere of the track ... another great beat to share with you... do not hesitate to give your opinion on the channel !!

Filmed with GoPro HD Hero with mount here:

WATCH in HD 720p!!!
Fun time on SeaDoo/Jetski on Lake Powell, Arizona / Utah - July 2011
I am not into sit-down jetski, I love stand up jetski way more, but on Lake Powell sit-down jetski is so fun!

My friends in the video: Brooke Quigley, Kyle McGroary, Eddie Valdez, Joel Hilliard, Kyle Schmidt, Jeff Hartman, Tino Santori and Ryan Bezemek

Song: Time To Burn
Artist: Jake Andrews

1986 video from progressive group Emerson, Lake and Powell. This incarnation of the group featured Greg Lake on bass and vocals, Keith Emerson on keyboards and Cozy Powell on drums.

Track taken of The Best of Emerson, Lake Palmer album

Senior trip to Lake Powell. Cooper Cohen. coop21lax. GoPro Hero 2.

The first video in our summer #YOLOSWAG series. A highlight video of our awesome 2013 Lake Powell Summer trip. 36 people, 4 jetskiis, 3 boats, and 1 freakin good time! Stay tuned for more videos all summer!

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Blenders, Boats, Beers, Babes, and more Blendz! Summer is right around the corner and here's a reminder of what awaits. The future is bright, come prepared! Get outfitted for the summer at Video credit thanks to Kevin Corcoran Jr.

Flyboard Crew Team CanFly crew hits Lake Powell, on the border of Utah and Arizona, with epic results! The team perform intense tricks the day after Halloween and tear up these peaceful waters near Page, AZ, to a bump'in track from DJ Rough Child - "Freeway" (Feat. Man Made Lake)

Some of the team are still wearing their costumes from the night before. Spidladin, Chaz Michael Michaels and Terry the Ski Instructor make appearances, as the team has a blast and celebrates the eve of Andrew's birthday!


Highlights of a great trip on the lake

Пластинки, Винил.
Связаться с продавцом Пластинок по почте,
Местонахождения тавара Украина.
Contact seller by e-mail Records,
Locations Tawara Ukraine.

У нас вы можете найти: монеты, награды, ордена, медали, значки, жетоны, знаки, марки, банкноты, открытки, фото, изделия из бронзы, серебра, золота, книги, старинное оружие, доспехи, кортики, сабли, и так далее.

Так же мы смо

Пластинки, Винил.
Связаться с продавцом Пластинок по почте,
Местонахождения тавара Украина.
Contact seller by e-mail Records,
Locations Tawara Ukraine.

У нас вы можете найти: монеты, награды, ордена, медали, значки, жетоны, знаки, марки, банкноты, открытки, фото, изделия из бронзы, серебра, золота, книги, старинное оружие, доспехи, кортики, сабли, и так далее.

Так же мы смо

Marine products Colby Shelton and Zach White wakeboarding at powellapalooza.

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Wakeboarding (Вэйкбординг) в Ярославле vs "Эрцог"

Cat.: WB003
Vinyl Release: 25.02.13
Digital Release: 11.03.13

Powel - Shake The Birds Of The Tree
A1 Powel - Shake The Birds Of The Tree
B1 Powel - I Don't Waste My Tears On You (Original Mix)
B2 Powel - I Don't Waste My Tears On You (Lake People Tell Me Now Rmx)

Powel |
Lake People |

(c) Wunderbar 2013
published by Wunderbar Recordings

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Jimmy Rex assembled the greatest crew of strangers to ever live together under one roof for what turned out to be the best Lake Powell trip EVER!

Man I got Lucky! While coming home from a short trip to Durango and Silverton Colorado I was driving through Kayenta heading for Tuba City and Flagstaff when I came across something I've been wanting to see for years... a Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railway train! As I was passing under the conveyor that crosses over Highway 160, I started seeing some hopper cars. Sure enough it was a train that had just finished loading and was ready to head west. As I was nearing the train on foot (on the road side of th

A compilation of footage from our five day trip to Lake Powell.
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A quick tour of Lake Powell and surrounding Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Simply one of the most remarkable and remote areas of the American West.

This video is an excerpt from the "Touring the Southwest's Grand Circle" Blu-ray, DVD and Download Card. Available at gift stores throughout the Grand Circle and from DM457

Wardrobe and Colorado hoodies provided by:
Lake Powell is an other-worldly place for cliff jumping, wakeboarding, adventure, parties, and getting weird!!

See videos from my collaborator in crime, fossfarm22:

Filmed mostly with:
Canon 5D Mark III
GoPro Hero 2

Meow by Anamanguchi
Electric Pow Wow Drum by A Tribe Called Red
Splitting Colors by Lemaitre
The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats

Brought to you by Lake Powell Paddleboards. SUP Antelope Canyon at Lake Powell with us.

(Original video was edited and shot in early 2016) ✈ Thanks for watching as always! ✈ Be sure to follow my channel for more short films....

All lyrics written by Greg Lake, all music composed by Keith Emerson except as indicated.

1. "The Score" Emerson / Lake
2. "Learning to Fly" E...

Page, Arizona has many exciting activities. Among them are Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon and rafting trips down the Colorado River. They are all extremely fun and highly recommended.

The hike to Horseshoe Bend is an easy 3/4 of a mile and the view is amazing. You can see the Colorado River 1,000 feet below you.

Antelope Canyon is just outside of Page on Navajo land. You can take one of the guided tours through either Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon. What makes Antelope Canyon so special is the "flowing"

по Америке - Lake Powell


Footage from our 2011 Lake Powell trip all shot with GoPro Hero and edited with Final Cut ProX.

Jet skiing the canyons at Lake Powell was AWESOME! The speedometer on the jet ski that was filming was broke. He was going 35 to 65 miles per hour in some of the spots. Make sure you watch till the end for the credits.

Created with blender game engine (2.49a). The game is based on a bachelor party at Powell in 2008 and created with the pictures and video from that trip.

Hola Hola Bossa Nova by Juanitos
Sai-k-delic Party by Juanitos

Horseshoe Bend ( Лошадиная Подкова) & Озеро Пауэлл (Lake Powell) Page, Arizona


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Путешествие по Америке с Ксюшей и Танюшей - Лас-Вегас, 4 каньона и западное побережье США, сентябрь 2012 года.
Beautiful scenes of Lake Powell with nice relaxing music.
"Various-Caravan", sound recording administered by: SME
"Sacred Spirit-Ale Loya Li", sound recording administered by: The Orchard Music EMI
Ah Nee Mah Sun Circle,
Cherokee Song - Native American Indian Life
"Suzanne Perry/Ryan Lum (BMI)-Illusory Me", sound recording administered by:CD Baby

Ну, просто героический и монументальный гимн!

For all of you who were wondering what Powell was all about, watch this!

Chapter 8/13

Spending 2 days at Lake Powell and enjoying the beauty of blue water and red rock. The Horseshoe Bend invites TBS to do some of their usual trickery. One of the most remarkable sceneries of our trip for sure.

music: Nemanja Kostic -Orion (Original Mix)

TBS RoadTrip powered by HobbyKing.

USA playlist:

This was the last shot I was able to get of the BM&LP on August 29th, 2010. I tried to get ahead of it again but it was moving too quickly. Motive power was: E60C's EA034, EA038, BM&LP 6006, and EA022. The EA units are obviously former NdeM engines, while the 6006 is the last active original BM&LP E60. I feel lucky to have seen this train and the 6006 was the icing on the cake. 8-28-10

July 2011 on Lake Powell, Arizona / Utah
Filmed with GoPro Hero HD and Canon T2i / 550d with some lens
Edited on Final Cut Pro 7.0

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A boat ride entering Cathedral Canyon in Lake Powell.

Filmed on a GoPro HDHero

Pictures and video from my cruise tour through Lake Powell

Путешествие по маршруту Лас Вегас и 4 каньона с Лизой и Сашей в ноябре 2012 года. Всю дорогу слушали группу Аукцион

ELPowell at Sprocket Studios in 1986 - after the debut album and before the supporting tour. Part of the "official bootleg", 'The Sprocket Sessions'.

Video-wise, it's a case "third time lucky" with this. First I tried video from Zardoz (1974), then Omikron game captures. Now, I've got all original ELPowell footage - and something I can recommend without reservation.

Then there's the great Tarkus 'joke', as Greg mentions on the DVD-set. To paraphrase: Keith plays the song to him right through for the first time. "Whaddya think?" "Well, that'll sound great on your solo album!"

My home:

Lake Powell in the eyes of a GoPro

A week on the wonderful houseboat "Happy Hours"

500 Miles of Driving
2.5 Hours by boat
163 Hours of Filming
Are all a small price to pay to see one of the most beautiful places in the world. All captured in HD by The HERO3 Black Edition... We filmed places that only the GOPRO could go... ENJOY!

Took a ten day road trip through Arizona, Utah, and Colorado and did some fun things along the way. All this was shot with a GoPro Hero 3+.

Emerson Lake & Powell - Touch And Go DjCarnol Stereo Remastered

Audio Newspaper
Lake Powell, Utah
Joe Clower. April 1998

"Photo taken near Lake Powell, Utah, using a 35mm disposable camera. No unusual circumstances at the time of the shooting." Joe Clower.
[this photo recently won 1st prize in UFO Magazine's first annual photo contest, Spring, 1999]

Bennion Lake Powell trip 2016

Lake powell in 2013 summer break!

Song: We can make the world stop - The Glitch Mob

This video was cut from motion footage shot over 5 days time in beautiful Lake Powell, Utah. Please view in 1080p!

BM&LP coal train running through a sag. I was surprised at how much heat is expelled from these electrics. It's at least as much as a diesel.

After racing ahead of the train I was able to get it at this crossing. Motive power: E60C's EA034, EA038, 6006, EA022 with 83 cars. August 28th, 2010.

Movie Trailer. Go to to get the DVD or download it. Go to to learn all about becoming a pilot. Five trike pilots got together and flew around the Lake Powell area in Arizona and Utah. This is an example of flying for the fun of it.

lake powell + jet ski

Song : rudimental - waiting all night

Haboob Dust Storm/ Хабуб песчаная буря /Hotel Days Inn & Suites Page / Lake Powell

HOTEL Yavapai Lodge #Grand Canyon National Park lodge#

#Hotel# Indigo_Anaheim #Los Angeles/Anaheim

A nice little montage dedicated to one of my favorite love songs, from Emerson Lake & Powell's self-titled 1986 album.

Dedicated to someone special.

This film is a compilation of footage taken throughout Lexi and I's courtship, from our TeamSupertramp service trip to Guatemala, and from our engagement week in Lake Powell where I eventually popped the question.

It was always a dream of hers to have an engagement video taken in Lake Powell (her favorite place on earth) so I took it upon myself to make it happen by training her little sister Lauren to use my camera equipment to film us during our vacation.

I've waited many years to ask this girl to be


#supтуры@shopservus #shopservus #шопсервус #supтуры #supтурывмоскве #supтурывподмосковье #sup #supвмоскве #supдоски #supboard #paddleboard

Radiotehnika 301M and Microlab Solo 3 Track - Emerson, Lake & Powell - Learning To Fly at my house!)

ELPowell - Touch & Go
Music by Keith Emerson
Lyrics by Greg Lake

15 adventures take a life changing trip to the beautiful canyons of Lake Powell in Utah for Leon Stor's 30th birthday.

Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ | EXTREME

Music: Promises - Nero (Skrillex Remix)

The last trip of the summer with great friends and even better weather!!! Special thanks to Long Hair Don't Care. Filming and editing by Domonique Cruz on iMovie. September 28th, 2012.

(#ONBoardVision #Hero3 #GoPro #Powell)

Senior trip to Lake Powell for a week. All filmed with a GoPro Hero3 Black. Wakesurfing, wakeboarding, blob, cliffjumping, houseboat. - Лучший паблик GoPro

The Swift is our new wingsuit for skydivers who want a safe and easy progression into the sport, but still want a suit that will be fun once their skills progress. It is also a great suit for experienced skydivers who want something for flocking and freestyle or acro flying. For a suit of its size, it has an impressive amount of range and power, if you want it. For beginners, open the arm wing pressurization zips and fly it with softer wings - it's even possible to fly in a box-man position, with your arms

Live In Detroit 1986(HQ Audio)

Видео дня.
Аарон Доброн и Джеймс МакВей из команды Университета Юты по вейкбордингу показывают класс на озере Пауэлл.

Поделитесь с нами лучшими моментами на

Here's the one and only Jimmy Rex Memorial Weekend 2013 Lake Powell trip--as seen through my GoPro Hero3... I just wish we would've had 10 more people walking, swimming, riding, jumping and sliding around with them all weekend!

Этот отрывок полнометражного коммерческого фильма о бейс- и роуп- и банжи- джампинге был снят на озере Пауэл - водохранилище реки Колорадо.

Только экстрим, только свобода.

This is a run up Wetherill Canyon in Lake Powell, Utah on a Jet Ski PWC driven by Jon Ham and Cari Ham is on the back in July 2010. The Canyon starts out quite wide and gets more and more narrow until we must stop and turn around.
This is from our latest vacation through the southwest and we absolutely love Lake Powell. T

Canon T2i Canon 10-22mm 3.5 and Canon 50mm 1.4 24fps and 60fps Zacuto Z-Finder

Live in Detroit, 1986

ELP, Кози Пауэлл и перкуссия - три любви в одной видяшке :)

Like us for future Powell updates!!/pages/vooray/34142549356 Dan Gardner, 516 Entertainment, Rockwell, Fred's Marine and took in some red rock at the Memorial Day Event this Spring.

LP2012 - Lake Powell Houseboat Experience 2012 - Trailer 4

With the boat going about as fast as it will go and the Sport Cub going about as slow as it can fly safely, hitting middle ground can be a little tricky. Imagine driving a car with a blind fold on while receiving instruction from the back seat to go a little slower, a little more to the right or down just a bit. You better have a dang good skier, one that can do it as second nature with a pilot to match.
You're crazy if there is an accident but totally awesome if everything goes as planned! A bit nerve

From the somewhat rare 1986 ELP album of Emerson Lake Powell...

Cessna 180 Lake Powell.....low level, My 88 yr.old Mother sittin right seat, my Wife and Capt'n Don, Sweet Day!!!! Dec. 2010

Чтобы там, про Союз не говорили - в нем выросли мужественные и предприимчивые люди, способные, если понадобится, и спортивный дельталет превратить в ночной бомбардировщик. Благодаря им ,и им подобным, одна небольшая южная республика в тяжелой войне, вспыхнувшей после его распада, отстояла свою независимость. Для этого Абхазии, практически с нуля, пришлось создавать собственные Вооруженные Силы, в составе коих, ко всеобщему удивлению, появились и ВВС.

Я не буду многословным- сразу отправлю Вас к статьям Жирохова:

Lake Powell.

This is a unique 78mile, totally isolated, railway in Arizona USA.
Two sequences of the same train on May 15th 2010.
The chances of seeing a train in action are slim as it is very remote railway and only runs roadside for a few miles, so I consider myself very lucky!
Initial video was taken as a 'grabshot', then a fast run to get ahead of it to video the train with a tripod.
To quote Wikipedia:-
The Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railroad (reporting mark BLKM) is a private railroad owned by

Красный каяк, красная банка, красные скалы...
Автор: dirty biker,

I had a blast filming this fun little commercial for a company called Hershey's a couple weeks ago down in Southern Utah. Maybe you've heard of them? This isn't the commercial but rather just EPIC bungee jumping goodness. The Commercial will be being released in the near future with all sorts of Hershey yummyness throughout!
I filmed this along side my buddy Jace Leroy and he was the master of the sweet jumping footage from a canon 5d mark 3 with a 70-200mm lens shooting at 60fps.
My specialty o

The annual CC takeover of lake powell

Пересели с машины на катер

Hydrofoiling - GoPro HD Helmet Cam
Lake Powell 2010 Foiling

Song: Freakonomics by Clutch -

(Watch in HD, worth the wait)
Best Lake Powell Trip of all Time! 100+ people, 2 house boats, 10 wakeboard boats, biggest slip-n-slide ever, zip line, dance party, fireworks, bonfires, optical coarse, and so much more.

Trip put together by Clayton Wolf, Chelsea Nye Steve Merril, Fausto Luis Mendoza, Joshua Dye, Ryan Stallings, and so many others

Video Provided by Tyson Henderson - Owner Operator of eMotion Media
Website -
Videographers - Tyson Henderson and Austi

Simms Fishing Presents: Desert Bass on the Fly

The Utah desert may seem like an unlikely fly fishing destination, but the waters of Lake Powell are teaming with sport fish! Watch this angler pursue Large and Smallmouth Bass on a hot spring afternoon.

For more Simms Films or information on Simms Fishing, please visit

Emerson, Lake & Powell, sometimes abbreviated as ELPowell or ELP2, were an English rock band, an offshoot or variant lineup of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, that released one official studio album in 1986.

Keith Emerson and Greg Lake had planned to re-form the original ELP in 1985 but drummer Carl Palmer was unavailable because of contractual obligations to Asia. After auditioning a series of drummers unwilling to commit to the band, they approached Cozy Powell, a longtime friend of Emerson's, to replace h

Let us take you on an adventure! This remote location performance takes us to beautiful Lake Powell in southern Utah / Northern Arizona. Special thanks to everyone involved in this performance piece!

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